The Body Guard

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Chapter 23-Answers


The worse part of waking up in the morning is not knowing when you had fallen asleep. Was I that drunk? Then flash back flashed through my mind like some damn horror movie. I wish I could say I don’t remember what had happened last night, unfortunately no matter how drunk I am it is a day I can never forget.

So here I am standing in front of her door. My hand just hoovering above her door knob. Maybe I should knock instead.

Sighing I choose not to. Perhaps she needs some time alone. Heading down stairs in my usually attire which consists of my black Armani suit, shades and making sure I was heavily armed I urgently dialed a number I was hoping to get my answers.

Business as usual as I also waited for Brad and a few of my men to head to one of our warehouses. This warehouse in particular doesn’t carry any heavy machinery. This is special for doing such special tasks. It was located in a secluded area where even I refuse to go unless it requires dealing with traitors.

I was hoping to get some answers to, sadly not today but I am close and soon he will have to come out of hiding, both of them. One being JJ’s mysterious boyfriend who dared laid a hand on my little sister.

JJ was tight lip and refuse to disclose the name. No matter my men are working on it.

Sitting in my office early morning, I began flipping through papers trying to figure out a way for my client to get what she deserves that is until I was rudely interrupted by a knock at my door.

“Whoever the hell it is leave.” I barked wandering what my secretary was doing at this time. She is suppose to be doing her job.

“Now is that the way to talk to an old friend?” I didn’t know whether to smile or throw him out, but here he was my sort of none friend at the moment.

“Officer Deleon, what a pleasant surprise. It has been awhile.” Though we no longer see eye to eye, I did miss our conversations we use to have. It was refreshing to get another perspective. “What brings you to my office. I don’t suppose you are here for drink and talk.” I didn’t bother to shake his hand. He wasn’t here for a friendly visit that much I know.

Taking a seat he pulled out an old photo and placed it on my desk, “I’m here on official business.” I held up the photo taking glances, I must say this is a rather cute picture of an innocent girl.

“A reliable source had told me you were an acquaintance of George Richard.”

“Yes, I knew him.” I set the photo down. He was still trying to solve a case that even I couldn’t solve, yet.

“What about his daughter?”

Sighing I looked him straight in the eye, “George was a very secretive man so he never did tell me about his family.” Which was true. Hell I didn’t know he had a daughter till after that accident but here she is living in my home.

“Do you know her?” He pointed to the photo he placed on my desk.

“Can’t say that I do, officer.” I spoke nonchalantly.

“This photo is a picture of George Richard’s Daughter, Jordan Richard age 24, soon to be 25.” Soon, holy shit, her birthday is coming up and I don’t even know when her birthday is. I’ll make a note to ask Gerad.

“Officer Deleon, what does this have to do with me?”

“I am looking for her. Perhaps she could shed some light on what happened that night, to her parents.”

“Didn’t she die along with her family?” I was playing it cool. There is no way I will give her up not to anyone especially a cop no matter how good they are.

“She is very much alive and for a time she was living with her uncle Maurice Richard. Know of him too?”

“Only for a little while.”

Officer Deleon clicked his tongue seeming agitated of all my answers. I wasn’t going to give anything away.

“And you haven’t seen her around?” Once again he lifted the photo and waved it in front of my face.

“No.” I kept a straight face. My voice neither quivering nor hesitating.

“Hmm...from what I have heard Maurice Richard was the last person to see George Richard and his family alive, it is a shame that their daughter was caught between a family feud.” Interesting I thought.

“Look officer unless you are going to arrest me or interrogate of something I have no control over I suggest you leave. And why not ask Maurice Richard yourself.”

Rising to his feet, “I intend to, but unless we have a search warrant we cannot set foot on his property, unfortunately.” He once again place the photo on my desk, “Very well, I will leave this with you. If you see or hear anything please do call me, you probably have my number on speed dial.” He chuckled before exiting my office.

Hours later after that short reunion with Deleon, I was discussing our next shipment. Everyone was here and when I say everyone, he was here too Maurice. I’m surprise Officer Deleon hasn’t questioned him yet.

This stupid man however can’t take the hint. I don’t know why he insists on me returning Jordan to him. I don’t care if he begs I will never return her.

“Mr. Saunders.” Maurice manages to calls me after our meeting.

I didn’t bother to even speak. He deserves no words. Instead I just looked down at him glaring.

“A word with you please.”

“Maurice.” Saying his name has become troublesome for me. “Aren’t you getting tired of repeating yourself?” Because I sure was.

“Look, George my brother entrusted me his daughter in my care...”

“And I am sure he would not want his daughter to be a guard to you.” I cut him off. I may not have kids of my own but if I ever did, I wouldn’t want my daughter to even hold a gun. So I was surprise that George even gave Jordan a gun in the first place.

“Actually he did. Why do you think he gave her a gun, trained her, because this is what he wanted for her.” He defended himself.

“Well it is a shame he can’t speak for himself. But that will change soon.” I grinned while I watch his eyes quiver. He was defiantly hiding something and I will soon find out.

Days has past, and I haven’t been home. I had business that needed to be dealt with. In the past I would call Odett to check up on Jordan but seeing I had fired her I had to rely on one of my other staff to cater to her. I sure as hell couldn’t do it.

“Tyrell.” I called over the phone.

“Boss.” He answered.


“We located him. And he is being brought to the safe house.”

“No, bring him to the warehouse by the pier. Make sure he is well and ready for me.” Hanging up the phone, I called for two of my men and Brad while we drove to the warehouse.

Finally, it was time to get the answers that I needed. Perhaps I could do away with Maurice.

The drive to the ware house took hours and since we arrived here almost three in the morning, I figure meeting him could wait till I was well rested.

I had to be for the plans I had thought off.

Finally arriving I found myself staring down at a man who was in his fifty’s nearly peed his pants when I came into the room. The lightening here wasn’t good and the last time I was here is when I had put a bullet in my best friend who had betrayed me.

Never thought I’d be back here so soon.

“What am I doing here?” The man attempted to squint up at me but failed. His eyes were swollen and blue, his lips chip and his skin dry curtsy of my men here. I made sure to give this man a warm welcoming.

“Mr. Wilscott, you are a very hard person to track down.” I sat across from him, my hands in my lap while holding my gun.

His lips were now shaking, flakes of skin where falling off and if the lights here were brighter I’m sure I would find that disgusting.


“Do you know why you are here?” This is what it is all about. The chase until they break.


“Tsk, tsk, tsk, Mr. Wilscott, Attorney Ryan Wilscott, children of two beautiful kids Mary and Lisa. A sickly wife....”

“Stop please. I’ll give anything you want just don’t hurt them.” I don’t hurt innocent woman or children but not to say I can’t use them.

“I want answers.” Slowly he nodded his weak head. “George Richard.” The sound of his name made his eyes grow wide. So he does know the man.

“He was a client of mine.” He began.

“A client? Was he all that to you?”

“A family friend. But what does he got to do with me?”

“I don’t know you tell me.” I placed the gun further away from me. “Brad.” Brad came over giving me a sharp jagged knife as I instantly plunged it into his leg. He screamed at the pain. I wasted no time in getting the information I wanted.

“Ah...fuck...” Twisting it in his leg he screamed even louder until I pulled it out letting his blood ooze out.

“Don’t beat around the bush. My intel had told me that you cut a deal and I want to know with who.”

“Maurice.” He sang like a canary. Why doesn’t that surprise me.

“Do I have to ask?”

“He paid for my wife’s medical bills.” I handed the knife back to Brad.

“And what did he ask of you?” All of a sudden his lips became closed off.

Taking my gun I pressed it against his leg wound, listening to him grunt. “The papers, there are all at my condo in my brief case. What you seek you will find it in there.”

Releasing the pressure I pulled back, telling one of my men to search his condo. “You better be telling the truth or you will have to plan three funerals.” I threaten silently.

Cleaning myself off, I left Wilscott in the room surrounded by my men to do as they wish. He wasn’t going to get out of here alive even once I find what I needed.

“Sir.” Brad was at my side.


Back in the car I picked up my phone calling one of my staff to check up on Jordan.

“Hello Sir.”

“Jordan, has she eaten her lunch?” All I could hear was labored breathing like the woman on the line was frightened by my question. “Answer me Margaret!”

“Actually, she hasn’t come out of the room.”

“All day.”

“ ever since you left.”

What! “Margaret I left a week ago what the hell do you mean she hasn’t came out of her room?”

“I mean I placed food at her door only they were untouched.”

“And you never bothered to tell me this?”

“I didn’t want to worry you sir.”

“Worry me? She hasn’t been eating and only now you are telling me!” Even though I couldn’t see her, I could tell she was now scared of what I might do.

Hanging up the phone my driver was now speeding down the road. It takes hours to get home and I won’t reach there till a little after dinner.

My leg was now itching to run to her. How the hell did she manage to lock herself up in the room without eating.

I knew I should have checked on her before I left home. I couldn’t even close my eyes and rest peacefully as she keeps on popping in my head.

“Sir we are here.” Brad awoke me. I didn’t even know I fell asleep.

Running out of the car I ran up the stairs to find her untouched dinner on the table next to her room.

“Jordan!” I pounded on her door. “Open the fucking door!” I yelled frantically. I should kick the door open like they do in the movies but then I would just end up with a sore leg and a door with a big dent.

Instead I called for one of my staff to bring me the keys which they did. Instantly the door flew open, “Jordan!” I called entering her room only to be met with silence. Her bed seems untouched as do everything else.

Maybe she was in her bathroom. Checking around the room she was no where to be found until I open her closet. The clothes that I bought her was still here.

Heading towards her drawer I opened it to see if her gun was still there. Yes I know where she keeps her gun. Praying that it was still here only to find it empty, her bed cold and her shoes gone.

Mother fucker!

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