The Body Guard

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Chapter 29-Struggles of One Man


Feeling the warmth of a body had jolted me awake as I came across a familiar face. Fuck, I thought that was a dream.

Instantly my body rose itself from its sleep as we, Jordan and I were laying naked on her bed. Why did I do this? Because you wanted her and we got her. My inner self mock me. It was like I was possess. Standing up, I made my way out but not before covering Jordan with the blanket and noticing a few tiny droplets of blood.

At that moment, I wanted to shoot myself. Not only did we have sex but I woke up next to her and what’s worse a god damn virgin.

Heading towards my bathroom in my room I glared at myself in the mirror. The bed, sex hair, the scratches, the marks. Damn it. I threw a fist towards the mirror causing it to shatter. My knuckles red and bleeding.

Splashing some water on my face and rising the blood of my knuckles, I remember the feel of her body. And I hate to say it I miss that warmth already.

I love you. Suddenly it was like HER voice. HER voice that spoke, got me seeing red. Not again, never again. I had told myself I would never bring a women into my bed, in my home. And what is worse she is living with me.

Jack, you are mine, you hear me. To do what I please. Get the fuck out of my head. It was like a fucking nightmare that wont seem to go away. HER voice that lingers deep in my mind. To think after years, she still has some kind of hold over me. If she ever appears before me again, I’ll show her the true meaning of fear.

Glancing at myself through my shattered mirror I glared hating the moment I laid a hand on her. She isn’t mine and I must remind myself, I cannot have her. I cannot bring her down to my level.

Jack if you love me, you will do anything to please me. Stupid voice, stupid sound. Clutching onto the counter I had the urge to ripped the damn thing off.

No matter, calm down Jack. I soothed myself.

After having a nice bath to myself, I had dressed in my everyday attire. I needed to cool down, to relax myself, I needed a drink but first I have to deal with a certain somebody. I know it is always business with me but it keeps me sane. It keeps me from thinking murderous thoughts.

“Tyrell.” I called for him as soon as we landed in her condo’s, JJ’s condo. She may be pregnant at the moment but all I care is about who had laid their hands on her.

Giving Tyrell orders, Brad and I headed upstairs. Now normally I would knock because I like to respect her privacy that is why I gave her, her own condo to begin with. But if she refuses to abide by my rules then she will do damn will to come back to live with me.

Taking out my spare key I had let myself in only for my face burning red.

I would never thought I would see the day where my little sister was half naked in bed with a boy. A boy who probably still lives in his mother’s basement.

“Jack.” JJ’s voice shook covering her naked body while the boy looked about to piss his pants. “What are you doing here?

I spoke no words. My only thought is how to dis-mangle the boy right here and now.

“I didn’t give you this condo so you can fool around JJ.” She never missed the disappointment in my voice.

“Jack it is not like that...”

“Oh, it seems to me that you are having sex with a boy.” I raged. “Tell me ,is this the father?” I made no room for arguments.

Grabbing the boy and dragging him out of bed he yelped cowering in fear. This is not the type of boy I want for my little sister who can’t even protect himself. How is he suppose to protect JJ let alone her baby. My fist was raised in the air prepared to hit him but then that would just be pathetic. I wouldn’t hit a man who is down.

“Get up.”

The boy trembling in his place stood up as I felt JJ’s arm one me. “Please Jack. Please don’t do this.”

Pulling my arm away, “At least get dressed before you talk to me.” Brad remained calm as he shook his head too in sheer disappointment.

This boy just made it easier for me. I didn’t have to go looking for him. He made this kill easy.

Pulling out a cigarette JJ pulled me down. Thankfully she hurriedly put something on.

“Don’t kill him.” JJ stood in front of the boy protecting him while I could only laugh at the situation.

Who kind of man hides behind a girl? “Aren’t you ashamed boy, having my kid sister protect your from me.”

“Si...sir.” The boy stuttered while wrapping a blanket around me. Good thing too cause I don’t want to be staring at a naked man all day. “My name is Ryan and I am in love with your sister.”

He spoke with no hesitation. He seemed to be in love. But what does he know about love. Love is an imagination, a tool just to get what you want, what is needed. “Boy, what would you know about love.”

“You’re what.” JJ seemed to caught the fact at this boy’s declaration. “You’re in love with me?”

The boy named Ryan looked down at her lovingly while placing a hand on her belly, “Yes and I want to ask for your hand in marriage.” He asked then looked at me like he was asking for permission. “With your permission of course.” I must say this boy is not a coward at all. He has guts to actually look me in the eye.

“Please Jack, I love him too.” JJ pleaded. If only I could shield my sister from the pain that comes from love.

In all the years being my teen years, I found love to be a joke, that can only be found in fairy tales. It doesn’t exists, it is not forever. And everything always comes to an end.

With big slow strides I walked up to the boy he was a little shorter than me, a little skinnier than me, a little paler than me whispering in his ears, “If you hurt my sister I will blow you dick off.” After I said that I repeated what I said in my head. It sounded better in my head.

JJ smiled throwing her arms around me, “Thank you Jack.” Nodding my head, I head towards the door with Brad in my tail.

“Congratulations you two.” Brad was happy and I may not show it but I am happy my sister is happy. Unfortunately though nothing good comes from love, just lies, deceit, betrayal. And everything always comes to an end.

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