Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Sore

Eric not even sure how he is keeping up with all this. She is unstoppable, Not leaving him alone. She had his body in every way you could possibly think of. Her stamina was unbelievable.

It was the purebred in her, Taking over. The lust for him was unmanageable He sees now that their anniversary was just the beginning. She showed a little of her desire then, Now it was in full gear. Not letting up till early morning. She banged him so hard His center was burning. He could barely move. He hurt to make the slightest attempt to. Is this what she did to William? Then he was a purebred as well.

Eric was sure he kept up just fine. Eric a little pissed, That Willaim got this treatment when it was meant for him. Knowing that William had a very good time with his wife. That still did burn him inside. He didn’t think she was going anywhere near him now. She was just as sore and tired. He didn’t mind this at all. He just knew it couldn’t be a nightly routine. He would never walk again if so. How could one person want the other one so badly? He had to admit, thinking about it made him crazy. To know he had this effect on was like a drug. Filling his body with glee. How could she ever screw anyone else? If this is how she felt towards him. No one would ever be able to make her happy again. Its all he needed.

It’s early morning but Eric needs sleep. He has been up all night. His body sore and needs rest. He just lays there next to her Holding her. Elena’s body still entwined into his. The animal in her finally tamed. Still not believing how this little petite woman.Threw him around the room Like it was nothing. How hard she pounded into him. It messed with his sleep. Not able to get the images out of his mind. Better than any wet dream he has ever had.

Eric spends most of the day in bed. Till mid-afternoon when he gets hungry and needs to move. Which only hurts. He slowly makes his way into the bathroom. To take his well-needed shower. He gets in and lets the warm water hit his very sore body. As the water hits his back, it gives him pain. As he looks he sees fingernail marks going down his back. Not even knowing they were there before. He lets the water hit his groin, which is still very sore. He doesn’t even soap it, not wanting the pain to increase. He just lets the water runoff of it. Getting out of the shower to dry himself off. Looking into the mirror, Seeing Large purple love marks on his neck and chest.

“Shit. She really couldn’t control herself. ” Eric remarks. Taking a better look at the scratches on his back. Going from the top down to his ass. “Ok, maybe she needs to cool it just a tad.” Eric thinks.

Eric drys off and puts some clothes on Being very gentle with his movements.

Once done he goes downstairs into the dining room. He sees Elena outside in the garden. Moving around like nothing took place. William is sitting at the table sipping his afternoon tea, Just watching as Eric walks in gingerly.

“Ahh, I remember those walks. That feeling. The scars. Did you enjoy your night?” William asks.

Eric stares at him with a glare. “Yes, very much,” Eric says. sitting down slowly.

“She can get a bit out of hand But I have to say it was so much fun,” William smirks.

“I know she was at your Quarters last night. I smelled you all over her.” Eric grunts.

“Yes, I was going to get what you got. At first, I let it go then I thought better of it.” William states.

“What the fuck are you talking about now?” Eric hisses.

“She came to me Wanting to do. What she did to you to me. I knew it wasn’t aimed at me though. So I told her to do it to you. I sent her to you. I guess. This is the thanks I get.” William huffs.

“And why the hell would you of all people do that?” Eric asks.

“Because I want her to come to me.And want me NOT you. I am tired of being used. She has you here now. I didn’t see why she just couldn’t get it out of her system. ON the person she really wanted to. When we do make love again I want her to be fully mine. Not thinking it’s you.” William admits.

“You never may get that. Maybe you should have taken what you could have gotten.” Eric gloats.

“I saw a glimmer of hope. I will get what I want. It will just take time. I can wait.” William smiles.

Eric just grunts and keeps eating his food.

“You may want to ice your parts. It helps.” William states.

“My parts are fine thank you.“Eric snaps.

“Not from what I can see. ” William snickers walking out of the room.

Elena comes in from the garden with a bunch of flowers Putting the red and white roses into a vase. In the middle of the table.

“Good afternoon my love.” She says.

“Good afternoon.“Eric replies.

“I hope you’re not too hurt. I didn’t want to be that rough. I just couldn’t help myself. Once you got me started, I couldn’t stop.” Elena explains.

“I will be fine. Are you now feeling better?” Eric asks.

" Yes. better than ever. I think, I finally got that out of me.” Elena states.

Eric a little relieved to hear that He wasn’t sure his body could do that again any time soon.

“I am glad you were yourself with me.” Eric answers.

“I am glad you didn’t turn me away. Do you think any less of me?” Elena asks. Looking at the floor.

“No. Not at all. I can’t believe all that was built up towards me. You wanted me that badly. ” Eric admits.

“Want you? I crave you. It’s like your a drug and I just have to have you. I think a lot has to do with the bond. I don’t feel like this towards anyone else.“Elena says.

“You better Not! Damn it to hell You do that to anyone else. It's bad enough William got to experience that. That is mine and only mine!” Eric says getting up from his seat.

Elena giggles. “I see your jealousy is as bad as my desire?” Elena says.

Eric just grunts. Trying to walk out the door. Elena goes over and gives him a big kiss.

“I love you and only you silly,” Elena says.

“Same here. I am going back to bed. I’m tired. My body needs some rest. I think you wore me out.” Eric says with a smile.

“Guess no one else will be able to touch that body now. It's marked with me everywhere. Not to mention you are too tired to even try.” Elena laughs.

“Oh, so that is what that’s really about huh? Making it so I couldn’t do it with anyone else? Eric smiles.

“You won’t want to When I’m done with you,” Elena says with a wink

“That will have to wait. I am going to bed.” Eric replies. Limping up the stairs.

“Hey wait. Why is it your fine and im broken?” Eric asks.

“Because I am a purebred I heal faster It will take you a little longer to heal but by tonight you will be fine. I told you no crying afterward remember?” Elena laughs.

“I didn’t think that was real. Guess I was wrong.” Eric comments with a smirk.

“Guess next time you won’t push so hard for me to let the bitch out huh?” Elena comments. ”

Don’t think that I will heal. Then I am coming after you again.” Eric smiles limping up another step.

“Ok. I will be waiting for you,Elena replies

Eric goes up to his room and lays down, Feeling a little better. His scratches on his back are healed and the love marks are gone. It’s just the soreness in his groin that is left. He drifts off to sleep Knowing that tomorrow things will go back to normal. Hoping that Victoria finds where their son is. So they can get him back. This was a good distraction for a day But nothing would fix the emptiness in their hearts.

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