The Body Guard

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Chapter 30-Reacting


My main focus is getting my business back on track. And with George’s business in my hands it kept me busy. It kept my mind busy from wondering towards the one who resides in my home.

“Mr. Saunders will we expect the shipment by next week.” A briskly man on my right asked.

I get that these men are having conflicts of handling George’s business but I will show them I can handle it.

Seeing the business landed in Jordan’s hand and she want nothing to do with it, it falls on me.

“Mr. Darla, you can expect it by this Friday.”

“Oh that fast.” He mumbled unsure of my own answer.

“What was that?” I heard it clearly but if he knows what is good for him, he wouldn’t repeat it.

“No..nothing Mr. Saunders.” He stammered knowing full well of my temper.

After the long boring ass meeting I found myself at a small club where woman had flaunt their bodies at men.

I just sat there along side Brad and a few others drinking. Some of the men decided to grab a drink and watch women all night. Of course I needed a break as well. A break from JJ and her boyfriend, a break from business, and a break from Jordan.

I hadn’t been home in a couple of days. I couldn’t go home, and see what look she will give me. Did she expect me to be more, because I can’t.

And not once had I checked on her. But I made sure she had everything she needed. Leaving a few men around my house to roam and keeping an eye on her making sure she wouldn’t leave. I can’t take the chance. I didn’t want her to leave.

Why though? Because you feel for the girl. Again my inner self pipped up.

Blinking away all thoughts a few of the girls were now at our tables. They were sitting beside as as one very sexy red head sat next to me, pouring me more drink and placing a hand on my thigh slowly inclining its way up.

I didn’t push her off, now I welcomed it. This is me. This is who I am and I will ever be. “Why don’t we go somewhere private.” The sexy red head cooed.

Taking her hand I followed her to the back hearing the men root for me as if I won a prize.

It was dark and she had pushed me on the bed dancing on top of me, “Feel me.” She urged as my hand landed on her hips, my thumb rubbing against her skin. “That’s it baby.” I hadn’t even done anything and she was already throwing her head back.

With her fingers she undid my button’s one by one, her lips kissing my navel, trailing upwards until I felt her on my chest. Eyes, her eyes flashed before me causing me to jolt.

“What is wrong baby?”

“Nothing, continue.”

Moving downwards, I watch while she unbuckle my pants and removing my dick. I was shock to say the least that it was limp as hell. What the fuck. “Don’t worry, mama knows a little trick or two.” Taking my dick into her mouth I relax myself concentrating. And let me tell you, I have never had to concentrate this hard before. Though her mouth feels good but I’m not feeling a thing.

Once she realizes this she tries to suck faster and harder. “Am I not doing a good job?” She spoke.

“No, it’s just...”

“What.” She stood up with her hands at her hips.

How can I explain that I wasn’t feeling it, or she wasn’t doing it for me. “I had better.” I blurted causing her to raise a hand as I caught it in mid air. “Don’t you think you can lay a hand on me.” Glaring at her, “Bring me the next girl.” If she couldn’t even get me hard maybe the next girl can.

Huffing she fled and had brought me two girls along with her before leaving in anger.

The girls didn’t even wait for my orders, they began working on me. And I needed release.

After a while I finally manage to get hard and the girls had their work cut out for them. But I guess having a threesome will do it for me.

“Condom.” The girl nodded as she grab my condom I keep in my wallet and put it on before settling herself on top of me.

While both girls were having their way, my thoughts of how they weren’t as tight, or they weren’t as shy, or they weren’t blushing red. It was like they were use to it and this is their only job. Of course it was when you would have sex with strangers who are desperate.

They didn’t even get me to feel anything and I sort of miss it. Her voice when she moaned, how she felt beneath me, her warmth, her smile. The face, that innocent face when she blushes beet red or the way she stutters and tries to act cocky but failed miserably.

My dick was becoming limp without me knowing it as the girl tries to get it hard. “What the fuck?”

Pushing them both off, I threw on my shirt. This wasn’t working. My body wasn’t working and it wasn’t listening to me. My body wouldn’t even react to these girls. Which I was now confuse. I never turned down a good fucking so why start now.

“How the hell can you have a limp dick with this body.” One of the girl jiggled like she has the most amazing body ever. But not as amazing as her when I slapped her ass leaving my finger prints marred on her beautiful creamy skin.

Shaking my head of all thoughts I spoke roughly, “I have seen better and fuck better too.” The look on both of their faces were priceless. If they weren’t women I would have killed them on the spot.

“Why you...” The other girl shot back, “For your information we have had sex with other men with way bigger dicks than yours.”

That’s a laugh. I wanted to laugh but I didn’t. I knew better. And with that I left this room thinking about what just happened. I had turned down sex and that never happened to me before. My dick wouldn’t acknowledge those women.

Was something wrong with me? “Boss!” Brad was at my side eyeing me asking me if I had a good time.

I wasn’t going to answer him. He needn’t know. “Home Brad.” I had to know why my body wouldn’t react, why it wouldn’t give me what I wanted. And I will start of with her, the one who lives in my house.

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