Theirs Book 3

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I'm a fucking idiot.

I had Jade in my room, begging me to fuck her and I said no. I had about a million fantasies in the Jade locker, all of them involving fucking her hard. Yet when offered the opportunity, I say no?

'Fallon. Wait up.' I hear Gabe say, falling into step beside me. 'So the girls are apparently hitting a party this weekend. College party, of all things. You down?'

Girls. Summer and Jade. I glanced at him as I shrugged, trying to appear disinterested. 'So Jade has said her ex will be there, or some shit. You know what girls are like bro. She wants to make him jealous. Summers worried though, she is convinced she's not thinking straight.'

I blew out an exasperated breath as I slammed my locker shut.

'Why are you telling me this?'

He shrugged, glancing around us.

'I dunno, just thought we should be there you know? I'm going, obviously.' He scoffed as though the thought of him and Summer being apart was hilarious. 'Maybe you could keep an eye on Jade?' He smirked at me and I averted my eyes.

'She's hurting. I'm not taking advantage of her.' I stated as we walked towards the exit.

'Yeah but if you don't, someone will. Especially if she's flaunting it to fuckery. She's stupidly hot.'

I felt a twinge of annoyance as I realised he was right. She would need someone to look out for her, and why not be me? I fucking loved parties.


He clapped my back as he grinned at me.

'Yesssss. I'll tell Summer.' He headed off, his sports holdall banging his back as he jogged out the door towards Summer who was waiting for him by the fountain outside of school. My gaze fell to the slender figure beside her, the dark hair shining in the sun as she shielded her eyes to look up to someone.

JT? You've gotta be shitting me. He was clearly trying to make her laugh, flirting and fooling around as she stared at him with a vacant look on her face. She forced a smile as he got his phone out, looking at her expectantly.

Uh, no.

'Fuck off.' I said as I walked up, giving him a dismissive stare. Gabe stared at him, his arm around Summer protectively. Jade looked up at me in surprise as she rolled her eyes.

'Just message me on Facebook. I'll probably see you there anyway.' She said as he glared at me, before walking away.

'You sure will baby.' He said as he winked at her before turning his attention back to me.

'Fuck you.'

'JT just leave already.' Groaned Summer as I fixed Jade with my gaze. Summer and Gabe exchanged a glance before whispering to each other annoyingly.

'Its rude to whisper.' Jade snapped as we stood awkwardly, as Summer and Gabe began to kiss, oblivious to us.

'So. JT.'

Her eyes met mine as she shrugged.


'He's a complete dick. What the fuck?'

She stood up then, walking close to me. She leaned forward, her breath on my ear as she whispered.

'But he will distract me, unlike you.' She pushed past me then as my stomach twisted in anger. I grabbed her arm as she turned back to me in surprise.

'You're better than that. Stop flaunting yourself around like some sort of hussy. It won't make it better.' I growled as her deep brown eyes locked on mine. Her lips parted as she raised her eyebrows.

'You had your chance. Don't get jealous now.'

'Uh guys, shall we go?' Said Gabe awkwardly as he ran his hand through his hair sending me a questioning glance. I gritted my teeth as Jade walked away, attracting approving glances as she did. I saw JT call her over, and he smirked at me as he swung his arm around her. I felt like my veins were on fire as I felt Gabe touch my arm.

'Let it go.'

I stood, arms folded as I watched him tip her head back, kissing her greedily as his hands gripped her ass.

'Caleb.' Summer was pulling me now, sending a worried glance in Gabes direction. The feeling I had was pure envy, nothing more, nothing less. Jade had never been with anyone in our school, and here she was dry fucking the biggest cunt of them all. After what seemed like forever she pulled away, her eyes seeking mine as I stared at her, my jaw tightening as she quickly looked away. I watched him walk her to her car, his hand possessively around her waist.


I turned, meeting Summers worried eyes.


'I'm sorry. I know you've always liked her, shes just hurting, shes not herself.' She was babbling now, as I shrugged, heading towards my car.

'I hope she knows what she's doing.' I muttered as I slid into the drivers seat, starting the engine and revving the car aggressively. Fucking JT. I wanted to go and gut him like a fucking fish, but I realised that it wouldn't solve fuck all. But it would make me feel better.

Jade was round ours much more often lately, and we managed to avoid each other. I refused to even look at her, knowing if I did I'd start an argument with her.

I was in the garage, working out when Dad walked in, stretching as he nodded at me.

'So. Jade's a pretty girl. Single now, isn't she?'

I continued lifting my weights as I counted my reps.

Four. Five. Six...

'Not interested?' He pressed as I glanced at him in the mirror.

Seven. Eight. Nine...


He raised his eyebrows at me as I switched arms, breathing out as I began working on the other arm.

'So why the goo goo eyes whenever she looks at you?'

I refused to rise, instead focusing on my workout.

'If you like her Caleb-'

'I don't.' I said through gritted teeth as he raised his hands in surrender.

'Okay. Just saying. If you do-'

'Which I don't.'

'Right. Then you need to tell her. A girl like that won't be single long. If I was twenty five years younger-'

I made a face at him as Mom folded her arms behind him.

'Yeah, finish that sentence if you fucking dare Cal.'

'Baby!' He cringed at me as I smirked at him. Mom would rip his balls off now.

'Yeah, so what would you do?' She glared at him as he stood, walking towards her with his hands open.

'I'd choose you, all over again.'

'Yes you would.' She snapped as he slid his arms around her.

'Come on Raven, its always been you.'

They began to kiss as I coughed loudly.

'Please fuck off. Not all of us are happily in love.'

'You could be. If you told her.' Dad smirked as Mom looked at me in excitement.

'Who? Tell me!' She demanded as I glared at Dad.

'This douche thinks I'm in love with Jade.' I scoffed as he made kissing noises. 'You're such a fucking child.'

'Says you.'

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