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Breaking Walls.

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It a story of fire and ice. Reyes- truth or dare? Kea- truth. Reyes- do you wanna kiss me? Kea- dare. Reyes-*leans forward* I dare you to kiss me. Kea- never have I ever.... Reyes- that's not the game. He's running and she's hiding. She catches him he finds her. It's meant to be or is it?

Romance / Fantasy
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It was a blur.
That night, I walked into Colin’s loft. I think I drove here, I wasn’t sure.

I had met a few friends before coming here I think.

Again it was all a big blur.

I had done 2 lines of coke and Colin always had good hash. I had ecstasy pills in my pocket and the party had good music. But it wasn’t enough.
No matter how drunk I got. How high I was, it just wasn’t enough.
I needed another distraction.
That’s when I saw her. Well I didn’t really see her, she was a blur too. But her eyes aw man. I could be drunk and high on everything the world has to offer and I still wouldn’t forget those eyes.
She was in an orange coat. Or it looked orange under the florescent lights that lit the apartment. I walked to her and she somehow seemed to recognise me. She asked if I was René. Fucking Colin called me that. No one else even knew René.
She must be close to him. Huh if I knew she had those eyes, I would have come sooner but Rio had kept me hostage and I had only just returned.
It was after all my Fathers wedding!
Dammit I was drunk because of it.

I shifted my gaze to the girl in front of me, her features just a shadow in the dark.
She was high I could tell. I offered her something I knew she wouldn’t refuse adorning the most charming smile I could muster in the state I was in. If she wanted to have some fun.
She said yes and I gave her the pill in my back pocket. We both had 1 each and lay on the couch next to each other. We spoke about things I had never told anybody, the pill hit me a little after it had hit her, that’s when it all blacked out.
I woke up the next morning on the sofa, blood on my t-shirt and boxers. That’s when I freaked out. The last thing I remembered from the night before was a girl, nothing about her except her eyes. I was with her for some time, but she was no where around. I went to check the spare bedroom where I think it was her as she lay face down naked, with a sheet covering most of her. There was blood on the sheet too. Well one thing was clear. She was a virgin until last night.
I didn’t want her to freak out and I wanted to explain everything but before that I had to do the most civil thing possible for a girl I had just taken the virginity off.
So I showered quickly, wore Colin’s clothes and went to get her hot coffee and breakfast.
I went to my favourite waffle place in New York and got them packed. I bought flowers, coffee.
I was guilty, it wasn’t like this was my first night stand. It was just that she was the first girl I wanted to remember doing it with. There was something about her. I hadn’t even seen her face. I could have before leaving but I didn’t want to violate her space anymore than I had. Knowing or unknowingly. I had taken away something from her that wasn’t mine to take.
I was trying to make up for something that could never be made up for.
All these thoughts inside my head slowly ate me inside as I made my way to the room she was sleeping in.
Only when I entered I realised she wasn’t there.
I had only been gone an hour.
Yet there were new sheets on the bed. Like last night never happened.
She was gone. No trace of her.
I felt broken. I had built up so many things in my head of how this would go. Never had I thought I wouldn’t even have a chance to explain.
I didn’t know anything about her. How was I ever gonna find her.
I kept all that I had gotten for her on the kitchen table and left.
I drove away from Colin’s loft, the city, the girl that I was never going to see again.
Or so I thought.

Author's Note:

Please believe in this story, bear with me and trust me you’ll like it, it’s inevitable the first chapter I had to give a characteristic intro of the two main characters. It gets juicier after that!

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