The Body Guard

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Chapter 24-Truth


“Get that thing away from me!” I screamed.

“Hold her down!” Ivy Yelled as JJ attempted to pin me.

“Stop wiggling, JJ is pregnant have you forgotten.” Alexis chirped.

“Then JJ get away from me.”

“I thought you wanted this out.” JJ held me by the arms and as much as I wanted to get out of their hold I reminded myself she is pregnant. How dare they used a pregnant lady to tie me down.

“Ivy, if that things comes near me I will...”

“You’ll what?” Ivy challenged as she comes with a small machinery that could cost me my leg.

“This will only take a second, hold still.”

I honestly don’t know why I didn’t go to the doctor yesterday. Oh because the stupid doctor, my doctor was on vacation and they wouldn’t see me till next month.

My eyes widen as Ivy held the mini saw in front of me. I don’t know where she got that but the teeth on that thing just scares me. I rather get shot.

Holding my leg down, Ivy begins to saw away at my leg cast. I tried not to wiggle too much just in case until I once again could feel the cool air against my skin.

I smiled as my legs were free. Then began to scratch it.

“What the hell are you doing?” JJ let me go.

“What does it look like, scratching. God, that feels good.” They laughed.

“So how does it feel to be free.” Helping me up, Alexis made sure I balanced myself before letting go.

I do feel a bit lighter, pain still shot up my leg but it was minor and I couldn’t put pressure on it which worried me a bit.

“JR what’s wrong?” Ivy notice my expression.

Something is wrong, I can feel it but what. “Um, I don’t know.” I responded.

“Can you jump?”

It’s been awhile since I have jump but my mind is telling me not to put pressure on my leg.

“Maybe you just need to get use to being cast free, I’m sure your leg will be just fine.” Alexis reassured me.

Maybe she is right. I’ll give it a few more days.

How long has it been and my leg still feels sore and weak. It’s like I had lost some muscle. No matter I’ll just work it out.

Entering the parlor I was met with a frantic JJ.

“JJ what’s wrong?”

She turned to me with teary eyes. “It’s my brother.”


“Yeah, he um he’s...” her breathing was becoming uneven.

“Relax JJ I’m sure Jack is fine.”

“No, I heard from Brad that he is going head to head with Maurice.”

“Maurice! That’s impossible because Jack needs Maurice for his business.”

“Something went down and he lost a few good men.”

“What about Maurice?” I questioned. It wasn’t because I was worried about Maurice. To be honest I could care less but he has things that needed to be answered. And if he dies then I wouldn’t get the answers that I need.

As I said before, I found it strange that Maurice only now shows up at the time of my parents passing and insisted on me staying with him.

Sure I could have said no. I was old enough to take care of myself but I wanted answers and I had hunches that he had something to do with my parent’s death.

And if he had something to do with it, I want him to pay. I could have killed him myself but death would be an easy way out. I’d make sure he suffer in jail if I find out he was the cause of their demise.

“Where are they?”

“You’re house.” Grabbing my gun and run more like limp out the door. My leg was still hurting.

“JR where are you going?” I rushed further away, JJ’s voice only becoming distant as I hailed a cab.

I didn’t have a car.

Telling the cab to pull over I made my way towards Maurice’s home shielding myself as bullets were in deed flying and dead bodies falling.

Some I recognized as Maurice’s men.

Hiding behind a wall I felt the barrel of my gun behind my head, “Give it.” The man snarled.

I’m sure this isn’t one of my men because they would recognized me. Holding my gun, it was now shaking in my hands.

“Jordan, when facing an enemy, relax, don’t panic.” The voice of my dad echoed in my head.

The man from behind reached pass my head attempting to remove my gun from my hand and as he got near, instantly I lift my other hand high up till I caught his hand with the gun in my armpit, stomping on his foot, I elbowed him in the face and with my gun I turned around and shot him in the knee caps.

“When facing an enemy make sure they don’t get back up.”

I remember the words my dad had said to me. “Whatever you do, used your most strongest body part and your surroundings to knock out your opponent in that case your legs and elbows and the butt of your gun.

Dad always did say I was able to take on bigger guys than me if I go for their weak spot.

Hearing the guy fall I smiled, “I can’t believe that work.” I was excited but dad also did say don’t leave anyone alive only for them to bite you back in the ass.

I had told him many times I can’t kill. “If you chose not to then disarm them from their limbs if you have to.”

Shooting him in the knee caps should still keep him alive. But I am sure Jack would get angry with me if I injured one of his men again. Hell I didn’t kill him this time.

Picking up his gun I made sure I took out his magazine before throwing it else where.

Don’t want to regret not killing him.

Voices from a distant could be heard. Gerad and Maurice! Making my way around, I made sure to avoid unnecessary battles. I’m sure if I come across another, I might not be so lucky in disarming them.

Peaking just over, I saw Jack who was behind a stairwell and Gerad who was shielding Maurice in the garage. I could see Jack and his men had cornered them inside. The house was already heavily surrounded.

I’m surprise the police isn’t here yet.

Entering the house through the basement I silently made my way up stairs and saw three men observing the area. Certainly not Maurice’s men.

With the objects around I threw them from afar hoping to gain their attentions which it did until I finally made may way towards the garage.

“Gerad!” I whispered getting his attention.

“JR, where the fuck have you been.” Maurice yelled once he saw me too.

“Sorry boss but I’m here now.”

“Well come on and protect me.”

Standing up my leg was throbbing. But I ignored it. Pulling Maurice from behind until I was met with his cold gaze that he called for his men to seize fire.

In his most confident yet cocky smile he stood up holding papers walking towards us not minding if he would be shot. I refrained from looking away. Never turn your back on the enemy. Instead I made sure to make eye contact.

He most know me well that I wouldn’t shoot even when my gun is pointing straight at him.

Soon he was at the front of my gun as it presses against his chest. That is how close he now was.

“What are you waiting for JR shoot him!” Maurice ordered.

With my finger on the trigger, it shook in its place. Was I ready to shoot him point blank?

Jack smirked at me knowing full well I couldn’t. Cocky bastard.

Until I felt his hand gently prying the gun out of my hold. Gerad then held his gun towards him cocking it in the process as I told him to lower his gun he did as he was told.

“Gerad, shoot the fucking bastard.” Maurice was fuming that we weren’t doing as he says.

“You left.” I shifted my head up towards Jack. We were here head to head, well more like toe to toe and that’s the first thing he said to me.

Leaning all my weight on my left leg, Jack notice the cast was no longer on me and my brows furrowed wanting to sit down. I have been on my legs for hours and I could feel my bones hurting even more.

“Move.” Jack ordered.

“No, Mr. Saunders. I have my orders.” I will protect Maurice until he gives me a reason not to. Until then I will guard him for answers that I needed.

“This is your answer.” Handing me the stack of papers I scanned it thoroughly as the tears were now burning my eyes. It was here in black and white. The answers to my prayers, the closure I needed.

Grabbing the gun from Jack, I pulled the cock, turning towards Maurice who didn’t even have time to beg as I shot him both in the knee caps.

Gerad was surprise by my actions as I wanted to put a bullet in his fucking brain.

“You fucking bastard, you killed my parents.”

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