The Body Guard

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Chapter 33-Love is in the Air


Using my arm, she laid above it while her head laid on my chest. Her legs were over mine as I listened to the sound of her breathing.

My other hand were softly caressing her fingers, just playing with it. Both naked, both hot, both sweaty and both tired. I couldn’t help but smile as her body molded into mine.

I never new confessing my love to her would be liberating but it was. This was nothing like HER, the woman who manged to bring me to my knees once. But this, with Jordan, I feel it. And it wasn’t about the sex. Sure the sex was amazing but I just want to feel her, to hold her to claim her as mine.

And she finally is. Tiny fingers trailed up and down my abdomen. So that much I knew she was awake, we both were. Though I was tired, I couldn’t sleep. It felt like I was a teenager again. This thing that I feel in the pit of my stomach was making me feel nervous for some strange reason. I wanted her to like me, or maybe to love me as much as I now love her.

I have never felt this way before.

“Not tired.” I asked only to received a short hum.

“What are you thinking about?” She lifted her head to see me.

“You.” I answered. It’s true. My mind and heart is completely filled with her.


“Of course baby.” She blushed at my endearment towards her. “What’s wrong?” I wanted to laugh but kept a straight face.


“Yes, why?”

“I’m just...I’m just not use to it yet.”

“Well get use to it.” Lifting up my own head I kissed her forehead.

“Is this a dream?” I looked at her confused. “I mean I did dream about you once,”

“You, dreamt about me?” Why do I feel so happy. It’s been a while since I felt this way.

“Well that was before you, when I saw you...” She paused, her eyes soon becoming watery as she was reliving the night I had Odett in my bed.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized. I had actually apologize. “That’s why I’m changing the mattress.”

“Why, what for?”

“So you can move your things in my room.” Her face turned another shade of red.

“Are you sure you want me?” Am I sure? Hell of course I am sure. After I tried getting her out of my head, my body just seems to remember her. Her touch, her warmth, her lips. Even if I tried forgetting about her I couldn’t. It’s impossible now.

“The question is do you want me?” It was a question I never ask a women. I never had to. Women always throw their body at me, I never had the fear of being rejected until her. If she rejects me, I would make her accept me. I don’t care if I have to lock her in my room, I...

“Of course I want you.” She interrupted with a smile. “I meant it when I said I love you.”

My grip only tightened around her. God, I love her. I can finally say how much I love her. “I love you too baby.” Climbing on top of me as she planted kisses on my shoulder. My hands firmly on her ass.

If she didn’t know it now, she does now. I was hard, actually I have been hard just never acted on it.

“Baby,” I breathe. She looked up at me, tucking her hair behind her ears.

With a small hum she got up just a little and slowly I put my dick in her. “Fuck you feel good.”

Her hands were pressed against my chest as she proceeded to sway her hips. It was in slow motion and I was in no hurry. I wanted to feel all of her.

My hands soon cupped both her breast as she leaned down, her nipples just above my lips as I took one of her breast in my mouth sucking on it like I was starved.

And listening to her sweet voice didn’t help me either. As much as I wanted to be in control of my bodily functions I was not. I wanted to release, I wanted to shoot my seed into her. I wanted to see her face when she orgasms, screaming my name.

“Jack.” She lowly moaned gasping for air.

Picking her ass back up, I slammed it down, my hips now bucking and thrusting into hers. “My name, say it again.”

“Jack!” She screamed just a little louder. But it wasn’t loud enough. I wanted this whole house to know who she belongs too. No one and I mean no one will take her away from me. She is mine, mine to protect, mine to love, mine to have.

“Oh my god!” She teared. More, I want more.

“Don’t stop baby.” I was close, almost there.

“Jack please...” she begged. Her voice strained.

“I’m cumming.”

“Not yet please.” She continued to ride me.

Not yet. But fuck I can’t hold it. “” sitting up against her, I wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her closer to me, tightening my grip trying to fight hard for control.

“Not yet baby.” Baby, she called me baby.

“Let me cum.”

“No, not until I say so.” She ordered. Who knew my little vixen likes to be the dominant one in bed.

“Fuck!” I gritted my teeth. My dick was pulsing wanting release, she knew that and wasn’t letting me.

Stopping I looked at her confuse as she turned around while I was still in her, her ass up for show as I grabbed it pulling her to and fro while on my knees.

I had a good view of her ass which I liked.

Giving her ass a good slap it was now red. I could feel my balls being sucked in, slapping against her skin.

My chest had harden, my thighs trembled, my breathing ragged. “I can’t.” She whimpered to herself holding back.

“Let it go baby, together with me.”

Grabbing around her, I let my fingers pinch her clitoris, “Jack.” Her body weakening. If she wasn’t going to cum with me, then I’ll just force it out of her.

“Holy fuck!” Lifting up her heels she paused as I jammed my dick into her one last time, I let go. “Jack!” She yelled.

“I know baby.” I stood still for a while. My cum leaking out of her as I pulled out, her body grew slack as I fell on top of her pulling her to the side.

“That was amazing.” She cooed.

I smiled because I’m glad I could satisfy her. No other man will satisfy her.

“I love you.” She spoke clearly.

“I love you too.” Those words, those three words, I had only said it to one other person but she had broken my heart.

But Jordan had mended it. I just hope she won’t break it because if it does I don’t know if I can recover from it.

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