The Body Guard

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Chapter 25-That Night


“Here are the papers?” Tyrell handed me a stack of papers from Wilscott’s condo. Taking another sip of my burbon I abruptly took the papers out of his hands.

I was not only impatient but I was agitated. Why? Because of some girl who thinks she could play me for a fool.

Seeing she wasn’t in JJ’s condo nor Maurice’s home I hadn’t the faintest idea of where she went.

Instead I sat here at my desk just staring at the wall for hours feeling useless. I have never felt this useless in my entire life and now having these papers finally in my grasps perhaps I would be doing something worth my time.

Scanning through the documents it was George’s Will. Clearly it states everything he owns belongs to his daughter or next of Kin, including his business. But things doesn’t add up.

Until I came across another stack of document, a notary document and on the bottom was a forgery of George’s signature. Of course it’s a forgery, anyone with eyes could tell after all this signature was sloppy.

I remember I would often tease George for having a girly handwriting and this one proves just that.

It may not have said what was needed or what I wanted to hear even so the evidence is right here.

Why Maurice wanted Jordan to stay dead, why he kept her close. Because he needed her inheritance. After all what better way then to kill off an entire family and to claim that inheritance going to George’s next of kin.

The only thing is how the hell did Jordan manage to survive and why didn’t Maurice finish her off.


I know I have said I wanted Maurice to pay for the crimes he has committed regardless if he killed my parents or not but seeing that truth in front of me, I wanted nothing more than to just pop a bullet in his head.

Taking the butt of the gun, I repeatedly slammed it over his head till his face was unrecognizable until I felt two warm big hand pull me off of him.

“Let me go you son of a bitch.” I didn’t however realize that those hands had belong to non other than Jack’s. “He needs to die.”

“Please my darling niece.” Maurice pleaded.

“Niece! Darling!” Trying to wiggle out of this man’s hold I fumed. “I am twenty four fucking years old, I had a life which you stole from me, a family who you killed for your own greed, your family...” I couldn’t continue because as much as those words hurt to say it out loud it wouldn’t be until I get my hands on him.

“Jordan, calm down.” Jack held me down.

“NO! Gerad, kill him.” I ordered as my gun fell from my hands.

Now I may have trained Gerad but he was also a body guard of Maurice. “Sir, I mean J...” Gerad huskily spoke.

“Don’t sir me, do as I fucking say! And Jack let me go now!”

“Not until you calm down.” His hold only got tighter.

Soon my body went slack, not because he told me too but because I was out of breath. Releasing me gently he set me down only to looked at me with a pained expression.

At this moment I wanted to pull out my hair. My uncle, my damn uncle had my parents killed.

Yelling came from down the stairs while I was reading a book. “Sweet heart what ever you do, do not come down the stairs.” My mother warned as she closed my door behind her. Being the curious little me, I couldn’t help myself as I crawled over to the top banister listening in.

I could make out my dad’s voice as he sounded furious, my mom’s voice soothing my dad and several other voices I do not recognized.

“George just give me the damn business.” A man snapped.

“Get the fuck out of my house, you are not welcomed here.” Dad angrily replied.

I could also see their bodies from up stairs but their faces where a blur. These men, they were several men and from the looks of it they were heavily armed.

My heart beat had quickened as these men refuses to leave.

In the corner of her eye my mother looked up at me warning me, probably giving me a silently signal that I have yet to learn.

Running towards my bed room I grabbed my gun that I kept in between my mattress as I heard a few gun shots going off. I flinch and hesitated listening for more unwanted sounds. My mother’s screams came next, a scream that I will never forget.

Footsteps rampage through my home and no matter what I will protect it. With a slight creak my door slowly opened and I was ready or well I hope I was but had relax when I came in contact with Todd. He was my bodyguard as he quickly help me out of my room.

I didn’t know what was going on, all I knew is that my parents are down stairs and I had to get to them.

Running through the long corridor with Todd he had shot fired as I was pushed behind a wall.

“Where’s mom and dad?” I yelled clenching onto my gun in hopes I don’t use it.

“You have to go now!” Todd yelled. “Go, I’ll cover you.”

It’s like my feet was rooted to the spot. Of course it was. I was scared and didn’t know who these men were.

“JR GO!” Todd’s voice vibrated through my ear. And without turning back I fled. All I need to go was down the stairs and towards the exit but was caught surprise of an unknown suspicious figure in front of me.

And like a girl, I kicked him in the jewels where he grunted bending over before using my elbows and hitting the back of his neck causing him to fall then using my knees to knee him in his face.

As my father once said, do not hesitated just do. Unfortunately he slip on one of the steps pulling me with him and soon we both were rolling down the stairs. We had no carpet but marble floors and I had hit every corner and banister as I rolled down. Luckily for me I landed on the poor man.

Wasting no time I struggled to stand on my two feet, limping my way out until I had seen two bodies covered in blood. “Mom, dad!”

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