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“You’re mine Abigail Quinn. And no one not even your father can take you away from me. After the battle between the wolves and the hunters; the small forest town of Droydon was split into two. One side occupied the humans, the other side occupied the wolves. When the werewolf high school Edgewood High burns down, the pack of werewolves needs to go to a new school in enemy territory. Adam Woods, future Alpha of the Woods Pack was not expecting to meet his mate, Abi Quinn. But he sure as hell wasn't expecting her to be the daughter of the leader of the hunters. Join Abi and Adam in a journey of love, heartbreak and war as they fight to stay together when no one else wants them to be together.

Romance / Fantasy
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"HAVE YOU HEARD?" The loud voice of my best friend Lily reaches my ears. For eleven o'clock in the morning she is abnormally loud. Today, we are meant to go school uniform shopping which should be a chill outing but as always Lily has the hottest gossip ready for me the minute I step foot into her car. Her vibrant red hair matches her personality perfectly.

We are known as the redheads. The only two people in the whole school with red hair ended up being best friends. Now whilst my hair isn't as bright as Lily's (mine is a more muted auburn) I still take pride in it. That combined with our pale complexions and similar heights. People would think we are sisters, I think a part of that is why I tie my hair up into a ponytail almost every day.

"Spill," I grin, it's always good gossip coming from Lily. She starts the car and heads towards the mall.

Her smile matches mine "Edgewood High burnt down last night."

I raise my eyebrows "That's not good news Lily, was anyone hurt?"

"No silly," she slaps my arm lightly "It's summer, no one is in school. But I'm just getting to the good news." She pauses grinning at me.

"Hurry up." I moan, there is no need for her to withhold this information any longer.

"Everyone from Edgewood High is coming to Droydon Academy! And the boys from over there are all so so so good looking!"

"You're so so so horny!" I joke with her, she rolls her eyes at me exasperated.

"Well not everyone has a Dale to satisfy their needs whenever they feel like it."

Dale is my boyfriend, who my father loves probably more than me. He's exactly my type with his dark black hair and pale skin. Tall, dark and handsome. Stereotypically beautiful.

"Wait... you guys have done it right?" Lily asks me "The last time I knew you guys were at second base territory."

I blush looking down at my blue painted nails "We done it two weeks ago." I confess quietly, the car screeches to a halt, "Jesus Christ! Lily! You can't just stop driving!"

Quickly she pulls over, granted the road is empty but it's still a traffic hazard. Then again, Lily being on the road in the first place is a traffic hazard.

"You guys fucked! Why didn't you tell me?" Lily asks "I mean that's something I would tell my best friend!"

"I know, I'm sorry Lils but I was worried he was going to hump and dump me."

"Dale would never. He's always wanted you Abbs, since the moment he saw you at my party four months ago."

"He still could. Did you not hear about Georgia?" Lily raises her eyebrows giving me a look to continue "Her boyfriend Lucas was all over her and the sweetest thing to her, gave her roses and everything. Then she let him fuck her. The next day she got a break up text from him saying he wasn't 'feeling it' anymore."

Lily winces "That's so harsh, but me and you both know Dale's not like that. He really does like you."

"I know. He told me he loves me." I murmur quietly awaiting the Lily freak out.


"When we were...y'know." Lily gives me a doubtful look "But he told me it again two days later so I'm sure now."

"That was smart. Making sure he doesn't just love," She gestured to my crotch "But also your personality."

I raise my eyebrows at her as she thinks about what she said "Not saying that he doesn't love your vag I'm sure he thinks it's great and all that jazz. But it's important-"

"Lily. Shut up."

"I'm just saying that it's an important thing to address."

"Please drive to the mall. We'll end up not getting anything."


As we pull up outside the mall, Lily reapplies her lipgloss.

"We're only going shopping, why do you need lipgloss?"

"Because sweet innocent—but not so innocent now—Abi," Lily gets out of the car "There are boys everywhere, and I have some brains-"

I snort "Sure about that?"

Scowling she continues "This is the only place nearby where we can buy our uniform which means that every single boy from Edgewood High will be here today."

I raise my eyebrows looking at her concerned "You're honestly the horniest person I know."

She stifles a laugh turning to me "I could say something right now but we wouldn't be friends after it."

I grin "We might not be friends anymore after today because that car journey itself has tired me out."

"Again, I could say something right now but you would honestly kill me."

"Just shut up and shop Lily before I kill you without you saying anything."


"I cannot believe there was no Edgewood boys in that mall at all."

We are currently sitting in her car having a sort of 'mukbang' without the cameras so Trisha Paytas doesn't need to watch out.

"How do you know Lily, there could've been some and you just didn't notice."

"Oh trust me. You'd notice. They all look like they're jacked up on steroids. Remember the steroids scandal three years ago?"

"Yeah when every member of the sports teams had to be tested. Didn't they come out clean though?"

"Exactly! All that muscle and it's all au naturale."

"Your French accent is shit." I tease, Lily nods her head grinning.

"Yeah I think that's why I failed it. Along with the fact I spoke English in the talking assessment."

There's a moment of silence before we both erupt into laughter.

"I love that for you." I cackle as my phone dings "It's Dale."

"What's he saying?"


have you heard about those Edgewood bastards coming to our school?

"He's annoyed about them moving." I respond to Lily my fingers tapping away at a response.


yeah it’s so scary though. they’re lucky to be alive.

"Yeah I forgot that they had a big team rivalry with each other, is he annoyed with you?" I look back at my phone to see another message.


they should’ve burnt down w the school


Dale! you can’t say shit like that. It’s fucked up.


yeah I can. They’re monsters baby. They all deserve to burn in hell.

Frowning, I look at his texts. I understand they've got this football rivalry but I didn't think it would mean that they are monsters.

"What's he saying?" Lily asks curiously, peering over my shoulder. She winces as she reads the text.

"Y'know, a lot of people from Droydon hate everyone from Edgewood. My mom and dad aren't too keen on them. They said we were to have a family meeting tonight about it all." Lily rolls her eyes, "It's so pointless."

Me and Lily are very different in that sense. Where I can stick up for myself against my dad when he doesn't want me to go somewhere or do something. Lily can't. If her parents say no. She's not going.

Lily sighs "Do you think he'll start anything tomorrow?"

I frown shaking my head "Dale's not like that. He'll probably just glare at them and make them feel uncomfortable but nothing violent."

Lily grins "I mean...they'd be pretty hot in a fight.

How do you all feel about Lily and Abi? Who is your favourite so far?

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