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Emperor's Obsession

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A story about an unnoticeable plain girl named Gongsun Li after she finds herself stuck into her favorite novel as a cannon fodder concubine character Being a modern carefree girl,Gongsun Li couldn't accept her fate as a cannon fodder concubine when she was transmigrated into a novel.So she decided to divorce the emperor and live a carefree life..😌😌😌 But why getting a divorce from the icy emperor is so hard?😨😨 Snippets: Gongsun Li was actually sleeping like a pig.. A warm smile appeared in Zhu Zhen's face as he wrapped his arms around her tiny figure and pulled her closer ever so gently.. Finding a sudden warmth,G.Li snuggled closer to the source in her deep slumber..she was so obediently lying in his arms..neither struggling nor cursing...Zhu Zhen wanted to stop the flow of time..then and there.. "Silly stubborn wife,Why wouldn't you obediently lie in my arms everynight?why wouldn't you let me always hold you like this?", he whispered his complaints while nuzzling his nose in her hair... Suppressing the lump formed in his throat with a bitter smile he murmured, "Only if you would let me..... Then I wouldn't be so desperate, Then I wouldn't be so hurt....." Oh btw,this is my original story and all rights are reserved...😏

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What!!!!!Did I really transmigrate?

"What!!!!!! Did I really transmigrate?"

That was Gongsun li's first thought when she surprisingly discovered that she was not in her world anymore....What's more, she had actually transmigrated into a minor character of the novel 'Emperor's pampered queen'.


she wanted to scream out in frustration.. Of all the characters she could transmigrate into, she was fated to be a mere concubine who had made just one appearance in the whole story!

The one appearance was too while bowing to the female lead who was being crowned as an empress!!!!How sad!!

She was just a lowly concubine whom the emperor never noticed and also that bastard author didn't even think her worthy enough to be a cannon fodder!

Gongsun Li could not take it anymore and wailed at the top of her lungs. Her scream was so frightening that within few seconds all the lights at the palace lit in the middle of night and some guards barged into her room along with the emperor.

A war was impending and the palace was always at risk and on high alert. Such frightening scream in the middle of the night led everyone to think that the rebels attacked the inner palace and thus the emperor along with his guards barged into his concubine's room whom he had never seen in his whole life, not to mention that he was not interested in at all.

However now this lowly concubine managed to bring out an emotion out of him and that was... irritation.. a huge irritation!!!!

Who would not be irritated when he saw his concubine passed out in bed peacefully after making the whole palace work out???!!!!!


Gongsun Li was startled awake when a huge splash of water was thrown on her face. With her eyes wide open she saw a cold face staring right into her...

'Such an work of art!' That was the first thought crossed her mind as soon as she stared at the face..

She could drool over that face all her life if not a high pitched voice just started wailing,

"Hey, you unworthy concubine! Don't you have the least manners to bow when you see the emperor?"


'Emperor?' was the first word that left her mouth in this world.

" Pretending not to recognize Zhen [1], are we?"

A sudden chilling voice made Gongsun Li turn her head to the source of voice.

It was the emperor himself!!!!!

Goosebumps aroused all over her body and she fell on the floor with a huge thud and started kowtowing fearfully.

'Your highness, please have mercy on xiaonu (this little women).. Last night xiaonu knocked head with the headstand and lost some of my memory.'

Huff!thanks to all the transmigration story I read...

She secretly glanced at the emperor whose expression was cold as ice.

No reaction?ah..

'Don't you know how to sleep in bed? You managed to worry our emperor for your foolishness,scam!" the high pitched voice cried again. It belonged to the head servant of the inner palace.

So here,a servant holds authority over a concubine.

Though there was no change in His expression, the emperor was suspicious.. Who on earth knocks head with headstand and looses memory!! But he was too busy to worry over a concubine. So, he said nothing and left with the guards.

Watching everyone leave, Gongsun li sighed.What an irony! She,the famous goddess of her highschool days who could kill guys with one wink was now merely a lowly concubine... She could not live like this anymore. Now she had two options left,

1.To capture the emperor's heart and seize the female lead position or

2.To escape from the palace.. and she, of course, chose the latter.

'How are you gonna do that?' Her subconscious mind asked.

"Umm..Have you ever heard the word 'divorce'?"

1- the emperor addressed himself as 'Zhen'

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