The Body Guard

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Chapter 6-Failure


“What the hell is the meaning of this Maurice?” Jack fumes, “I’m running a god damn business not a daycare.”

“Hey I save your god damn life you asshole.”

Everyone gasps in fear. Who the hell does he think he is?

“And you almost gotten your fucking ass killed and to top it off, you killed one of my men. Hell you could have gotten more of my men killed coming here drunk as hell.”

“For your information I wasn’t that drunk. Clearly I was able to use a gun.” I retaliated.

“Oh yeah, and where did that fucking left you? With a fucking bullet in your fucking shoulder. And to make matters worse, you fired with your eyes close.”

“Oh cry me a river. I’ll live. Besides if it wasn’t for me you would have two bullet holes in your empty head.”

“JR enough!”

“NO! I will not quite down, I have only known him for a day or so and his men have been judging me.” I know I have killed one of his men but it was an accident. I didn’t mean to kill him.

Jack was gripping his gun as he raised it and pointed towards my head, “Boss.” Brad chirps.

“No one in this life time will ever disrespect me.” He snarls.

I was now shaking maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.

“Boss, he did save your life.” Brad intervenes again.

But Jack-ass here isn’t even lowering his gun. “I don’t give two flying fucks what this tiny fucker here has done, he could have jeopardize our operation coming here wasted.”

Hearing he cocked his gun, I instantly closed my eyes waiting for my untimely death. Perhaps it is better this way.

Seconds pass and slowly I peaked, Jack just stood there glaring at me as he lowered his gun. “What Brad said was true so now we are even.”

“Ev...” I wanted to yell but was pulled back by Brad who clammed my mouth shut. How dare he say we are even. I saved his life.

Instead he had raised the gun at Maurice who quivered in his shoes, “Mr. Saunders, what is the meaning of this?”

“You brought him here, an unqualified guard so you should take responsibility.”

Maurice took one look my way glaring at me. “Unfortunately I need your weapons.” Jack states lowering his gun as he raised his fist to punch him. I, inadvertently intervene receiving a very harsh blow to my whole face. I feel to my knees, my eyes were burning in hot flames.

I may have been shot before but this is nothing compared to his fist. Do not cry, do not cry. I chanted. I think he broke my face.

Instantly I felt Brad by my side forcefully hoisting me up.

“Leave him Brad. If he can’t take a punch then he is not qualified to be here.”

I didn’t care what he said, I didn’t care if they continue to mock me. What I care was my face and how painful it still feels.

I was now tasting my own blood, it tasted of metal and iron.

Jack didn’t even spare a second glance at me, instead he had turned his back and started walking in the opposite direction with both hands in his pockets.

“I should kill the both of you.” He spoke grimly as he made his way out followed by his men and Brad.

Maurice and I stood there as I felt his hand slap me. Yup my face is totally bruised because that slap hurt twice as much.

“I gave you one job, one fucking job and you fucked it up. Why the hell do you have a gun if you don’t even know how to use it.”

Arriving home I walked with my tail between my legs. Sure I may have messed up tonight but it I was caught off guard. I don’t want to do this anymore. Hell no one even cared about my damn shoulder. Luckily I don’t think it hit any vital parts otherwise I would be bleeding to death.

“Clean yourself up.”

Heading to my room I stripped off my clothes to inspect the would in my shoulders. Father had taught me how to stitch up a would and clean one too. He would often come home with wounds such as myself today and I would watched mom stitch him up.

Eventually dad had made me stitch him up.

Taking out my first aid kid I sat in front of the mirror. Step one, remove the bullet. With a tweazer I made sure to sanitize it by burning it in flame.

Fuck this fucking hurts. I screamed in my head while trying to pry the bullet out. How did dad never manage to scream is beyond me. Maybe I can stitch it up and leave the bullet in.

“Dear.” One of Maurice’s maid knocked on my door.

“Come in.”

She came in Glenda. She was a nice lady who welcomed me with open arms. “Oh my dear, what happened?”

I was now full on crying, “It hurts Glenda. Everything hurts.”

“Oh child,” she sat next to me taking the things out of my hand. “Let me. This may hurt a bit but I want you to hold that scream in.”

Nodding my hand she proceeded to take the bullet out while I try not to bite my tongue. I’m just surprise I didn’t pass out from the sheer pain I was in.

“All done.” After a few minutes she had stitch me up quickly. “Oh, honey I’m used to this, now get some rest.” Glenda took my bloody clothes out while I changed carefully because every time I move my arm it hurts, it fucking hurts.

All I want know is to sleep. “Dear.” Glenda appeared by my bed side before I slept, while placing a cool cloth over my face. She looked at me in pity but didn’t say anything. “This is for your face.” I smiled while I place my head on her lap. She had soothed me by patting my back and my head. Her voice was relaxing as she was softly singing.

Everything that has happened to me, the pain that I am in, this isn’t the life I had wanted. Hell my father never taught me any of these. But for right now I was tired, damn I was just tired and hopes tomorrow will be another better day.

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