The Body Guard

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Chapter 36-Secrets Unfold


“Jack, do you have to go?” Jack was busy packing his things on his two day business trip and I beg for him not to go especially when I am feeling like this but he says this is urgent.

“Baby it is only for two days, I promise to be back before you know it.” I was scared. I was scared I was loosing him.

I already lost my parents, my only family Maurice who not once thought of me as family and now Jack.

Silently I rubbed my belly which helps me calm down a bit.

Standing at the door he smiled at me pulling me close to him, “I’ll be back love.” He placed a lingering kiss on my lips. I don’t know why, I was never like this before, needy and clingy. Perhaps it’s the hormones in me but everything makes me cry and Jack couldn’t figure out why so when I heard he had to leave I bursts out into tears. Pregnancy sucks, It’s suppose to be a happy time but here I am always crying my eyes out. “You have Gerad and Tyrell to keep you company.”

As of late Gerad has been my bodyguard not that I need it. After all I can very much protect my own.

Closing the door, it was late morning and I had nothing to do. JJ is almost due thank goodness. She looks like a big blow fish. But I would never tell her that.

It has only been hours since Jack had left and he had promised me he would call me once he arrives. Not once though he has called me and I take it he already landed minutes ago.

He must be busy I thought. Hearing my phone ring I immediately answered, “Hello Jack.”

“JR.” Was downhearted though when it wasn’t him.

“Oh JJ.”

“Well don’t sound too excited.” She sobbed. She was crying!

“JJ what’s wrong?” I asked.

“It’s Ryan.” Ryan, her boyfriend?

“Why what happened?” Her breathing became erratic and it was hard for me to understand her. “JJ calm down please.”

“I...(sniff)...I was going to his house when I caught him with another woman.” She sniffed harder.

That bastard. JJ is almost due and if Jack finds out what Ryan did, he is sure to kill him. But hell I would like to get this first shot. “Where are you?”

“The park near his house.”

“Text me the address I’ll be there.”

Taking my gun JJ had texted me the address. I couldn’t wait for my driver so I chose a car from Jack’s collection and drove off. Just make sure not to dent it, I said to myself. Jack would be pissed if he knew I dented one of his beloved cars.

A few minutes later I had arrived and saw JJ at the swings crying her heart out. Putting my arms around her I consoled her, “Everything will be okay, JJ.”

“No, I love him. And we are having a baby.”

“Did he see you when you caught them?”

“No, I walked away as she was riding him.”

“Come on let’s go?”

“Where to?”

“To his house. If Jack finds out, he will kill him unless I get to him first.” I helped her up.

“You’re not going to kill him are you?”

“The thought did cross my mind but no. I don’t kill. But I will make sure he can’t used his manhood.” I chuckled at my devious plan.

JJ lead me to his house where she opened the door with a key that Ryan had given her.

It was quiet until we reach upstairs, his bed room. Muffled voices were heard on the other side. His voice and a woman’s laughter.

Slamming the door open Ryan looked at me before he caught sight of JJ trying to cover him and the woman up. Too late for that I thought.

“JJ, it’s not what it looks like baby. I can explain.”

JJ attempted to say something but I stop her. I would really like to hear his explanation. “Okay go ahead we are waiting.” I pulled out my gun waving it at them.

This scared the two. “You see, well she came on to me and...” The woman not only looked scared but angry at Ryan for probably blaming the situation on her.

“Did you push her off?” I growled.

“Well no... but...”

“Did you kick her out...”

“Um...I did not but...”

“Let me guess she fell on top of you naked as your dick accidentally fell inside her.” JJ added.

“Usually I would get mad at both parties but Ryan you are a grown ass man who can make grown ass decisions.” Turning to the lady, “Do you know this woman here is pregnant with his child.”

The woman looked at Ryan in shock, “Pregnant. You told me you would break up with her not that she is pregnant.”

“What?” JJ looked startled as soon she was now leaking. “JR I think my water broke.” She winced.

“What?” Ryan stumbled to his feet. “Is it time? I’m going to be a dad.” He yelled excitedly. If it was any other day I would have congratulated him but I didn’t.

As he proceeded to embrace JJ, I stop him pulling the trigger between his feet. “What the hell JR?”

“Do you really think I would let you come anywhere near JJ with your filthy hands.”

“But that’s my child.”

“You should have thought of that when you were dicking around. Now Ryan because I did like you I’m going to warn you. Disappear because when her brother finds out what you did, you won’t live to see another day.”

Ryan knew what I said was true. He knew what Jack was capable off and to think he betrayed his little sister. He just didn’t think.

“Come on JJ, I’ll get you to the hospital.” Looking at Ryan he looked conflicted. He was sorry that much I could see but he was in a bind whether to risk being with JJ or his life.

Guess he chose what he cares most of.

Rushing JJ to the hospital she was ready and about to give birth. Jack should know this. Dialing his phone he didn’t answer again. What is up with him lately?

I spent hours with JJ until her beautiful baby girl was born. Six pounds twelve ounces. She was perfect. I wonder if this is what I will feel like when mine is born?

“JR come meet Amber Saunders.”

“You’re naming him Saunders and not...”

“No, he doesn’t deserve to be in my child’s life. Did you call Jack?”

“Yes, he didn’t answer though, he is probably busy.” Right, busy my ass. He better have a damn good reason as to not answering my calls.

“I’m just going to head up to home JJ, but I’ll be right back.”

Leaving JJ, I headed home. I need a change of clothes and something for JJ and her daughter.

As I was about to open the door I was met with a beautiful older mature lady with a baby at her hips and it was a baby who looked to be about four or five years old. But then again I could be wrong.

The lady was beautiful, fair skin and legs that could go on for miles.

“Yes may I help you?”

“Actually is this the residence of Jack Saunders?” She smiled sweetly but I can’t help think that smiled held a different meaning.

And why was she looking for Jack? “Um..he is away at the moment but if you leave me your name I’d be sure to let him know you drop by.”

Her lips curled almost like it was plotting something. The baby then babbles as she bounces her up and down.

“Of course, tell him that Lily Cruz stopped by.”

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