The Body Guard

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Chapter 7-Pleas


Standing underneath the shower I made sure to lather up my whole body as I flexed my muscle just feeling the warmth.

It was just a tiring and stressful day. What made it more stressful is that damn bodyguard of Maurice. How dare he bring an incompetent guard to my warehouse.

To top it off he killed one of my men. Where the fuck did he learn to shoot? If I didn’t need Maurice’s weapons I would have killed both of them on the spot.

What’s more surprising was that even though that damn shit face was drunk and shot in the shoulder he still shield Maurice from my blow.

Ever since George had died I can’t very well loose Maurice seeing he controls George’s assets and I still never found out who had killed his whole family. I made it a point to find out who murdered them. Out of all of my men George was the one I had trusted the most. Unfortunately some decided to take his life. I would understand why George was killed but his whole family.

And seeing Maurice has no heirs he has to be protected because if he dies so does his supplies and connections.

Drying myself up with a towel, I wrapped it around my neck while walking out to find two sexy blond waiting for me half naked.

I had called them a while ago and will be paid generously for their service.

“Well hello their handsome.” The first blond greeted me seductively.

This is what it is all about. The ladies and what they could do for me.

The other blond pulled and tugged on my towel as it fell to the floor, “Yummy.” She licked her lips before dropping to her knees and engulfing me on the spot.

Fuck this is what I needed, some stress reliever. The other blond stood next to me, and kissing me firmly while I gently massage her breast.

“Does this feel good?” The blond who was below me stopped to ask.

“Shut up and fucking suck.” I ordered. I never did had to pay for services before. It’s just that if I attempt to find a woman from a club or a bar, all they want is a long time commitment. I could care less.

I tried that and look where that got me. Obsessing over a women who betrayed me in the first place. And what is worse with my best friend. Thankfully I buried that friend in my personal cemetery along with the many bodies that were there.

“Fuck.” I pushed the blond’s head further into me making sure she gags which she did. As I blew into her mouth I held her there listening to her choke. “Swallow.”

Doing as I say both blond sat on me while I just laid there. With a condom I had put on, one blond was now riding my dick hard while the other was just playing with herself.

I know I should learn their names but they will be gone soon enough.

After our hot fucking, I watch both blond make themselves more comfortable while I put on my pants, “What the hell are you both doing?”

“Getting ready for bed.”

“Highly unlikely.” Taking my money I threw a couple hundreds to each of them, “Now take your money and go.”


“Did you fucking hear me, I said get the fuck out!”

Both of them shook in fear as they collected their things and money and hurriedly rushed out the door.

I don’t need someone clinging, or waking up to a women in my bed. That is all that women are used for anyway, a good fucking. They are nothing but whores who only know how to open their legs.

Picking up my phone I dialed his number, “Mr. Saunders what brings you to call me this late at night.”

“Maurice let’s meet.”

“Okay.” He agreed not minding what time it was.

“I’ll text you the address and leave the bodyguard at home.”

“I always bring him around.” He nervously chuckles.

“If you are afraid of someone coming after you, I’ll have one of my men pick you up.” I didn’t wait for him to reply before hanging up.

Getting dress I sent Brad to pick him up and now I was sitting at a small diner with Maurice who sat across from me.

“I’ll cut to the chase, get rid of your bodyguard.”

Maurice had a shocking look on his face, “Why?”

“Why, how can he protect you if he can’t even protect himself.” Not that I care about him, but this is just business. It will be a big loss if something terrible happens to Maurice.

“I can assure you Mr. Saunders, JR can do his job.”

“Clearly after last night I highly doubt that.”

“Mr. Saunders I know JR. He will not let no harm come to me.”

“Do you not hear yourself Maurice.” I slammed my fist on the table. “Your bodyguard could have gotten yourself killed forgetting the fact he killed one of my men.”

“I didn’t know you cared.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? I care about my business. If it weren’t for your supplies I would have terminated you along time ago along with your bodyguard. Now I will send a competent men to protect you in his stead.”

“With all due respect Mr. Saunders JR is well capable of doing his job. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get home.”

I could only gawk at him at his rejection. Does he honestly think that his men can protect him let alone kill anyone with that toy gun of his. If he wasn’t that important I would have done away with him a long time ago. I’ll let this slide just one time.

“Fine, but if he gets shot I can promise you I’ll be the one to pull the trigger if anything goes wrong and you will be at the end of my barrel.” I threaten. Maurice only smiled at me.

“I will make a note of that.” Not only is he cocky but this man before me is arrogant. He seems so sure and puts his faith into that boy of his.

Standing up I made my way out heading back to my home. Falling onto bed after removing my shirt and leaving on just my boxers, I hugged my pillow. This is the second best thing I need after all the problems, after all the kills, after a good fucking.

Slowing closing my eyes, “Jack, honey, be a good boy for mummy and daddy.” Her voice rang in my ears.

“Son, I am so proud of you.” His voice also rang into my ears.

If only they could see me now, would they still be proud of me? “I’m sorry.” A lone tear fell from my eyes, “It’s my fault. I’m sorry.” I pleaded knowing they could never hear my pleas.

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