The Body Guard

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Book Completed

My book is completed and it is on my site,

However due to many unsightly things that happened on my site, I’m sorry to say I will no longer be accepting new readers.

But if you wish to finish all or any of my stories please send me a message.

I know tedious right.

If you are asking why not put my completed stories on here, that’s because my story was once deleted which I had not saved a copy. Thankfully a very wonderfully reader of mine had it still on their end and was able to send me pics of my story of which I was able to re-type. Because of this I had made my site.

But also because I had many readers that didn’t take my site seriously I closed off my stories to the public. If you are already a member you sill have access. And for those who wants access just message me.

And to those who are already a member I will be doing a clean up. If you are inactive or you wish to send me a message.

For now enjoy =) And sorry for the inconvenience.

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