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The boy next door took her innocence and dumped her shortly after he went to college. Now he is home and her boss! What is in store for this couple? Piper thought she found the love her life when she was in high school. He left for college and soon dumped her. Now his is back and taking over the business she works for. Piper is still angry 7 years later over their hasty breakup. Can they learn to work together and will they be able to put their rocky past behind them for a bright future together?

Romance / Humor
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Monday Morning News

Scrambling around my cluttered ranch house first thing Monday morning is not my idea of fun! I put my keys down and walked away for like the millionth time this year! Some day I will just stop and throw them in my purse after I use them but obviously it didn't happen Sunday! I don't want to be late for work, my boss Frank Brady, a really sweet older man who wants to retire soon, wants to have a chat with me.

Am I afraid that he is finally taking the plunge and going to retire? Damned straight! I need my job to pay the bills, unfortunately I can't make it on what I earn as a massage therapist in this small town.

I finally unearth my keys on the dining room table that is currently cluttered under junk mail I haven't stopped to look through. I grab my purse and dash out the door to climb into my older Chevy Cobalt and ignore the speed limit to get to work on time even though it is only 10 minutes away.

I finally reach my destination and rush inside the old building that has seen better days. I open the door to the office and see Frank on the phone with his back turned towards me. I start sorting through the invoices sitting on my desk, needing to separate the stack of the orders that need delivered and the orders that are for pick up at the mill. I listen with half an ear to the conversation Frank is having. I gather that someone is coming in later this morning but have no idea who or for what.

After Frank hangs up the phone he turns to me with an apologetic look on his face. "You know that I have been planning on retiring soon, I have decided to sell my business to my nephew and retire this summer. He will be coming over later this morning and we will discuss it. I have already put in a good word for you since you have been here part time since you were in high school and have been working here full time for the last 7 years." I force a smile, trying not to let my thoughts show through. "That's great Frank, you have worked hard here for almost 50 years, its time to kick back and enjoy your retirement, get in more golf time and get a chance to travel like you have always talked about."

Frank looked relieved that I am taking the news so well while inside I'm freaking out! If I lose this job I will have to hunt further afield and will have even less time to take care of my massage therapy customers. I have spent a long time studying and preparing for the work what with taking classes and getting certified and licensed. There are also requirements that I need to keep up every year or will lose my license. The hours of 7 to 3 work great here so I can still have evening hours free to open my office at home.

I push the thoughts aside right now and continue to work on the invoices until the small pile in front of me is finished. I jump up and grab the cleaning supplies and duster to start working on the supplies for sale in the office/store section. There is always a lot of dust in the feed mill with the grindings that are done almost daily and the feed itself is dusty. I start to clean up and dust the shelves that have all kinds of miscellaneous items on them from ant killer to dog collars, to horse halters to rat poison, you name it.

I just get finished with the cleaning and the customers start to flow in. We are the only feed mill around for 40 miles so it gets pretty busy here, especially on a Monday morning. I not only am in charge of the secretarial work but I also clerk for the mill and store. I ring up the customers purchases and fill out the invoices for them with a friendly smile and a few kind words.

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