The Body Guard

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Chapter 9-Feared


“So I heard you and that little brat is getting alone well?” I watch Maurice as he shoves a piece of stake in his mouth while I just stand idle by the door. I wasn’t allowed to sit down nor have dinner at the dinning table.

In fact I wasn’t allowed to pretty much do anything without his permission.

“Yes sir.” I nodded curtly.

“Good good, keep it up, there maybe a bonus for you?”

A bonus? A bonus in what I wonder? Certainly not money because I’m not even getting paid. I was just lucky enough to get a roof over my head and something to eat.

“And tomorrow, we are meeting with Mr. Saunders.”

Jack? I haven’t seen him since our last in counter when he had punched me and called me an unqualified bodyguard. Sure Maurice had meetings in his bored room but he wasn’t present at the time. It was just an intercom where only his voice was heard.

“Actually sir, Mr. Saunders litter sister had asked me to go shopping with her?” Maurice looked at me blankly. He knew I hated shopping and yet here I was asking for his permission. I usually had people do the shopping for me at one point. I did however promise JJ I’d go with her.

“And who will protect me while you are away?”

“I’ll have Gerad take my place. He is very capable of such things.” I should know. I trained him.

Maurice pushed his peas aside seeming to think could someone else ever take my place. I shuttered at the thought.

“Very well. This is your chance to further your relationship with that little brat. Put in a good word for me and hopefully Mr. Saunders would triple my pay.

Rolling my eyes I smiled grimly.

“JJ, why do you have so many bags with you, and...” I peaked into one of the bags, “Why is it all baby things?”

JJ chuckled at my observation while I try manage to hold as many bags as I can. When she had invited me to go shopping, I didn’t expect her to make me carry her bags let alone buy the entire babies clothing line. “Sorry JR are they too much? I’m just not used to carrying my own bags.” And I thought I was spoiled once before.

“No, it’s fine.” I didn’t mind as long as she didn’t go clothes shopping herself.

“JR over there.” She pointed to a clothing line for both men and women. I stand corrected.

Dragging me in there she jump excitedly at their new collection. “Pick something out JR, my treat.”

“Oh, JJ. I can’t. This is a very expensive store and...”

“None sense.” When I had refused to move she looked at me with a grin, “Fine, if you do not pick something out I’ll just tell my brother you and I are in a relationship.”

I was shock at what she just said. Does my life not mean anything to her. I shudder to think what Jack would do should he think JJ and I were in a relationship.

If I had thought JJ was sweet and nice before well she is just like his brother. Cold and conniving.

“Your brother hates me.”

“All the more reason to pick out your clothes.”

Rolling my eyes I carried the bags to the nearest clothes line. “JR what are you doing?”

“Picking out clothes.” I was going for the sales rack when she dragged me to the other side of the store.

“That is for men, you my friend are a lady.” Oh so now I am her friend. Not too long ago I was just someone she could easily throw underneath a bus.

Picking out an outfit, “Are you sure you like that one?” She asked me.

“Of course it is simple.”

“Don’t you want to at least try it out.”

“No, I know my body and this should fit me.”

“Okay.” Taking the clothes out of my hands she paid while I waited till she was back giving me another bag to carry.

We were now both walking as JJ had grown quiet. All day today I get the feeling she wanted to tell me something but didn’t know how.

“JJ, spill what ever you have to say.”

“Um, the reason why I bought all these baby clothes is because I think I’m pregnant.”

My mouth literally drop open. “Pregnant!” I repeated. “Are you even sure?”

“Well I haven’t been feeling very well lately and I missed my period.” This is bad I thought. I may not know Jack for too long but something tells me he wouldn’t take this news sitting down. Once he finds out his little sister is knocked up all hell will break loose.

“Come on let’s buy a pregnancy test.”

So we were now at one of her own penthouse where we both were waiting for the results to come in. “What does the box say?”

“It says wait for five minutes.” She replied anxiously. How can five minutes seem like hours.

Finally my alarm went off. “Aren’t you going to see?”

“No, I’m scared, JR can you do it for me?”

Sighing I went to the bathroom and shook in fear. “Well?”

“Double lines?” What the hell is double lines? Looking at the box, “It says you’re pregnant.”

JJ’s faced had suddenly drained of all color. She knew what this means.

“Is it the boy from last time, um...Ryan.”

She didn’t even have to answer me to know what I said was true. “Oh my god what am I going to do?” She panic. “Jack is going to kill him?”

“Him, you mean Ryan.”

JJ nodded her head. “But he doesn’t know Ryan remember.”

“You don’t know my brother. My last boyfriend he killed him. He thinks I don’t know but I know he did.” She was now shaking.

“Well you have to tell him because eventually you will start to show.”

“Not if I get rid of it first.”

“What? NO, you can’t it’s a baby. And shouldn’t you tell the baby’s father? Shouldn’t he decide too?”

“You don’t understand what my brother is capable off. JR he would, he would...” She was sobbing hysterically and I couldn’t help but comfort her.

If she thinks abortion is the way I would support her either way but not because I thought it was the right thing to do. It’s because I will convince her otherwise and if she still think it is the only way then I will be just a friend.

“JJ, having a baby is a blessing. Please think it over before you do anything. Who knows maybe having a baby around will soften the old fart.”

JJ however didn’t look convince by my answer. She rather look like a crazed person who would do anything from letting her brother know that his litter sister isn’t so innocence.

“Come with me JR tomorrow.” She latch herself to my side only for me to pull back.

“To where?”

“The doctors please.”

“So you are going through with it?”

“I know I don’t agree on ending the life that was brought into this word but my brother will end Ryan’s life.”

“JJ, not too long ago you were buying baby clothes...”

“That’s because the idea of me being pregnant had excited me. It would be from the one I love but now that I am, I am scared shitless.”

If she is scared well I am terrified. If Jack finds out and he finds out that I had known I can only imagine what he would do to me. JJ is lucky she is his sister.

“Tomorrow, let’s go doctor tomorrow.” JJ heaved.

Let’s just hope Jack won’t find out.

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