Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Lust

A few hours later, Elena finds herself at William’s bedroom door. Knocking lightly.

“Come in,” William says Expecting this.

Yuki walks in her eyes glowing red.

“What can I do for you?” William says standing in the middle of the room.

Elena wastes no time, in pushing him up against the wall, pinning his arms to the wall with hers. Looking deep into his eyes.

“You knew this would happen,” Elena says.

“Yes, I did. What are you going to do to me?” William asks with a smirk.

Elena grabs a hand full of his dark, smooth soft wavy hair in her hands pulling on it, to make his face meet hers. William gives out a light groan. Elena pushes her lips up against his, locking their lips together. Her tongue pushes and shoves itself against his as She grinds herself into him, Pushing her core into his manhood As hard as she can. She lets go of his hands, Which go directly for her ass. Squeezing it hard. William tries to break the kiss, as he does she bites his lip. Drawing blood, that she licks and sucks on. Making William give out another moan. She works her way down to his chest in removing his black satin PJ top. Licking and biting at his nipples then Squeezing them tightly. Elena then puts her hand into his pants, putting it around his hard thick member. She rubs it back and forth. Throwing him hard onto the bed.

“This is what you want?” Elena says removing her top.

A piece of William sadden in away. “No, Not really.“William answers.

Elena took back. “What do you mean?

” I don’t want the dark Elena, filled with lust and desire for him. I want the girl I took to bed for the first time. The one who wanted me and only me.“William admits.

Elena stands there putting her shirt back on, Sadden by what he just said. Willaim lightly grabs her wrist and pulls her to the bed to sit next to him.

“Elena I want to make love to you more than anything, but I want you to want me, Not him. Why can’t you just do this to him? Show him how he really makes you feel.” William states.

" I can’t.” Elena answers.

“Why? He isn’t going to break” William asks.

“Because I don’t see him as I do you. You know all of me. You accept me anyway I am. You never turned me away. No matter how rough or forceful, You never looked at me differently. He will.” Elena admits.

“You don’t know that. You need to give him a chance. He has vampire desires to. He can be just as strong as yours.“William says.

“You saw how he looked at me today. What would he do? If I got rough with him. If he knew I wanted to devour him. He makes me crazy. There are times I want him so bad, my body yearns for his touch. I just want to feel him take me.” Elena confesses.

“Tell him that. What you just did to me, would turn him on. If it didn’t something is wrong with him. ” William reveals.

“I see I did turn you on. I think its only fair I help you.” Elean says looking into his eyes.

“I don’t want you to do something you really don’t want to. Like I said I want you to want me.” William answers.

“I will just use my hand. I think its only fair since I came in here like that. I also want to thank you. You could have taken full advantage of that, And you didn’t. You showed me you are changing.” Elena says.

Kissing him lightly on his lips. She keeps her word and strokes him till he reaches a climax. Kissing him again before she leaves. Knowing that she almost made a huge mistake. One that after it was done, she would regret greatly.

Elena goes back into her quarters Eric laying on the bed. When Elena comes in, he smells William all over her. His scent still on her hands, Making Eric extremely angry. Elena goes into the bathroom to clean up With Eric following.

“Is there something wrong Eric?” Elean asks.

“How can you ask me that. You know there is.” Eric howls.

“I am sorry for today. I didn’t mean to frighten you.” Elena answers. Washing her hands.

“THAT'S not it. What did you do with him?” Eric shouts, Grabbing Elena by her shoulders and pinning her to the wall.

“I didn’t go through with it, I came back to our room.” Elena states.

“But you were. You touched him, I smell it all over you! Why can’t you just be you with me? Damn it Tell me. Stop withholding back. Did you fuck his brains out?” Eric shouts louder. Pinning her harder to the wall. Lifting her off her feet.

“Eric you’re hurting me. No, I didn’t have sex with him. Put ME down!” Elena snaps.

“NO, I want your true self to come out. I want to see what he gets That I don’t. Why do you think he can handle it and I can’t!” Eric snaps.

“Eric stop! Because you’re too kind and good. Your not an evil bastard like him.” Elena snaps back.

“Kind and good heh? I’m not as good as you think. I want you to show me. COme on. I know the bad bitch is in there. Come on out and play if you dare!” Eric smirks.

“Fuck you!” Elena says trying to get out of his grip.

“Its what I am trying to get you to do,” Eric says with a grin. Pushing his body up against hers. Grinding into her hard.

" Zero don’t. You don’t want to do this.” Elena says.

“Oh hell, I don’t,” Eric says kissing her deeply her body pressing hard onto his. Still, mid-air from him holding her up with his hands firmly on her shoulders. Her desires growing more and more. She lifts her hand and pulls his hair, pushing him into her mouth even more. Her fangs now nipping at his lip.

“You asked for this. Now you better not be a freaking baby afterward. ” Elena shouts.

Eric chuckles. “Let it out, baby, I want to see this. I have been waiting for her all this time.

Elena lets go of some of her fears Getting herself out of Eric’s grip, Throwing him into the bedroom, onto the bed. Pinning his hands above his head Biting at his lip that she sucks on. Licking at his blood She works her way down to his neck where she kisses and sucks on him hard. Leaving love bites Deep purple ones. She goes down to his nipples where she squeezes them hard and nibbles and bites at them. Getting Moans from Eric.

She works her way down where she then slides his manhood into her hand. Slapping her hands to his thighs, holding on to him for dear life Sucking and licking the head down his shaft, and underside. Making Eric say “Oh God.” As She takes him deep and hard into her mouth. Her nails digging deep into his thighs. Eric seeing stars, at the pleasure she is giving him. Which takes no time before he loses it. And explodes. His chest going up and down fast trying to get his composer back. As Elena moves back up to his lips.

“Did you like that?” Elena asks.

“God, Yes. ” Eric answers out of breath.

“Good. I am not done with you. So you better get your ass in gear. It’s going to be a long night.” Elean says.

Eric’s eyes just widen with excitement. What did he unleash? Shit, could he really handle it? He sure the hell was going to try. He still sees the deep impressions her fingers left in his thighs, how rough she was but it felt so damn good.

“So all this bent up lust? Is for me?” Eric asks

. “Yes. You make me Crazy. I want you in every single way I can have you. I want you to take me.” Elena says.

“Take you how?” Eric asks.

“Bend me over the bed, and screw me raw. Make my pussy drip with want for you, Make me feel every thrust, deep within me. Do you think you can handle it?” Elena says Standing at the edge of the bed Leaning over it. Ass up and thighs spread.

Eric gets up looking at the hot sight in front of him Seeing how bad she wanted him.

“So what do you want?” Eric says teasingly.

“I want you, I want you deep inside me,” Elena says.

Eric standing at the back of her. “Hmm, It's pretty wet back here. “He says and he slides in a finger. teasing her more.

“OHHH. Yuki says at the feeling.”

Eric just loving to play with her. This was fun to him He didn’t see anything terrible at the moment.

“So what else did you want from me? Just my finger?” Eric says. Wiggling it inside her. teasing her. He could play the games just as well as she could. Like he said. He wasn’t all that innocent. She needed to see that. So she would feel more comfortable in showing him. What she wanted.

“Eric Please.” Elena moans.

“Please what? You need to tell you want. So, I know. I just don’t want to guess.”

Elena pushes her ass to his groin, and she rolls her hips on his manhood Letting Eric give out a hiss from the feeling. Elena bites her lip just from the feeling of his manhood rub up against her Not even in her yet. Eric doing his best to tease.

“What is it that you want? Missy?” Eric says.

“Damn it, I want your ... ” Elena tries to say, Just not able to say the word to him. Still holding back some and he knows it.

” Come on, You can say it. What is it that you want. I am not giving it to you till you say it. Let it out, Elena. I know you need it, it’s dripping back here.” Zero hisses Rubbing his manhood closer to her entrance. Seeing she is still shy in saying what she wants with him.

“I want your Dick inside of me I will it now,” Elena says in a low voice.

“Ok, then you shall have it,” Eric smirks Placing it at her entrance.

Elena feels the tip of it as she roughly pushes herself back onto him. Letting it fill her up. She pushes it all the way to his groin. Making Eric give out a growl. Eric’s hands smack onto her ass as she keeps pushing herself back and forth onto him. He squeezes her cheeks As she goes harder and faster onto him. He takes control Pushing into her deeper and harder. As she gets harder and harder with the way she pushes back onto him Needing him to fill her up, Needing him fully. He smacks into her with a fierce thrust. Hearing the clap of skin bang into each other.

Elena grips the bedsheets as he pounds into her. Harder and faster than ever. He sees her body shake and quiver. Her tightness wrapping around him. He lets go as she does, Giving it all he has. Filling her with warm seed. She gives out a scream of his name and he does the same. He falls onto the bed, next to her. There bodies going up and down from breathing fast.

Elena moves herself on top of him Kissing him and wrapping her body around his. Kissing and sucking down his chest Still not done with him. He sees now that the animal wasn’t totally in the roughness. It was she couldn’t stop. She wanted him as many times as she could. The Animal in her, couldn’t get enough of him. She rubs his manhood, getting it back. Now riding him, hard and fast till they came again. Elena makes love to Eric all night long. Till they are both too tired to even move. Not to mention sore. She screwed his brains out.

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