The Body Guard

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Chapter 8-A Friend in Need


Besides being his personal slave, I have been doing odd ends for Maurice. Every where he went I was with him.

Though other than Jack Saunders, he has met with his other potential buyers. I was in charge of transporting weapons making sure to find a safe possible route away from all the police check points.

It wasn’t that hard when I had downloaded an app on my phone letting me know of an impending check point.

Over time my shoulder has healed but if I carry things that are way too heavy or too much it starts to burn. And my face, it isn’t that blue anymore. Thank goodness.

Sitting at home I made sure all the doors were lock. Made sure the security guards here are not sleeping.

Until I felt my pants vibrate. Looking at my caller ID it read JJ. I hesitated before I answered the call.


“JR.” She screamed making me hold the phone back. “Come out with me.” She pleaded.

“As much as I would love too I can’t. I have a job to do.” It wasn’t even eight at night but she sounded a bit drunk.

“Please I want you to meet someone.”

When I didn’t say anything she continued, “Tell your boss that Jack Saunders sister wants you to escort me.” I chuckled knowing she is using his brother’s name to get what she wants.

“Okay.” Setting the phone aside I knocked on Maurice’s door.

“Go away I’m busy.” His voice muffled. I knocked again.

Opening the door angrily he looked up at me, “JR, you know better than to disturb me.”

“Mr. Saunders sister wants to hang out with me?”

Once I had mentioned Jack’s name, his eyes had twinkled. “Mr. Saunders litter sister. This is good, very good.” He mumbled silently to himself before turning towards me, “Do as she says.”

“Pardon?” I was taken back by his answer.

“You heard me. Hang out with her. She will be my ticket to earning that arrogant fool’s trust.”

I smiled bitterly at him and headed back to my room picking up my cell once again, “JJ. Sure where shall we meet?”

“At this hotel. I’ll text you the address.”

I was in front of a room where I had knocked only to be answered by a guy half naked.

“Sorry I think I got the wrong room.”

“JR right?” The man spoke, “No you got the right room.” Following him inside I was met with JJ, a very naked JJ.

“JR you made it.” She beamed excitedly.

“I thought you wanted to hang out not ask me to watch you have sex.”

Getting up with the blanket wrap around her, “Actually I just need you here please. My brother will come here any minute and I...”

“You want me to protect you.”

“Well,” She nodded her head timidly.

“No, hell no, I’m outta here.”

Turning around I felt her pull on my arm begging, “Please, Jack doesn’t like any of my boyfriends and...”

“He doesn’t like me too.”

“But I heard that you protected the way hows the shoulder and face?”

“Your brother hates my guts and if I am seen caught with you he would do more than just put bullets all over me...”


Just then a loud knock was heard, “JJ, open the fucking door right now!”

At the sound of his voice I trembled in fear. “Hide.” I ordered JJ’s boyfriend as I watch him hide in the shower.

With JJ half naked, we are screwed. Well more like me as JJ was his sister so he couldn’t do anything but punish her. As for me, my life means nothing to him. “Where are your clothes?” JJ pointed as I entered the bathroom, “Quickly put something on and open the door.” Closing the bathroom door I listened for JJ open the door.

“Where the hell is he JJ?”

“Where is who?” She stuttered.

“Don’t play fucking dumb, the boy you are hiding?”

I was literally shitting my pants right now as I began to prepare myself.

“What are you doing?” The boy in the shower ask confused.

“Shut up and just be quite.” I closed the curtain so he wasn’t shown.

Suddenly the bathroom door flew open I stared at the man before me just gawking and staring probably too shock to see me here.

He didn’t even say a word only stared.

“Excuse me.” I snapped trying to hold the towel around my upper body while another towel was wrapped around my head. Yes I had strip naked throwing my clothes in the shower with the boy.

“Hello.” I snapped my fingers at Jack only for him to finally blink his eyes.

“Who the fuck are you?” He growled.

“I’m JJ’s friend.” My voice reaching a higher octave than normal.

Not once had he taken his eyes away from me as I felt tiny under his scrutinizing gaze.

“Jack.” JJ came barreling in when she realized the state I was in.

“Why the hell are you naked?” Jack ignored JJ.

“I was about to hop in the shower before I was rudely interrupted.” I may have sounded a bit cocky but it was to hide the fact I was scared shitless.

Jack looked between me and JJ, his jaw clenching not liking the attitude I was giving him. Well what do you expect with Tarzan here barged in unannounced.

“Are you an item?” He asked calmly probably wondering what his sister is doing with someone like me.

“Jack are you insane...”

“The who the hell are you?” Once again he looked at me menacingly.

“J..Jordan.” I gulped. “Now could you stop staring.” Not once has he looked away.

Jack then smirk, “Why, there is nothing to see. Not my type really, flat as a bored.” Did he just insult me after insult. I had it in my right mind to slap him but I didn’t. He’d probably pull out his gun before I even get close.

Not another word I watch then waited until Jack was completely gone and out of site.

The boy in the shower came out all shaken up.

“JR.” JJ squealed before throwing her arms around me, “Thank you.”

“Um, yes thank you.” The boy rubbed the back of his neck, “I’m Ryan.” He introduce as he stared at the towel I kept holding up.

“Ryan,” JJ lightly hit him, “Stop staring.”

“It’s just I can’t believe he is a she. Earlier when I opened the door you looked like a boy. But looking at you clearly I wanted to make sure.”

Looking away I picked up my clothes, “Yeah well apparently I’m more of a boy than I thought.” The words of what Jack had said earlier was now haunting me. Was I really not his type? Not that he is my type but to insult me in my sexuality I admit had hurt a bit.

“Don’t listen to my brother, you are pretty.”

“Yeah, you are anything but flat.” Ryan added while looking away.

“Hey are you hitting on my friend here?”

“Why is someone jealous. Don’t worry babe I only have eyes for you.”

As sweet as that sounds I wanted to jab my eyes with a tooth brush as they kiss in front of me slobbering all over each other. Sure kisses are normal but not when it’s in front of me. “If you both can take it to the bed room so that I can get dress.”

JJ smiled before guiding Ryan into the bedroom closing the door behind them.

Putting on the last of my clothes my hand on the door knob when loud moans filled the room and words that wants to make me plug up my ears.

Great, just great. I came all this way to listen to this. Leaning against the door I slid down bringing my knees closer to my chest just waiting.

When I had said take it to the bed room I didn’t mean for them to have sex when I’m here. Couldn’t they wait till I left.

Just great, fuck my life.

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