The Body Guard

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Chapter 27-Wrapped


Arriving back at the house, the lights were all off and it was quiet. We both were sticky and dirty.

“I’ll just head up stairs to take a bath.” Jordan walked by me only for me to grab her arm as she turned towards me. It’s like I didn’t want to let her go. I just got her back, she just got home and I didn’t want to loose sight of her fearing I might wake up one morning only to find her gone, this time maybe for good.

The only sound that was heard was our labored breathing. “Jordan.” I whispered as she had licked her lips.

Pulling her towards me I instantly claimed her lips forcing myself on her. At first she didn’t react but soon after I felt her gripping the back of my head as she lowly moaned, “Jack.” I wasn’t planning to do this, not with her. It was bring her home and lock her in her room so she can’t leave me again but this being near her made all rational thoughts fly out the window.

My hand cupping her face while my other was placed underneath her butt.

Now there was no air just us two as our tongues explored the mouth of each other. Slowly pulling away, I leaned my forehead against hers, her eyes looking up at me, taking big deep breaths like we were starved, her body pressed up against mine just embracing her warmth. With both of my hands tucked underneath her butt, I lifted her up effortlessly, her legs wrapping around my waist, taking one of my arm wrapping around her back as I slowly made my way up stairs not once removing my eyes from hers.

If I thought we both were sticky and dirty well now we were drench in sweat and these clothes only made it worse. How I wanted to rip her clothes off her body.

Arriving at her room I gently laid down her body, laying next to her, my legs entangled with hers, my hand on her hips, while my other just beneath her this time gently taking her soft lips in mine.

I had to remember her leg is still injured as to try and not to put too much pressure on her.

Slowly unbuttoning her shirt it flew open revealing her simple sport’s bra. It’s nothing fancy just fit for comfortability.

With my big hands I slipped under her bra, cupping one of her breast in my hand and gently rubbing and pinching her nub only to gain a small soft moan leaving her lips.

Lifting up her bra, I ached to have it between my teeth. And not a second longer my mouth latched on to one of her breast flicking her light nipple with my tongue.

Jordan had arched her back, tugging on my hair. Doing the same with her other breast, I made sure to kiss her showing her how much I wanted this, how much this was needed.

Bringing myself up, I removed my shirt and hers before removing both our pants and undergarments.

Her eyes had gotten wide at the sight of me, the whole sight of me and I couldn’t help but smirk.

“” She was sacred that much I could tell.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll go easy.” She turned away from me blushing as I grasps her chin.

“Don’t shy away from me.” As much as I want to take her right now and have my way with her, ravishing her whole body, I wanted this to be special for her. And right now though I am breaking my own rule. Whatever happened to me, incapable of loving another and yet here I am with feelings I thought I had buried long ago.

Having my dick hard as fuck, I lick my palm before giving my dick a stroke making sure it is slightly wet for entering her. I don’t know if she is a virgin or not but I will make this less painful for her.

“Condom?” She gasps.

Holy fuck a condom! How the hell had I forgotten about that. But something in me wants it bare. I wanted to feel her raw, having her pussy clench around my dick dripping wet. I just wanted to feel all over her.

Hoovering just above her, I slowly slid my dick in and stopping every once in a while making sure she get’s use to me. Light blood trailed down dripping red. And shit, a virgin. A part of me wanted to pull out but once I felt her pussy tightening around me, I couldn’t. It was like it was pulling me in. Instead I went further in hearing light gasps from her.

Her nails wrapping around my back digging into my flesh as I began to give her light kisses in her neck.

Soon enough I gently thrust into her. Our skin slapping each other from flesh to flesh as it makes contact.

Her moans had soon filled this entire room as well as mine. “Jordan.” I breathed looking back at her. Her eyes winced and teared. “Are you okay love?” I never missed the endearing names I was now calling her. Never once in my life have I ever called anyone love. After all it is just a word right, it means nothing.

“Jack.” She whispered. My name on her lips gave me tingles when she was now panting.

“Fuck I’m cumming.” I felt both her heels at the back of my ass pressing onto me. Pull out Jack. I muttered in my head. With no condom on, I had to pull out but the more I’m in, the more I’m being sucked inside.

Tightly gripping the back of my neck, her pussy convulses around my dick, her muscles squeezing me just enough making me want to explode.

Trembling in place, my thrusts became sloppy and harder as I had gripped her waist feeling myself building.

“Jack.” Once again my name escape her lips and at the sound of her voice just had ended me as I crashed my lips moaning and with one last thrusts stopping into her, cumming into her. God I want her. Did I just thought that? No, I can’t. But no matter I had my fill. Pulling my head up, I leaned mine forward against hers and we just laid there me still being inside her until my dick grew slack, unfortunately I was still hard and could go another round. But she was tired and so was I. A part of me never wanted to pull out,

Laying next to her, she leaned her head against my chest and soon was followed by a light snore.

Get up Jack and go to your room. I couldn’t fall asleep next to her because then that would mean she would matter in a way it shouldn’t. But I don’t know what made it in me to wrap my hands around her like I didn’t want to let her go.

My body had ached for her repeatedly. Maybe I just need her once, to get her out of my system because ever since she began living with me, not once had she left my mind. And this is not like me. Just once, I told myself. Then I could go back to clubs and having other women pleasure me without feelings.

This is just once right? I had my fill? I can go back to having my way with other woman? I kept on reminding my self but why don’t I believe. Soon enough I fell asleep with me wrapped around her.

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