Make It Sweet

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Ever hear the phrase 'History Repeats Itself?' I'd like to state for the does. There's many examples throughout history, and my life is no different. That's why I'm scared. I'm scared to live, and I'm definitely too scared to love. But my heart? My heart is telling me to be foolish. And all I can tell it is to not be. They say that young love, is dumb love. I think there's some merit in those words, but how do I stop my beating heart from falling in love with him? How do I tell it to not be foolish. Because we only have seconds or even minutes together before we'll be torn apart. Where history will repeat itself. Yet, even with all that fear, my heart rings out to him in pitter patters. I'm so scared to fall in love. I'm so scared to live, but like he tells me - with a shrug, "Life is short. Might as well make it sweet."

Romance / Drama
Amber Walker
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"You can love someone so much... But you can never love people as much as you can miss them."

- John Green

I’ve never heard this kind of quiet.

I’ve never felt this kind of quiet.

Where it’s wrapping around me and encompassing me with it’s loneliness.

Where the quiet is so silent that all I can hear is my heart pounding in my ears.

I’ve always loved the quiet, or silence, of a room. I actually looked forward to the quiet. I loved the way the notes of my violin would echo off the walls.

I used to love the quiet.

I used to love to play.

But there’s nowhere for me to play now.

Because this quiet is too lonely.

He’d love it if I did, but I’m too numb. My limbs are too heavy to even pick up my violin. That was the one thing I loved more than anything, till there were two other people that took that place.

Where two people found a way to wedge themselves into my heart, making my once loved violin a small third piece of my heart.

But now? One of those pieces is missing.

A throat is cleared in front of me and suddenly I remember where I am. Why the silence and quiet of the room is so loud.

Why it feels like I’ve literally been ripped in two.

Because I had.

My whole world had been tilted on its axis, and it will never be right again.

Taking a ragged deep breath in, I finally managed to croak out, “They say that history repeats itself...” I pause because the tears are threatening to spill over at any moment. My eyes brimming and my cheeks flushed a scarlet red. I can’t hold back the tears. I don’t have the willpower any longer to hold them back.

They rush down my cheeks like a raging river. I want to scream. I want to cry out. I want to fall to my knees begging for this to be a dream.

My world was tilted and will forever be skewed.

Because once upon a time...

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