The Body Guard

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Chapter 35-Trust Me


Silently whispers was heard in the background. Feeling around, the side of my bed remained empty as I had check the clock which read 1:10 am in the morning.

Jack was up and he was freshly dressed. His hair slick back with gel and his suit crisps.

“Where are you going this time of night?” My voice heavily spoke trying to wake me from my sleep.

“Business.” He replied with just one word.

It is always business. But this time of night. Usually he tries to have his business doing office hours but lately he has been going out same time as always.

And he has been extremely busy as of late. I get that he has other business to attend to other than being a top architect which requires his immediate attention. But even in his busiest days he never gone out this late. Only recently.

“Can’t it way till morning?” Jack smiled at me sitting by my side.

“I’m sorry baby but I have to take care of something.”

It is always something and when I had asked once he just laughed an said I was cute. I get the feeling he was hiding something.

“Jack are you cheating on me?” I know the signs. I read magazines. The signs of when your man is cheating on you. The coming home late, the excuses to leave, it is always work, sneaking out at night and the secretive phone calls and text.

“Why would you think that?” He didn’t deny it instead he kissed my forehead and stood up, “Go back to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Listening to him leave I laid in my bed a few good minutes. Well now I just can’t seem to go back to sleep. Him leaving like this always makes me worried. And this is not the first time I caught him leaving in the middle of the night.

Though he is still sweet and he still makes me feel love I can’t help but feel there is someone else.

Is he bored of me already. Because if he is I rather him tell me than cheat on me. At least it would hurt less.

Rising from my sleep I began scrolling through my phone looking at the pictures of us. You would never guess this one sweet man runs an illegal business. Sometimes though I wish he would fill me in. I could be of help. I may not be able to run but I am damn well good with a gun. He just never seen me use one properly yet.

And everyday he always showers me with kisses and pouts if I don’t say I love you for the day. How can a man who gives you flowers too coming home from work sway towards another women right? Unless it is guilt that is eating up inside.

“Argh.” Pulling at my hair which was longer was driving me insane. Maybe I should call him.

Dialing his number I waited but was directly sent to voicemail. I called a few more times until he disconnected the call.

Did he just dismiss me?

Throughout the day I couldn’t help think about Jack. And when I called his office his secretary had told me he was out to lunch with a client.

I couldn’t get a hold of him which is frustrating more. And this has being going on for weeks now. He wouldn’t even apologize to me for what he did wrong.

And the surprise I wanted to tell him was put on hold.

Last week I had found out I was pregnant and was excited to tell him when he came home late and was too tired to do anything. So my news kept getting put on hold. I wanted to wait for the perfect timing. But with him, there isn’t any perfect timing.

The only people who knows are Gerad, Alexis, and Ivy. I didn’t even bother to tell JJ. She might blab to Jack.

Taking a glance at my pregnancy stick, I was going to surprise him on his birthday next month. I thought it would be a great way to celebrate.

Calling his office again, he was still out. I’ll try his cell. It rang a few times before the call was answered, “Jack.”

Only labored breathing could be heard. “Jack are you there?”

“I’m sorry he is in the bathroom.” That is not Jack’s voice. A women?

“Why are you answering his phone?” I calmly asked until another sound could be heard, a crying noise.

The women on the other hand was speaking in hush tone seeming to calm what or whoever was crying. A baby? A child?

“What are you doing?” Then his voice was heard. “Why do you have my phone?” As much as I want to get angry at Jack I couldn’t because clearly he was angry at the woman for answering his calls.

Muffled sound could be heard until I heard his voice, “Baby?” He called out. He seemed calm for having a woman answer his phone. “Hello Baby are you there?”

“Uh, um yes Jack.” My voice shook a little.

“Baby what’s wrong?” How can I tell him what I am feeling. Insecurity was now creeping up my spine. He dare ask me when he is with another woman and her baby?

“Um, where are you?” Remained calm Jordan. You don’t know if he is cheating on you. That could be another client.

“In the office why?” He lied to me. How can he lie so easily. Should I tell him I just called his office and he wasn’t there.

Think Jordan. “I just want to know if you will be home for dinner.”

He didn’t say anything but clearly I heard the woman’s voice, “Don’t forget about tonight.” But I could tell Jack was trying to cover up the phone but I heard it.

“Actually baby I have work. I might be home late. But don’t forget to eat, take your medicine and go to bed early.” As sweet as he sounds, he almost sounds like he cares. Does he? He is with another woman. I want to yell at him, hell strangle him but I have no proof. I mean everyday he shows me that he loves me. That he would never take interest in another woman and yet here he is with a woman and her baby.

“Oh okay.”

Hanging up the phone, I didn’t wait for him to say I love you. I was pissed, angry. This month was suppose to be good. We were going to be a family. A baby, me and him. But now I wonder if he truly loves me.

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