The Body Guard

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Chapter 34-Smile


Things has been going great between Jack and I. He always spends his time with me. He’d leave in the morning to attend his business of which I still don’t know what he does probably still having meetings with friends but always comes home early for dinner.

I hadn’t gone out much and JJ comes and visits me along with her boyfriend. She tells me Jack has accepted him. Good for her.

But Jack grew irritated at the sight of JJ because she practically comes here every night just to hang out. Unfortunately for Jack he wanted me all to himself so he sort of banish her for a while. JJ however is looking beautiful than ever. She is now seven months pregnant and she is having a girl.

I’m truly happy for her. As for my friends, Alexis has been dating Gerad and Ivy is still being Ivy. I did invite them to my home once and had introduce Jack to them but they way he carried himself, scared them.

Jack needs to work on his smile. After our confession he made me go to the doctor about my leg and unfortunately for me, I will be limping for the rest of my life. The pain was still there but that is inevitable. So in the end Jack had turned me down attending his usually business with him. Because should anything happened, he couldn’t protect me as well as his men.

I do hope nothing would happened to him though. He did however allowed me to carry my gun for my own protection as long as I don’t shoot any of his men.

Now I was in the kitchen packing up some lunch. Jack has been in his office all day with back to back meetings. I have not seen his office but I guess a surprise visit won’t hurt.

“Are you going anywhere today?” One of Jack’s driver asked. Jack said if I did want to go out, he gave me my very own driver.

Which I can say is a bummer because I wanted to drive one of his many cars.

“Actually to Jack’s office.” I smiled happily.

“I don’t think sir would be please if you popped in unannounced.” He looked troubled.

“None sense. I’m just going to bring him lunch besides I would like to see where he works.” He looked me up and down.

“Okay I’ll wait till you get dress.” What is wrong with the way I dress?

“I am dress, now let’s go.” Not arguing back the driver took my things while I limped my way to the car.

Thirty minute drive. I would’ve been here sooner but traffic is a bitch.

Reaching the top floor I was met with a blond woman at the desk chewing gum and flipping a magazine. “Ehem.”

She looked up at me with an irritated look, “Can I help you?” She spoke nasily.

“I’m here to see Jack Saunders.”

“Do you have an appointment?”

“NO, I want to surprise him.”

“I’m sorry sir but Mr. Saunders is currently with a client at the moment but maybe you should schedule an appointment first.” She dismiss me abruptly.

Sir eh? Walking away I Iooked at my surroundings hoping that I could sneak in. Luckily that lady went back to her magazine.

Finally coming across his office room that read CEO I opened the door briskly, “Surprise.”

Surprise in deed. I was the one surprise. Jack sat at his desk as a red head sat on top of his desk while they were minutes ago laughing. I have never seen him laugh like that before.

Jack looked at me in shock as he lightly pulled her off his desk. “Jack dear I didn’t know you had company.” She gawked at me from head to toe.

“Ah yeah...” For the first time Jack looked speechless. “This is um...” He was to introduce me as what, his girl friend?

“I’m JR.” I lowered my voice deep. “I just came because Mr. Saunders here ordered lunch and just wanted to drop it off.” The look on Jack’s voice showed he was conflicted. I don’t know who that women was but she looked important and I couldn’t get in the way of that.

Setting the food down I slowly closed the door behind me. “Jordan wait.” Jack yelled from behind the door.

I didn’t even get to make it to the elevator when I felt big strong hands pull me back, “And where do you think you are going?”

I turned to face home, “Home.”

Leaning forward so we were eye to eye, “After bringing me lunch you don’t want to eat with me?” He smiled innocently like I just didn’t catch him with a sexy red head.

“Wouldn’t you prefer to eat with her instead?”

“Who, Ms. Cravington. Is someone jealous?”

Who me jealous. I don’t have a right to be after all I don’t even know what we are. “No. You’re a grown man Jack, you can do what ever you want.”

“She is just a client I promise you.” I rolled my eyes not believing a word he says. Why would I?Jack is a very gorgeous sexy man and I’m sure no women can say no to that face and that body. “Come.” Taking my hand he led me back to his office.

“Jack dear we aren’t finish with our meeting.” Ms. Cravington glared at me like I was nothing but a bug.

“Some other time, I’m going to have lunch with my girlfriend.” I smiled while Ms. Cravington looked shock and disgusted at the same time.

“You have a girlfriend and you’re gay?”

“Ye..wait, what?” Jack was more surprise than I was.

“I mean Jack dear, why would you choose him over me?” Can I laugh at this situation.

“No, Ms. Cravington you miss understood, Jordan here is a girl.”

Walking up to us she eyed me up and down, “You look and dress like a boy.”

“That’s because these clothes are more comfortable.” My voice went back to its usual pitch. Its true. I don’t know why men’s clothes are more comfortable than women’s.

“Now, we will reschedule.” Jack turned away from her.

Ms. Cravington however leaned against him, “Of course. And next time,” She leaned into his ears, “Leave the kid at home so we two can have adult time.” Just as she was leaving, I got out of Jack’s hold to knock her upside down the head only for Jack to hold me back.

Once she was gone I turned to Jack angrily, “Really Jack. If you wanted her then you should have said so.” He began to laugh. “You think this is funny? Well you know what screw you.” Walking away, Jack yanked me into his chest.

“Relax babe. You are the only one for me.” He pinch my nose, “You are so cute when you are jealous.”

“Cute? Kitten’s are cute.” I pouted.

“So food.”

Taking the food I prepared in on his desk as I scanned the papers. To think I wouldn’t be surprise anymore but I was, “You’re an architect?” I scanned the blue prints of designs on his desk.

Jack didn’t miss my shocking revelation. “More or less.” He spoke deeply. “This company I owned belonged once to my father.” His father? This is a first time he mentioned his father. I did always wondered what happened to his parents but I never asked. I’m sure he will tell me one day. “Just because I do other things in my spare time doesn’t mean I can’t do something legal.”

True. He couldn’t be doing something illegal and get all that money otherwise the feds will be on his case wondering where he is getting paid. “Besides this is the only thing left from my parents.” His expression fell.

“You know Jack if I hadn’t walked in on you and her would you have done anything to her?” I asked curiously trying to change the subject to anything.

“Maybe if you waited a little longer you would know.” He smugly smiled.

“Unless you want me to put a bullet in your knee caps I suggest you don’t play with me.” I snapped.

“Easy there baby. You are mine, and I am yours. No one is going to come in between that. I got you and I’m not going to let you go. Even if you push me away or you get irritated of me, well too bad because you are stuck with me. Besides Ms. Cravington is just another client. She is expanding her many hotel chains all over London.” He explained. I never known Jack to be this disgustingly sweet and painfully honest.

If he doesn’t smile which he rarely does he could kill you with one look. “Is that why you were all smiles with her?”

“Awe babe there is no reason for you to be jealous?” When I didn’t say anything he pulled back, “Relax babe. It is only business.” He pulled me in between his legs as he leaned back against his desk.

Business my ass, “Good because I like your knees.”

“What is with you a popping knee caps.” He chuckled.

“Dad. I couldn’t kill when he taught me so instead he told me to disarm them where they are immobilize and the knee caps are the next best thing.”

“Remind me not to get on your bad side.” He smiled of which he has being doing a lot lately. “What.”

“You smiled again.”

He looked at me bringing his smile into a frown, “I did not.” But failed when he grinned.

“I like it when you smile.”

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