Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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A love triangle with lots of twists and turns. Some you won't even see coming. Love is blind it doesn't make you see whats in front of you. Even Death Elena leaves her home to marry a rich purebred vampire, that she has been in love with for years, or at least thought she was.. Only once married to him, she feels she made a big mistake and was truly in love with her best friend Eric. Who does she pick? Can she pick either one or does she want both?

Romance / Mystery
Denise M.
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Introduction.

It’s been four years since Elena Newman left Green Haven Manor. Where she used to live with her Father Micheal, Mother Joan and her best friend Eric. They were all purebred vampires. Except for Eric who was a vampire hunter/Vampire.

Eric’s father, James was a Full Vampire hunter, who was best friends with Elena’s father Micheal. They had been friends for many years. Eric and Elena grew up together, becoming very good friends. Always being there for the other when things got bad.

James had met Micheal when he first had gotten married to Eric’s mother Elizabeth. Micheal and Joan just had gotten married themselves. They hit it off from the first meeting, which was very rare since they were both from different worlds. Both meant to hate each other in every way. One being, the hunter, and the other being the Hunted, yet, that didn’t happen. They became friends and even work acquaintances. Trying to show others that Vampires and humans could work together. That either group could co-exist.

They shared their life together, both women becoming pregnant almost at the same time. Celebrating it and being happy about it. They talked about, how their children would grow up together. How they would make it a better place for the future. Showing others how it should be, that all could get along.

Everything was going very well. Joan had Elena three months before Elizabeth was due to have Eric. Micheal was a proud purebred to have a beautiful daughter. Elena was a beautiful baby girl, 7 pounds, 8 oz 19 inches long, with Light brown hair that had flashes of blonde with little ringlet curls, with brown eyes.

Elizabeth couldn’t wait to have her child. Which in the following few months, she went into labor, giving birth to Eric. Only to run into complications and die soon after giving birth to him, leaving James shattered. He couldn’t even look at Eric. He was so saddened from losing his wife. The love of his life, that nothing else mattered to him.

Micheal and Joan went to James offering him their condolences. Shattered themselves at the loss of their dear friend, she was one special woman.

James had no interest in Eric, he was dealing with his own emotions and feelings from his wife. So Joan took Eric home with her. She felt saddened about the loss of her friend, also, feeling saddened that this little child lost his mother and at the moment had no one. He was a darling little boy, 8 pounds 9 oz 20 inches long. The most piercing blue eyes you could ever see. Which was odd, since all Hunters were born with Silver grey hair and hazel eyes. He was born with Blue eyes and Silver grey hair. Making him extra special and one of a kind. His hunter scar on his left side of his shoulder was there like any truly born vampire hunter. He was marked from birth, letting everyone know, what his job would be in the future. What he had come from. What he was meant to do.

You would think this alone, would let Joan and Micheal know they should stay away. There best friend was a Hunter, It made no sense to anyone. The other vampires couldn’t understand why they would want to bother with them. Let alone take in this child, letting him sleep in the same house as there child.

Joan wanted to hear none of it. She took care of Eric while James got over his sadness. James threw himself into work more and more. Doing more for the Hunter Organization that he worked for. Trusting the care of his Son to none the less. A set of purebred vampires.

James would see Eric almost every day visiting him, making sure he was doing well and everything was ok. He just didn’t have the ability at the moment to take care of him, as he needed. He was an infant and James had no idea what to do.

As Eric would get older James would take him on weekends and spend more and more time with him. He still let him stay at the manor, where Eric and Elena were growing up together. They knew they were not related. They were always told what happened. Joan being very honest with Eric, always telling him stories about his real mother. How good she was. How much she really wanted him. How much she loved him even though he wasn’t even born yet.

One weekend while Eric was visiting his dad when he was around 15. His father took him out on a job, wanting to get him ready to become a vampire hunter. While out trying to catch the lower grade killing vampires, meaning the ones, that would attack humans for no reasons and enjoy it. They came across a set of very bad and mean vampires. Ones that Even though Eric’s dad was a strong hunter, he couldn’t defeat them. There were too many to take on. One bit Eric as the others held down the vampire hunters father. Beating him, telling him you like to hang with Vampires. You let your son be raised by them, Now he will become one. Leaving James almost dead. Eric did his best to get his father back to the Manor. Where Joan and Micheal nursed James back to health. They also cleaned up Eric.

They told him what would be happening to him now. That he had been bitten. That in time, he would become a vampire. It would be a pretty low level but still a vampire. Elena was scared for Eric, she stayed by his side. Cleaning up his wounds, tending to any of his needs. He would have nightmares of the night that took place with his father. Now seeing Vampires in a different manner. Seeing how evil they really could be. Yet, the ones he lived with were not like that. They were kind and good. Doing anything they could for him.

It made him not know what to think or how to feel. He just knew, that he really didn’t want to become one. He was happy being a human. Just now he had no choice.

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