The Body Guard

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Chapter 31-Claim


Waking up naked and alone a few days ago brought in all sorts of pain. At that time I felt used, betrayed and rejected, not once but twice. Who the hell gets rejected twice by the same person? I must’ve been stupid enough to let him in only for my heart to crumble. For a minute I thought we were on the same page. Clearly I misread him.

This time he took what he wanted and left me here probably to rot and die.

Be quiet Jordan, you wouldn’t rot here alone. It was like my mind knew what I was thinking.

Heading downstairs I was met with the bustling staff here and there. I felt bad not helping out especially if I over slept.

“Madam, you’re awake. How bout some brunch.” One of the staff who I assumed is Margaret coaxed me into the dinning table where she gave me some food.

I was pleased that I finally have food in my stomach but being in here, everything felt weird. The last time I was here everyone couldn’t stop staring at me, whispering about me, about me seducing Jack. But now everyone is all smiles.

“Madam,” I turned my head to another deep voice. Madam? I sound like an old maid.

“Yes and please call me JR.”

“Sir has scheduled a doctor’s appointment for your leg this afternoon.” Well at least he still thinks of me.

“My leg is fine.” I lied. I didn’t want to go to the doctors. I was scared of what they might say. What if I can no longer use my legs fully. No matter I didn’t need a doctor to tell me that. I can just will my legs on my own.

“But sir...”

“It’s fine now, all better.:” I stuck out my leg to show him. He looked at it with uncertainty but never pressured me and watch him return back to his post.

This house was big as I limped all over the place. These past few days I was bored as hell. I was trying to find something to do when I found out they had no bored games. Who the hell doesn’t have any bored games or at least playing cards.

None the less I tried to keep myself occupied looking at the clock. Time seems to move slower when you are always watching the clock.

If he isn’t going to come home, maybe I should go to him. Now that’s a thought.

Leaving the house I was brought back in by Gerad. A very shocking surprise. “Gerad!” I beamed happily seeing a friendly face as I hugged him. Finally someone to talk too. All of Jack’s men are quiet and reserve and all of the staff here are giving me fake smile. I just wanted a friend right now, I could use a friend. “Come let’s talk.” Pulling him in, he began to talk how he works for Jack and I was happy for him. After what happened to Maurice I worried for the men that work for him.

Gerad however told me whatever men was left after that shooting, now works for Jack. At least he didn’t leave them hanging. And he is to follow his orders and no one else. But what about mine?

“Oh my god JR you look beautiful.” My friend Alexis handed me a drink.

The music was booming as I watch my two friends sway to the beat.

“Who’s the hunk?” Ivy gleamed when she saw Gerad next to me.

Today I made in a point not to wallow in self pity. If Jack could go out, why couldn’t I. The only way I could go out however if I take one of Jack’s men and I settled for Gerad. I was more comfortable with him.

Not like I couldn’t protect my own. I trained Gerad for heaven’s sake. I taught him the things my dad had taught me once before. In fact I had hand pick him. He was like my second in command. What good did that do me when I was the one getting shot at.

Of course I still pack my gun with me just in case before leaving Saunders estate.

“Oh, him. Gerad. Gerad these are my two friends Alexis and Ivy.” I introduced.

The two didn’t even take seconds before they were shameless flirting with him. “How’s the leg?” Ivy finally gave me her attention after making Gerad uncomfortable.

“It’s fine.”

“Good because I hope you are up for dancing?” Alexis urge.

“In these heels and dress, I’m surprise I can still squat.” I joked and laugh. It feels good to laugh. I don’t remember laughing whole heartedly but here I am laughing with my two best friends like how it use to be before when my parents were alive.

“There’s the JR I know.” Ivy pulled me into a hug. “I have miss this JR.”

Ordering our drinks we watch as the men and women in this facility were grinding up on each other. Mainly Ivy. She loves the attention.

“Come on let’s dance.” Ivy pulled me along.

Moving to the beat it was kind of hard considering I couldn’t stay on my leg for too long. I probably look like a flamingo with a broken leg.

Men even cut in between us. It was fine. We were just dancing until I felt someone’s hand on my ass. The man before me smiled before grabbing me by the hips and leaning forward. He must have notice my leg that he lightly lift me up the ground taking me in his arms.

“What’s your name sweetheart?” He yelled through the loud music.

“JR.” Putting my arms around him I leaned into his chest until I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Who’s the cutie?” Alexis eyes twinkled at the site of him.

Turning back to him, “Does this cutie have a name?”

“Ryan.” He answered with a smile.

“You heard him.” Throughout the night Ryan was my dance partner. He never even let anyone come between us, not even Alexis or Ivy. Which was starting to get uncomfortable because he was acting like a possessive boyfriend. I guess I didn’t mind. It is just for one night.

“How bout a drink?” Ryan asked and I nodded. Watching Ryan head back to the bar he ordered me a drink just as Ivy came up to me.

“You must be popular.”

“I was only dancing with one guy.”

“Really, then why is that guy sitting at the booth starring at you?”

Guy? What guy. Slowly turning around I was met with those yet cold calculating eyes as he takes a sip of whatever he was drinking. No, this can’t be real. He can’t be here. Blinking again and again, the light here is not the best so perhaps I’m seeing things.

“Ivy he must be looking at something else.”

“Really, he has been starring at you all night.”

“All night?” My face paled and my breathing erratic.

“JR, are you okay, sit down.” Ivy brought me to a chair when Ryan came back with my drink handing it to me.

“Thank you Ryan, what drink is it?”

“It’s a mix of which I’m sure you like it.” As I was bringing the glass to my lips Ivy swiped it from my hand.

“Ivy, what the hell.”

“And what did you put in her drink?” Ivy turned to a shock Ryan followed by Alexis and Gerad who came up to us. All night Gerad was occupied by Alexis which I didn’t mind. Gerad is a good guy.

“What is going on?” Gerad question curiously.

“This man thinks he can drugged JR’s drink.” She yelled making Ryan look in disbelief.

“Look it was just a drink.”

“Right.” Alexis didn’t look like she believe him.

“Guys don’t make a scene here.” Dragging Ryan away I apologize for my friend’s behavior. He probably did try to spike my drink but I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. After all Gerad will probably tell the devil himself causing him to lock me in that damn house.

I’m not stupid by the way. My friends and I use to go to all sorts of clubs and parties so to have someone drug your drink is not a new thing to me. Never have someone buy your drink. That was always one of my rule but I guess tonight I seemed to have forgotten.

“There is a way you can make it up to me.” Ryan smiled innocently.

“A way eh?” Pulling me away from the crowed, he dragged me into a secluded corridor as he pinned me against the wall.

Now Ryan was cute but I kept getting a strange vibe from him and all night as I tried to keep it PG but truth be told his hands were all over me. Not that I mind. I just needed a distraction.

Trapping me with his body he leaned in for a kiss which I was happy to give back until I felt his hands on my thigh slowly moving up my dress into my private area. He moaned as I had pushed him back.

“What the fuck JR?”

“Look you are a nice guy I’m sure but I just wanted to have a good time.”

He looked me up and down, “And I will show you a good time.” This time he force his lips on me biting it in the process causing me to bleed a little where I took my elbow and knocked him on the face.

“Sorry but this isn’t what I had in mind.”

“Right, and dressing like some slut wouldn’t make me think you wanted to have a really good time.”

How dare he. “I wanted to dress pretty is that so bad.” I argued. He was stepping around me. This is why my dad had trained me. To defend against assholes like this.

Gripping my hips harshly he pulled me in trying to lift up my dress. But before I could get out of his hold a voice that not only soothed me scared the shit out of me, “Get your filthy hands of her.”

I didn’t even get a chance to blink when I was pulled away from Ryan and hid behind him.

“This one’s mine, get your own damn slut.” Ryan raged which was a mistake on his part because the next thing you know Ryan was on the ground holding a broken jaw.

Turning to face me, I looked away only for him to grab my chin with his thumb before wiping the blood off my lips. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to say anything. His eyes said it all.

Taking my hands he lead me to his car while I listened to him speak to Gerad. Then it hit me. How it was just easy for me to find me in a club. Gerad. He told on me. When I get my hands on him, I was cut short when I was shoved into the car forcefully while he sat in the driver’s side and driving off.

Why was he so angry? He had no right. I can do what ever I want. Ever since he rejected me. He has no claim over, right?

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