Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Wondering.

Eric spends most of the Afternoon with Alex. He enjoys every minute. When it comes time for her nap, Eric leaves and goes back to his own room. He goes on the large king size bed and winds up falling asleep himself. Since he really didn’t, get much sleep at all the night before. He dreams Of Elena, holding her close to him, his lips touching hers.

Each year she has been away, the dreams have gotten more vivid. He has taken his dreams all the way. Where in reality, he wouldn’t think it was even possible. Just the thought of her drives his body insane. Hungering for her blood and also her body. Reminding him of what Edward said earlier. How she felt the same. He didn’t know if it was true or not, but if it was. He knew it hurt deep down inside him. So it would her as well.

Eric still didn’t believe a word from either William or Edward. He thinks there is something more going on. Something they are hiding. Maybe just planning on getting rid of him. Just like he did the other vampires on the hunter’s list. Not to mention there was no sign of Elena in this place. She never appeared. She didn’t eat with them, she wasn’t taking care of Alex. It was like she didn’t exist. They didn’t take him to her today either so far. What are they hiding? Eric wasn’t even sure if Elena lived here for real or not. If she was here wouldn’t she come down to see him? If she felt this way they all calm would she run to him? Something was obviously wrong.

It was time for dinner, Eric gets up. Going downstairs. Sitting at the table.

“Hello, Edward,” Eric says.

“Hello, Eric, I hope you enjoyed your day?” Edward asks.

“Yes, I enjoyed spending time with Alex. She is very sweet.” Eric replies.

“Yes very. She is amazing, to be honest.” Edward says.

William walking into the dining room.

“Berta you can bring supper. Ryan is working late in the lab. Please leave his dish on the side. Thank you.” William remarks.

“So you met Alex today?” William asks.

” Yes, she is lovely. You would never know she was part of you.“Eric hisses.

William giving Eric a glare. “Well, she is, the good part of me. Also the good part of Elena. It’s what makes her so special. She is an exceptional child. She is the one thing we did right together. It’s just sad, she doesn’t have her mother as she should.” William comments.

“Is Elena even in this house? I haven’t seen anything to say she is.” Eric huffs.

“Yes, In her own room. She doesn’t move from it.“William states.

“The Elena I knew, couldn’t sit still. She was carefree. She would never stay in one room long enough. She would get bored.“Eric replies.

“Yes, I remember that Elena. Full of life, bubbly and alive. I haven’t seen that side of her in a long time. I think. The birth of Alex took a lot out of her. I thought It would have been a special time. It didn’t turn out that way.“William reveals.

“I can’t see Elena that way about her own child. She is so warm and loving. I only see her being all over the child. Not to mention all over you.“Eric snaps.

“I thought that same about the child. Just her inner demons seem to come out more. After she had her, she hasn’t been all over me in ages. I forget what that is like. She hasn’t come near me since the child’s birth. It did more damage than good.” William states.

“When will I get to see Elena? Last night you told me in a few. It’s been all day, I haven’t seen any sign of her.” Eric huffs.

“To be honest with you Eric, I am not even sure. She will know your here. I will take you to her room later this evening if you like. I can’t promise you much more.” William admits.

“Yes, I want to go to her room. I need to see. What is going on? Since all you people do. Is talk in riddles. Shit, if you would just come out with it.” Eric says.

” I see you never change Eric. Does the sarcasm even weigh you down?” William asks.

“No, I state it as I see it. I don’t beat around the bush like others.What is the point? I also don’t like playing games like you.” Eric remarks.

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