The Body Guard

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Chapter 4-Princess Heiress


Upon returning all eyes were solely on me once again while I quietly made my way to Maurice trying to at least be interested in what ever they were discussing.

Finally, after about two hours some of the men had left leaving this man with the cold piercing gaze talking to Maurice.

I had kept my distance trying to mind my own business when a preppy voice bounce her way in, “Jack.” The same girl from the bathroom, JJ swung her arms around the man.

She didn’t show the least bit scared as I was trying not to quiver in my shoes. “JJ.” His voice and eyes had soften which had me shock. So he can show other emotions. She must be somewhat important to him.

“And who is this lovely young lady?” Maurice pipped in.

The man’s expression had harden once again as he introduce her as his younger sister.

“JR.” JJ beamed at me throwing her arms around me, “You are still here.” As if on instinct I held her and my eyes accidentally met her brother’s cold callous stare while the man who had escorted me the bathroom looked scared shitless. I didn’t miss the murderous glare he was giving me and at that moment I felt like I wanted the earth to swallow me whole.

Gently pushing JJ away, I stepped a few feet back.

“You know each other?” Her brother spoke up.

“Jack, we met...” JJ paused before looking at me, then her brother whose name I now know of as Jack and towards the other man who kept silent, “We go to college together.” She smiled, she smiled and lied.

Jack looked at me asking me for the truth, gulping I slowly nodded my head when I felt JJ nudge me. This woman here is going to get me killed.

Maurice on the other hand was smirking like he found the scene before him amusing.

“So Mr. Saunders, are we too meet tomorrow?”

Without taking his cold gaze off of me he only nodded.

“Good Good.” Maurice gave Jack a handshake then started to make his way out while I was still frozen and finding it very hard to breath.

“JR!” Maurice yelled bringing me out of my trance, “Let’s go.”

I wanted to go, hell I wanted to run out of here but my dad always told me never turn your back on the enemy or something like that. I just felt like my life had just shortened.

Slowly turning my back, I all of a sudden felt cold but was glad to be out of there.

Once we had reach home, I was tired.

“Sir.” I called Maurice. “Must I dress like this?”

Maurice only looked at me skeptically. “People are starting to wonder about my sexuality.” It’s true everywhere I go, it’s not like I am hiding my gender its just I miss wearing dresses and high heels and doing makeup.

“You will dressed and act less than a girl. If people know I have a girl guarding me I would be the laughing stock in this organization is that clear? No one and I mean no one is to know of your true self.”


“No, put your acting skills to good used otherwise you should know the consequences.”


Laying in bed it was almost eleven at night when my cell phone rang. “Hello.” I answered lazily only for two loud voices screaming.

“Oh my god, JR where the hell have you been.” I smiled at one of my good friends Ivy.

“Come down here to Heaven, this shit is banging.” My other good friend Alexis screamed. They were sisters and my closest friends.

“I can’t.” I tiredly responded. Maurice wouldn’t let me go even if I ask.

“Oh, come we are your friends you owe us besides everyone is here basically.” Heaven is a night club where we hung out often. We would get wasted and see how many phone numbers we would end up with at the end of the night.


“No, if you don’t come we will come get you.”

Alexis has always been persistent and she always does things as she says. “Fine, be there in twenty minutes.”

After hanging up I took a quick shower and went through my closet. Ever since living with Maurice I didn’t have time to get a new wardrobe. Luckily I had a few dresses I saved up from home.

Putting on the last touches of make up and strapping on my heels I called for a cab. I can’t take the car because if Maurice knew he’d kill me for sure.

Sneaking out, I was thankful everyone here was asleep.

“You made it.” Alexis hugged me and I hugged back. I had miss my friends. “You cut your hair.”

I only nodded. “It looks nice on you. Short hair does you well.” I did look nice with my boyish cut hair but I did miss my long hair. At least combing it won’t be a problem.

“Damn girl you are smoking tonight.” Ivy hugged me next, “Um JR what the hell is that.” She kneed me lightly feeling my gun between my legs.

I made it so every time I go out I always carry it with me. “Nothing, now come on I need a drink.” I did notice a few people from my college days were here but I never made it a point to get to know any of them. At that time I didn’t bother making new friends. I just needed these two ladies right here.

The night was young and we drank and partied. For tonight I didn’t think about the mess I was in. I was just being a 26 year old girl trying to live her life as best as she can.

“Hey is this seat taken?” As I was sitting at the bar stool, this tall dark and gorgeous man decided to sit next to me. And if I had something in my mouth I’m sure what ever it would be would be splattered all over the floor.

“” I muttered.

“Can I buy the pretty lady a drink?”

“Now who could pass up a free drink.”

I don’t know where Ivy or Alexis was but I was enjoying myself with this man’s company and I still don’t know his name.

My head all of a sudden fell onto his shoulders. “Woah there, you okay?”

“I’m fine.” I slurred.

“I think you had too much to drink.” Getting up he help me off my seat too where I fell into his arms.

“Really I’m fine.” I stumbled back and forth.

“No you are not, come here.” Taking my hand, he lead me to the back of the club and before I knew it his hands were all over me.

“Stop.” I softly whispered with a moan as his lips reach my skin.

“Oh come on baby, you know you want this.” I was officially wasted. I couldn’t think straight but I must admit this felt nice. I can’t remember when was the last time I had kissed a boy.

“Get off of her.” A hand pulled me away from this tall dark and gorgeous man.


“Look we were just having fun.”

Alexis then punched him, “She’s drunk you bastard.” Pulling me away, “JR we are so sorry we left you.”

“It’s fine now let’s dance. I haven’t dance all night.” With the help of my two friends we had dance the night away.

I don’t even care if I was now embarrassing myself. We yelled we screamed, we got hit on and we flirted back too and this made me forget.

It made me forget that I didn’t even realized my phone was ringing.

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