Theirs Book 3

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I was becoming irritated.

I hadn't had sex in what felt like forever, and I also couldn't seem to find DeQuincy anywhere. Double frustration. I decided to go for a jog, see if it helped. Probably not, but fuck it. I plugged my earphones into my phone and put my spotify on shuffle and left the house. I began to jog to the beat of The Killers as I felt my body relax slightly. Suddenly the music cut off, my phone ringing as I growled a 'what?' Into the one, pissed that this happened five fucking seconds into my run.

'Um, Caleb?' Came a quiet voice as I groaned inwardly. Who the fuck was this?

'Yup. The one and only.'

'This is really strange, and I don't even know if I should be doing this, well, I know I shouldn't. God.'

Suddenly I stopped, realisation dawning on me.


'Fuck.' She breathed, as I heard her sigh.

'Wait, wait.' I said quickly as I turned back to my house. Suddenly my senses were heightened, my heart beating so hard in my chest I thought I was having a heart attack. 'Wait. What's your name?' I asked softly as she paused.


Of course it fucking was. Queen Victoria.

'Where are you?' I breathed, feeling myself go dizzy when she replied.

'Sat in my car trying to talk myself out of this. You?'

I smiled as I walked back in the house, grabbing my car keys as my Mom raised her eyebrows at me in confusion. I shook NY head at her dismissively as she shrugged.

'Where are you? I'll come now.'

'I don't think-'

'With all due respect, I would rather talk to you face to face.'

She hesitated, before giving me a location about half an hour from my house. I punched it into my sat nav as I sped there, not giving a shit about speed. I came across nearly every obstacle I could- learner drivers, pedestrians that I contemplated running over, even a damn cat ran out in front of me making me stop. Was I ever meant to get there? Finally I arrived to a supermarket, and a large car park filled with cars. How the fuck was I meant to find her?! I got out of my truck, slamming the door as I slid my aviators off. I scanned the parking lot, positive if she was there, I would find her. A harassed mother dragged her bored child to the store as a trolley guy walked past me, looking miserable as fuck.


I whirled around, seeing her leaning against my truck wearing jeans and a tight sweater, her hair loose around her shoulders as she gazed at me.

Oh my fucking lord.

'Don't say anything.' I commanded darkly as I walked towards her, not waiting for her to respond. I grabbed her face in my hands, smashing my lips against hers as she gasped in surprise before her hands clawed at my hair, her tongue meeting mine for the first time. It was everything I had dreamed of and more, she was a fucking delight. She tasted sweet, her hot mouth moving against mine as I pressed her up against my truck, my hands running down her dynamite body.

'You are fucking perfect. You know that?' I growled as our lips met again, this time she kissed me back harder than before.

'Caleb- wait.' I groaned as she put her hands firmly on my shoulders, pushing me away until she could see me clearly. We were both breathing heavily, her eyes darting around us as she smiled, my cock hardening as her tongue ran over her lips. 'This could ruin my career, you are still in school.'

I pressed my body against hers, kissing her throat as I murmured in her ear.

'Say no then.'

She moaned as her lips found mine, and I unlocked the car, opening the door as she climbed in. I sat on the chair, pulling her onto me as we clawed at our clothes.

'I can't.' She whispered as I tugged at her jeans, my hand sliding in to find she wasn't wearing any underwear.

'Are you fucking kidding me.' I groaned as my finger slipped inside of her easily. She rocked against my fingers as I thanked the fucking lord for blacked out windows. She was kissing me hard now, my free hand wrapped in her hair as she suddenly pulled my hand away, sliding her jeans off effortlessly.

'You've done this before.' I murmured as she climbed back on me.

'So have you. I'm on birth control by the way.' She said, reaching down to my trousers as she pulled my hard cock out, pushing it deep inside of her. I couldn't believe what was happening, as she pulled herself up like she was getting off me, before slamming back down. Her pussy gripped my cock as her breasts moved against my mouth through the fabric of her clothes, as suddenly her mouth met mine. She fucked me like a pro, and I came far too quickly for my liking. She grabbed my hand, pushing my fingers against her clit as she continued to ride me, her moans getting louder and she came against my fingers. She slumped against me, as were caught our breath.

'Victoria DeQuincy, that was fucking amazing.' I murmured into her hair as she slid off me, pulling her jeans back on. She was so fucking beautiful I couldn't help but gaze at her as she dressed.

'I wanted to get that out of my system.' She confessed as I smiled.

'Me too.'

'I'm older than you. Im in a position of authority. Hell, I'm in a relationship.'

I raised my eyebrows in surprise as she bit her lip.

'That information would have been handy about, twenty minutes ago?' I laughed, pulling my joggers back up.

'I don't do things like this, ever. I want you to know that. But I'm moving to the UK... and you, well. You won't be there.'

'I see. That's a damn shame. That was fucking amazing.'

'Caleb. That's something I don't think I'll ever forget.' She leaned forward, brushing her lips against mine softly as our eyes met, a mutual understanding between us not spoken, but known.

I nodded, unsure either to feel used or content as she left the car, a secret smile on her face.

One thing was for sure, she wasn't marriage material. Infidelity was pretty shitty, but I hadn't promised myself to anyone.

Hmm, the UK may be a good place to visit in the future, I smirked to myself as I crawled into the front seat.

Thank fuck for tinted windows.

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