Rough Lesson

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Hot new arrogant teacher, gangs, and violence. What more could you want? "I kissed you," "Yes I remember that, you also pushed me." I told him. "You tripped." "You pushed me!" "Let's just agree to disagree." He said. I glared at him. "What do you want?" I asked getting annoyed with him. "You haven't told anyone about us right?" He suddenly got serious. "There is no 'us' to tell about," I rolled my eyes. "We kissed that's not a big deal; I've kissed lots of guys." "And have they all turned out to be your teacher?"

Romance / Action
Queen Vega
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Chapter 1

“Come on, a couple of drinks will make you feel much better!” My best friend Wink cried, waving a shot in front of my face. His real name was Caleb, he got the nickname Wink from how fast he was behind any wheel. Out of all the races he’s ever had he’s only lost two, out of almost a hundred.

“We lost Wink, there is nothing that will make me feel good about that. But I will accept the drink.” I said, giving him a smirk as I took the shot.

We were currently at some new club that opened a couple of weeks ago. It was huge, there were lots of lights flashing and every time an hour would pass, the lights would start flickering on and off. It made you very disoriented but made the place that much cooler. There was a dance-floor packed with bodies, and a side bar to the right. In the far back there was a stage with a couple of strippers on it. You could also do karaoke there. We were currently sitting at the bar.

The guys thought it was a good idea to go out after our big lost. I was against it, but when you’re 3-1 you lose. “Can we get another round please?” Taylor asked the bartender, flashing him one of her famous grins. Just like every other victim he fall for her charms. I couldn’t blame him, Taylor was the most gorgeous blonde I’ve ever seen. She was hot and knew it; she also knew how to use her hotness to get what she wants. That’s why she was the baiter of our gang.

He quickly scrambled to make our drinks. “Taylor it's women like you that make men think we’re just objects.” I said, giving her a fake disapproving frown.

“And it's women like you that make guys think girls are nuns.” She fired back winking at me.

“Are you girls going to have a cat fight? If so give me one second while I go find a kitty pool full of mud.” Daniel said looking excited with his idea. Both Taylor and I pinched his arms. “Ow! Ok ok, I’ll fill it with water.” I shook my head at him. He’s impossible.

Daniel was my second in command. He was my best tracker and hacker. Any guy I wanted he could find them within three days. He’d have them tied up and ready for me to torture, or he’d just kill them. He was sexy in a very nerdy way. He even had the glasses to match. I once joked that maybe he should be our baiter. We fought for an hour after that, and I’m not talking about simple arguing. Fists were thrown and blood was drawn. One thing about Daniel is that he talks with his hands. Sure we all do, but he does the most. I think it may have been something that happened during his childhood, but since he never talks about it I wouldn’t know.

“That’d be the most action he’s seen since his mom gave birth to him. If you don’t count the massive amount of porn he watches.” Caleb said smirking. Daniel glared at him.

“Well we’re going to go dance while you two finish beating your chest at each other.” Taylor said grabbing my arm. I quickly downed my shot before she dragged me away.

“I wasn’t finish.” I pouted at her.

She giggled. “You’re finished now.” I glared at her back as she moved to the middle of the dance floor. She started dancing to the music swaying her hips in a hypnotic way. She was already attracting the attention of every guy within distance. I sighed before letting myself get lost in the music as well.

Dancing was such a stress reliever. It made you forget about everything and everyone as the music flowed through you. It’s like you become another person. I closed my eyes swaying as all my troubles went away.

I felt a body come up behind me, causing me to stiffen. “Relax, I don’t bite. Unless you want me to.” A low voice whispered in my ear. You could hear the amusement in it. His voice was husky and made my toes curl. Have you ever been turned on by just a voice before? Well that’s how I’m feeling right now. I could only imagine what his face looks like.

“Depends on how hard you bite.” I replied seductively. He paused and I knew my words had taken him by surprise. I smirked. Yeah buddy you’re not the only cocky one.

“Hmm, you seem like the type that likes it rough. I could give it to you rough, oops I mean bite you rough.” He whispered in my ear, skimming his lips against the back of my neck as we continued dancing. Our bodies pressed against each other’s. His front was flush against my back. I shivered at the feeling, and felt him smirk. I haven’t even seen the guy’s face yet and he’s already making my body do things.

I spun around abruptly, he moved back giving me space. I cocked my head to the side studying him. He raised an eyebrow as I just stood there staring. I swear it was like god himself was standing in front of me. Or maybe the devil, cause his looks were sinful. He had short black hair, but it wasn’t too short that it looked like a low cut, and it also wasn’t long enough to consider it long. He had a semi five o’clock shadow, nice brown eyes that almost looked black if you looked at it from a certain angle. His body was ripped from what I could tell in the tight black fitted shirt he was wearing. If werewolves existed I’m sure he would be one from the body he has. I was shocked to see that he wasn’t wearing skinny jeans like most guys do now. Only guys I know that don’t are Caleb and Daniel. He looked older with his rough features, which made me curious of his age.

“You done checking me out yet?” His cocky voice pulled me out of my drool worthy trance. My eyes snapped to his face to see him smirking at me.

I flashed him a megawatt smile. “Yes I am, and uh you aren’t my type.” I said, before walking away. Leaving him with a dumbfounded look on his face standing in the middle of the dancefloor.

I walked back over to the bar and ordered myself two vodka shots. I was definitely going to need a drink to wrap my mind around the fact that I just left the hottest guy I’ve ever seen on the dancefloor. I looked back to where we were dancing and saw the space empty. Well empty of him anyways, people were still dancing. I looked around the club trying to find everyone. I saw Taylor sitting in a booth with some hot guy. Daniel was at the other end of the bar with some girl, while Caleb was making out with some blonde on the dancefloor. He has no shame. As my eyes finished scanning the crowd they landed on a face in the back. The guy I was dancing with was sitting at the table with another guy and two girls.

His friend was pretty hot, or I’m assuming they’re friends. He had simple light brown hair and a cute little baby face. I watched as one girl planted herself on my mystery guy lap.

Wait what? My mystery guy? My? The hell was I saying, he’s not mine I don’t even know him. This is why you shouldn’t dance intimately with strangers, especially hot strangers.

I quickly averted my gaze downing one of my shots. The burn of the liquor as it went down my throat calmed me.

“Hey baby, don’t you think you need to slow down? Although I must say you’re swallowing those drinks like you’ve had tons of practice.” I heard a voice say to my left. I looked over to see some douche sitting next to me. He was grinning at me and I cringed when I saw how yellow his teeth were. Doesn’t he know they invented a thing called toothbrush and toothpaste? I’m sure he can afford it, since he was able to pay his way in the club.

“And I must say that your voice reminds me of nails going across a chalkboard. Which makes me not very fond of hearing it.” I told him calmly before turning back to focus on my drink. The bartender had given me two more and I was more than happy. I heard a chair move back before I felt him grip my upper arm. I rolled my eyes. I swear all perverts read out of the same handbook. “Perverts 101" or maybe “Perverts for Dummies” I giggled at my own jokes.

“Do you know who I am? Girls like you bow down to me. You’re nothing but a common whore.” He snarled in my face. His grip was starting to disgust me. My head snapped in his direction and I glared at him. Before I could open my mouth to say something, another voice did.

“I suggest you remove your hand from this lady before I remove it for you.”

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