The Body Guard

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Chapter 5-Know Your Enemies


“JR is that you?” Still dancing I felt a tap on my shoulder when I turned around and saw her. I don’t even know it is her. The lightening here wasn’t exactly that good.

“Juliana.” I gasped in shocked.

“It’s JJ.” She looked me up and down. “You look much better.” She hooked her arms in mine.

“JR, who is this.” Ivy asked.

And so I had introduced all of them and gave Juliana or JJ a pleading look not to say anything about what she knows.

Ivy and Alexis maybe my friends but I hadn’t told them about my day job.

“Do you mind if I borrow JR for a minute?” JJ pleaded.

Following JJ we sat at one of the stools while we ordered drinks well more drinks for me. My coordination is still wobbly but I think I can manage.

I probably won’t remember anything by tomorrow anyway. “So what’ s up?”

“This, you. You look pretty in a dress.” JJ complimented. I was shock because when I first saw her she looked stuck up and snobby but she is quiet the opposite.

She began talking about random things as we drank and surprisingly she understood me considering I was now fumbling with my words. But I mostly just listened to her. I wasn’t much of a talker especially when I’m this drunk.

“Give me your phone.” Handing her my phone she gave it back a few seconds later, “I put in my number so you can call me anytime.” She winked. “And about my brother sorry about him.”

I shrugged almost forgetting she was the sister of that terror. “So why were you dress like a boy?” It was a question I was trying to avoid.

“I felt like it.”

“Oh cause my brother forbid me to hang out with you more like threatened.” My mouth was a gap. They were talking about me. “When I had told him we were just college classmates.”

“You didn’t, I mean...I graduated college a long time ago.”

“No I did not tell him about you, why would I tell him anything when he refuses to tell me anything himself. In my opinion he doesn’t deserve the truth.” She chuckled grimly.


JJ just kept silent before speaking up, “My brother just needs to loosen up. You know he wasn’t always like this but ever since her.” Her voice became hard as ice. “She did this to him. If I get my hands on her I wi...” Looking back at me she laughed like she was telling a joke.

I took another sip of my drink not wanting to get involve in some weird relationship.

“Anyway why are you pretending to be a guy?”

“I wasn’t pretending. It’s not my fault they assumed I was a guy.” I lowered my eyes scoffing at how I was perceived. Can’t those people tell I was a girl.

“But you didn’t clarify it.”

“Why should I? Hell I didn’t even know I was let alone looked like a guy. Hello, I entered the ladies restroom.”

“Point taken.” She chuckled.

“So what are we going to do now?” Alexis and Ivy came up to us with drinks in their hands.

“Let’s go nature riding.” Ivy screamed.

“Nature riding?” JJ raised her head towards us.

“Well it’s where we go driving around the city.” Ivy smiled.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, we are all drunk.” JJ stated a fact.

Ivy only pouted, “Party pooper.”

Again my phone was ringing, “Are you going to get that?” All night my phone was ringing off the hook but I had refuse to answer. To scared at who might be at the other end unfortunately I took a glance.

Looking at my caller ID it showed Maurice. Holy fuck I’m screwed. “Sorry I got to go.” I abruptly stood up tripping over my own two feet.

“I’ll give you a ride.” JJ offered.

“No, you guys have fun, I’ll take a cab.”

Rushing out of there I quickly hailed a cab dreading to go home.

Slowly creeping inside the lights flared on revealing a very pissed of Maurice, “Where the fuck have you been?”

I attempted to stand up straight but failed when I lost my balance. “Are you fucking drunk?”

Hiccuping I nodded my head, “It’s fucking four in the morning and we have to meet Saunders in two hours across town. You better not mess this up or you’re fucking dead you hear me. Now go wash up and get dress.”

Doing as he says I clumsily washed up and it took me thirty minutes just to get my suit on. Fuck I needed coffee but Maurice would probably leave straight away.

My vision was still distorted and my coordination was all over the place, and since it’s a long drive I can sleep in the car. That’s what I need sleep. Now all I need is sunglasses to hide my damn eyes that was now full on red.

The sun had risen early as I was trailing behind a few men trying not to fall over.

“Sir, are you okay?” The man who was trailing next to me asked.

“And you are?” I made sure I would keep my sentences short and straight.

“Brad Murry.” He answered.

I thought I could sleep in the car but Maurice kept talking my ears off asking me questions and so here I am dead tired while Jack Saunders kept walking at a fast pace. Can’t he see I have short legs so why must he take long strides.

Damn tall people.

We were also followed by armed men with big guns. And here I am with just a small hand gun. Men and their big guns as always.

Jack had lead us to a room full of weapons as he explains in detail. I still by the way don’t know what they do. And Frankly I don’t care. Everything here seemed so secretive. Even the room’s had locks and codes.

We were now walking towards the main floor when all of a sudden loud noises could be heard. It was like a car had popped his tires and everyone here were ducking down.

Brad had pulled me down along with him trying to take cover. “What is going on?” I yelled through the loud noises.

“We are under attack.” He yelled back.

Peaking around the corner bullets were flying everywhere as Brad fires back.

My eyes widen as my mind start to remember things that I wish I had forgotten.

“JR!” Maurice yelled. “What the fuck are you doing just dazing off for.” Looking around Brad was no longer by my side and the men had moved forward. Dead bodies were falling to the ground as I try to cover my ears praying silently to myself.

Suddenly my head whipped to the side as Maurice had slap me, “This is your job...”


“No, you are to protect Jack Saunders.”

“What about you?” My job was to protect Maurice here.

“Never mind about me, I’ll go and hide while you find Mr. Saunders. Think about it, if you protect him then I will gain his trust.” Pushing me aside, I watch him run like he was on fire. I have never seen him run so fast.

Looking around I had spotted Mr. Jack Saunders who was also firing back from behind a car.

With my small gun in my hand I ran towards the next wall and fall at the same time. I was tripping over some dead bodies trying not to get shot. I could feel my heart beating hard against my chest.

Jack was only a few feet away when I ran, I literally bumped into his back causing him to turn towards me.

My sun glass that I was wearing fell and cracked as I gazed intently into him. “Are you fucking high?” He glared at me harshly.

I didn’t have time to answer, just as bullet’s came flying I pushed his head out of the way while holding my gun straight out, I all of a sudden felt the weight of the gun as it becomes heavier. My hands trembling. I tried to stop the shakes but it was useless. Shots could be heard but my focus was on the gun that was in my hand. With my eyes close tight I shot fired. I don’t even know if I was shooting at anyone.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I felt a tug on my shoulder making me gazed into his cold orbs once again. He wasn’t just pissed, he was furious as I was all of a sudden pushed and found myself on the ground. My shoulders burning in sheer pain. I may have fired a gun before but never been shot before.

I couldn’t even comprehend what was going on as I attempted to get back up on my feet.

My eyes never leaving Jack as he shot fired back. “Get the fuck out of here!” He yelled furiously at me.

I however stood rooted at my place, my hands covering my ears from all the loud noises. My vision was starting to blur as blood seeped out from my shoulder. Leaning against the car panting all I did was wait until all the noises stop.

Why the hell am I here to begin with? My job is to protect Maurice but how can I when I can’t even protect myself. And now I’m suppose to protect this man who clearly don’t need any protection.

Jack then pulled me aside, “Just don’t get in my fucking way.” He rudely replied.

Instead of being rude to me he should at least thank me. If it weren’t for me he would have had two bullet holes in his head.

I sat there in pain trying to apply pressure to my shoulder while watching him fire bullet after bullet while I was just basically loosing blood. Hell I didn’t even have time to cry. Frankly I was more scared then just feeling the pain.

Crawling around the car I closed my eyes, grip the gun and shot fired. Apparently I had miss, I never miss. I always had hit my target but here I am shaking in fear. Are they even our enemies? Hell, I don’t even know who I am fighting. My father always said know your enemies.

Slowly the gun fire were ceasing down. I could feel sweat beginning to trickle down my face. I would do anything for a cold bubble bath right about now as the pain and my shoulder started to burn. The tears threaten to spill out but I kept them at bay. I don’t know how well though because I wanted to cry right here and now but these men would just mock me some more so instead I bite my tongue back hoping the pain would eventually go away. It didn’t.

Jack’s men stood up from their hiding place making sure the coast is clear while I just sat on the floor and someone now looming over me. “Stand.” The voice ordered me.

Really can’t he at least help me up or at least ask me nicely. When I made no attempt to stand he knelt down before me taking my chin and moving my head side to side, “Speak.”

What am I a dog? “Why?” I blinked my tears away.

Lifting his nose he smelt me, “You came here fucking drunk!” His deadly tone had caught me off guard.

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