The Body Guard

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Chapter 22-Gentlemen's Club


Three hours, I waited three hours before packing my shit and leaving. Sneaking past his door it was quiet and silent. They are probably in bed together enjoying each other’s company.

Why was I such a fool all because of a man. Never again I reminded myself. Because of him I almost lost sight of what my goal was or so I thought. Well that is what I keep telling myself to shield me from the pain and rejection I was now in.

I had packed light leaving the unnecessary things in his home. I no longer needing the crutches as I will make it appoint to go the the doctors and have my leg cast remove. The pain was still there but it wasn’t as painful as it was before.

Walking down the empty streets it was time to head back to Maurice. But first I needed somewhere to be,

Not long after I found myself looking down at them. George and Vanessa Richard. Loving husband, loving friend, loving parents. And shook my head when I read the next head stone Jordan Richard, loving daughter.

Sitting down I said a small prayer.

“Hello dad, mom. Sorry it’s been a while but a lot has change. I fell in love or so I thought but maybe it was developing some kind of Stockholm syndrome.” I laughed at how ridiculous I sound. I mean that could be possible. I was only with Jack for a few months and all ready I believed I love him. Who falls in love that fast right.

“And you won’t believe who it was. I believe he knew you dad.” I heard Jack spoke about my dad but never really know what their relationship was. I mean dad never bring home his work so in all honestly I never knew what he did. All I know is that I was spoiled and he got me whatever I wanted.

Talking to my parents as if they were here help me relieve the tension just a bit. But at the end of the night I still felt some sort of lost. And no it’s not towards my parents, it’s towards him. Maybe I did fall for him and I’m just being in denial to refrain my heart from getting even more broken.

“And I’m sorry dad. I got side track.” After my parents where killed and I began living with Maurice I had promised myself and them that I would find out who killed my parents.

I admit I strayed away but after tonight that is the only thing I will focus on. I do have my hunches on who but I have no proof. Only baseless accusations. I wanted to make my parent’s killer pay.

It was getting either very late or very early. I didn’t want to go to Maurice’s home yet because I’m sure Jack would just bring me home. I don’t know why though but I guess he must have some obligation towards my dad. I guess that is what I am an obligation.

I sighed to myself as I found myself in front of a loud club called, The Red Room Gentlemen’s club.

I didn’t have my ID but I know the bouncer who let me in easily. I would come here often.

Looking a round, the room was dim and painted in red lightening filled with sweat, smoke, and horny men looking for a good time.

Heading towards the front I smiled as I had seen two sexy girls in nothing but a two piece bikini black lace set.

It was dark but they saw me and smiled. The girl whispered to the other girl who was showing off and shaking her breast only for the men to yell in excitement.

“JR.” The girl hoped off the stage embracing me in a hug.

“Ivy.” Yes my friends Ivy and Alexis own a stripper bar together. Alexis was still on stage finishing off her dance until the next set of girls takes their turn.

“What are you doing here?”

“Just needed a friend.” She must have sense my turmoil because she pulled me in for another hug.

“Wait right here and we’ll go elsewhere.”

Sitting down a brunette came up to me and proceeded to do a dance in front of me. Usually is this case you would at least bring out some cash but right now I was broke.

When I first found out what my friends do I freaked out. But now I was used to seeing another set of breast in front of me,

“Hello there handsome.” The brunette wiggled her jugs in my face. I proceeded to look up than what was in front. “Can I get you something to drink?”

I almost forget I was back to wearing the men’s clothes and my hair did grow a little longer but they were still short.

“Back off Britney this one is off limits.” Alexis stormed in pushing the brunette away giving me a hug. “JR I miss you, now let’s go.”

Once my two friends where dressed with full clothes we headed towards a club just down the street.

“JR what the hell are you wearing?” Ivy scanned me from head to toe, “You look like a damn guy.”

Shrugging my shoulders, “It is what I left the house with.”

We sat in a booth. While Ivy was twiddling her thumbs. “I invited someone.”

“Who?” I asked curiously.

“Oh my god JR.” I stood up shock when she came in with a slight belly.

“JJ.” Not to say I wasn’t happy to see her but I was. “You look, I mean wow.”

“I know.” She rubbed her belly. “I am almost done with my first trimester.” She beamed. They say pregnancy makes you glow. And I believe it. JJ was glowing.

“Let’s order drinks.” Alexis yelled.

“I’ll just have juice.” JJ chimed in.

Each of us had our drinks, each of us telling stories while I just listened. They were having fun with their lives while me I couldn’t even tell Ivy and Alexis about what happened in the past few months. All they know is my parent’s died and was shock when they thought I died but for some unknown reason they chose not to divulge that information that I was still alive.

“You have been quiet girl, is something wrong?” Alexis asked.

“I need a place to stay, temporarily.” I blurted.

“What about my bro?” I lightly elbowed JJ in the arm. I didn’t want Ivy and Alexis start asking more unnecessary questions.

“You can stay with me?” JJ offered.

As much as I would love to stay with her, Jack might look for me there or if he is even looking. Who knows maybe he just wanted to get rid of me in the end.

“JR you are welcome to stay with us.” I felt Ivy’s hand on mine. That is what I like about my friends. They don’t usually pry into people’s business but are willing to listen if they are ready to talk. She must have sense that.

“JJ, thank you for the offer but I miss being with my friends.”

JJ smiled, “Fine but I am going to come too. We can have a slumber party.” JJ may be one year younger than me but sometimes she acts like a kid.

“Thank you Ivy, Alexis but this is just temporary.” I reminded. I couldn’t burden them any longer. Besides I had to go to Maurice. Not hearing from him, no news of him is starting to make me worry. And Gerad. That boy I had trained him and hope he is doing fine.

“You can stay as long as you like, the both of you.” Alexis smiled.

Smiling back, we had a lot to catch up on, especially JJ. I wanted to make sure her boyfriend is still in the picture. I mean I only saw him once and she was scared her brother would find out. I wonder if he ever did.

“I can only stay just a few days. I have somethings that I need to take care off but once I’m done I will come back okay.” Ivy didn’t seem so sure. It was like she didn’t want to let me go, her an Alexis. These two are my best of friends.

I promise them after I deal with Maurice I would go back and we could be like how it was before.

“Don’t worry JR everything would be fine.” JJ patted my back.

Everything would be fine, I prayed.

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