The Body Guard

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Chapter 28-What You Wanted


Little water droplets could be heard. Was it raining. I felt no warmth besides me as the spot next to me was empty. For some odd reason I didn’t like waking up alone. And this is not like me. But to find her gone and not by my side had sent me in a panic frenzy.

Looking at my clock it was a little after two in the morning. I groaned when the shower caught me attention. She was bathing and I couldn’t help myself but feel the need to bathe as well. After all we were both dirty and I could use someone to scrub my back.

Standing up, the bed sheet slid off me as I walked naked and proud towards her bathroom. My morning wood stood out and I didn’t mind that one bite. All I could see was the silhouette of her body through the glass doors as she lathers her body up with soap.

And for a split second I thought on how the soap was lucky to explore every inch of her body.

Snap out of it Jack. Once again I had to remind myself what this is. More like testing the waters. But this, this is what she wanted right? She wanted me like all women, she wanted a piece of me and I gave it to her.

Slowly opening it, she gasps at the sight of me, looking me from head to toe, her eyes landing on my harden dick. Not like she has not seen it yet but she blushes every time she does. So not like the other woman I had bedded with. She was something else, she was different, she was innocent. My innocent little vixen.

“Jack.” her back was flat against the wall leaving room for me to enter which I did. I watch her eyes leave mine, her body inching herself away from me as I pulled her closer. She flinch seeming to predict my moves. Her hands firmly pressed up against my chest as I made sure to pump it out for her to feel. Being in my line of business you must have a good body to do what I do. So those work outs I had put in hours a day had paid off.

Reaching over for the soap, I began to rub it gentle on her body. My fingers were roaming everywhere. Her skin covered in bubbles feeling so soft and smooth until my fingers was met with her wet folds. She gasps while I pinch her cliterous between my fingers pressing further into my body, wrapping her arms around me and holding herself up. I could never have enough of her many expressions. And this one is by far the best, her pained pleasurable expression that was now marred on her face.

With a glint in her eyes, I felt her fingers at the tip of my dick causing me to part my lips. Why this little vixen. She wanted to play. And who am I to say no. Smiling before dropping to her knees and giving light kisses starting at the tip, and slowly trailing towards my balls.

My hand tucked under her hair pulling it away from her face as my eyes never left hers. It was a little longer this time which I hope she grows it out. Though having short hair does suit her I think she matches with long hair.

The shower wall was cold but I didn’t mind it one bit with the water still running I watch my dick disappear into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. Since when did this feel so damn good. Sure another had given me head before but this, I wanted to fuck her mouth, her breast, her ass. I just wanted to own her. I wanted to imprint my whole body onto her. What the hell is wrong with me?

My balls rose slightly, my ass clenching as I pushed her further onto me. With everything it felt I had cummed into her mouth not releasing her hold. I wanted to see her expression when she gags, when she chokes, when she tears.

And she did all that too pulling away. My juices were already leaking out. “Swallow.” I commanded and she did what she was told, hearing her gulp. “Good girl.”

Helping her back up, I flipped her over bending down. My turn I thought.

Dropping to my knees I buried my face between her ass. My tongue reaching over, licking the much needed pussy and slapping her ass at the same time till it was marked with my finger prints. This was mine. Her ass, her pussy, her breast, her body was all mine.

“Jack.” Her voice trembled as I gave her one more good lick only for her to orgasm. Pulling away I watch it leaked down her leg. It was the best sight ever.

Rising to my feet, I position myself from behind, slowly entering her. She yelp as I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulling her to and from my dick.

I wanted more. I wanted to own her. No one and I mean no one will touch her. As much as I thought this, I couldn’t. This is just one night, we were tired, she was hurt and I was just trying to help her ease the pain even if it means something else. But what?

Throwing my head back, once again I was building up, until I couldn’t no more and had cummed into her once again, “Fuck!” My words were coming out in long sentences.

Before her own body grew slack, I grabbed her waist making sure she was leaning on me staring into those eyes. God she is so beautiful. And this will be the last time.

I gave her what she wanted. Perhaps she too just needed it out of her system. She would understand, right.

And after tonight, after my fill of her, I can go back to my normal routine.

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