The Body Guard

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Chapter 26-Business


Betrayal coveted the night. Though he didn’t confess all the answers were there. And Jordan was caught in the middle of it. If only I could shield her from the pain that this man had brought upon.

And right now I want nothing more than to torture this man. Killing him would take the fun out of making him bleed to death.

“I protected you Maurice, even defended you because you were my dad’s brother. A part of me knew you were involve in their deaths but I had refuse to believe it.”

“Please JR, I didn’t mean, I mean I only wanted to...” He proceeded to explain himself.

“Was it worth it.” Jordan bent over and grabbed him by the collar. She was angry. Hell I would be too. But right now my main concern was her leg. Not only was she fuming and hurt emotionally but she must be in pain. I had notice she never put too much pressure on her right leg.

Leaning forward, she muttered in his ear, “Rot in hell you fucking bastard.”

Dropping Maurice she turned to face me, “Jack...” Her face was stained with tears.

Holding out my hand for her to take she took a few steps back, “Let’s go home Jordan.”

“I...I want to be alone for a minute.” I understand that, but I didn’t want her alone not even for a spit second. Who knows what was running through her mind. Watching her limp away I silently ordered for Tyrell to follow her and text me where she goes.

In the mean time I had to finish what I started.

Brad knows the protocol.

“Mr. Saunders what are you going to do to me. Turn me in?”

This man here is funny. Turn him in. Highly unlikely. Taking out a cigarette and lighting it up, I took one puff before I shot Maurice point black in his chest several times making sure he is dead.

Brad began the clean up work while I had spoken to Gerad giving him two choices, to work for me, him and his men or to have the same fate as Maurice here. Of course they made a wide decision what ever men of Maurice was left standing.

The night was cold as I stood from afar watching a sobbing Jordan crying at their graves, her parents. I made sure I wasn’t seen but I could hear from where I was standing.

“I’m sorry it took so long.” She sobbed sitting down. “But it’s over.” Her voice was shaky but manages to continue, “Why didn’t you give it to him?” She questions like her dad would answer. “Maybe you’d both be alive.” Her sobs turned into anger, “Damn you. I don’t want this life. I don’t want the business... I don’t want...” I couldn’t listen any more. With big steps I walked up to her embracing her from behind while placing my chin above her head.

She flinched but knew it was me. I felt her arms on me, “Jack.”

“Shhh...” I’m never known to comfort anyone let alone a woman, not even JJ but here I am comforting her.

“I don’t want it.”

“The don’t keep it. Give it to me.” If she doesn’t want her dad’s business, I wouldn’t mind taking it off her hands.

“Is that why you are here? All you want is the business.” She spoke coldly before turning around to face me. “You are all the same! Do you men have noodles for brain because all you do is cause chaos wherever you go. Don’t you think of anyone but yourself.” She ranted.

“Are you finished?” Nodding her head, “Your dad ran a business that deals with firearms in which he kept you and your mother out of it. He did a pretty good job too until Maurice. The business, your dad’s business now belongs to you is essential for mine.”

“But what you do is illegal.”

“Does it matter.” I shrugged. I have being doing this for years and no one is going to get me to quit. At first this type of business came with women, money, and power, not that I can’t see myself doing anything else.

“Of course it does.”

Pulling her hand towards me, “No matter, I want you to partner up with me?”

“You mean as a business partner.”

“More like run it with me.” I think it would be nice if I had someone to run it with. At least it would take a load of my shoulders.

“What don’t you get when I said I want no part of it.”

“What if I get you to change your mind.”

“And how would you do that?” She asked.

“Live with me and find out.”

Tilting her head to the side seeming to be deep in thought, and I know just what. I guess seeing me with Odett might change her mind but I hope not.

“I’m sorry Jack the last time I was there I was....”

“Hurt.” I finished her sentence. “This time it is different.”

“How so?” How can I explain it to her. When I found out she had left my house I went berserk on all my staff. I didn’t know why but I felt like I needed to bring her home. And not knowing where she was had me thinking and worrying about her.

I never even felt like this with HER, the only woman who I thought was made for me until SHE the betrayed me. But not even with HER. But with Jordan Richard, I couldn’t imagine not seeing her even for a single day.

And if I needed to make her my business partner just so I can be near her then so be it. Not like I can’t run my business but now I have an excuse for her to be by my side.

“Can I think about it?” Wiping her face I embraced her.

“You can, back in my home.” She smiled a small glimmer of hope as we headed towards my car. “Your cast?”

“I removed it.”


“With some friends.” So she has friends. Probably the people she stayed with. “I have to call them to let them know I’m safe.”

“Does it hurt.”

She thought for a minute before answering, “No.”

It was a lie. I could tell from her body language. I’ll get her physical therapy as soon as we both were settled.

Hoping in the car, I took one last look at her. My heart beating rapidly. What does this mean? I had told myself I could never love anyone and here I am pining for a girl who not too long ago confess to me only for me to reject her in the worse possible way.

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