Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Alex

A few days go by and Victoria gives William a call Letting him know she found Alex. That he is indeed in a cabin in the woods Alone deep in the woods. That it was hard to find, but she did it.

“Great, Thank you, Victoria. Just text me the location.” William states.

“Yes, My Lord. I don’t suggest you go there alone. He is a purebred also. He has very many powers. He just chooses not to use them.” Victoria states.

“Don’t worry. I am sure Eric will come with me. It is his son.“William remarks.

“I will be around also Just in case. Its always good to have a backup.” Victoria states.

“I think that’s great. Thank you.” William replies. Always knowing that Victoria is his go to. She would do anything for him and does it right. In so many ways, he knew he should have married her. If he did things would have turned out like this. She would never go against him in away way. It was just too late.

William hangs up the phone and goes to look for Elena and Eric. He knows that Elena wants to know everything that is going on So he will do as she wishes Trying to build a true relationship with her.

Eric is sitting in the living room, reading the daily paper As Elena is sitting alongside of him.

“Excuse me. You two. I have some news.” William remarks.

“What did you find out?” Elena says jumping out of her seat.

“I found the location of where Alex is. I think me and Eric could go there and check it out. Victoria will be behind us for backup. If needed.” William remarks.

“I want to go to,” Elena shouts

“Over my dead body,” Eric shouts.

“But Eric I think I have proven myself. I can handle myself I can do this.” Elena says.

“NO. You stay here. I can’t be worried about you. We will be fine. Mr. Bat over here can always fly us out of harm’s way If need be. I can’t be looking over my shoulders to see if you’re ok. Plus we don’t know what we are going to find. Our son might not even be there. I need you to stay here.” Eric says. Looking deeply into her eyes.

“You will call me soon as your out of there? Promise?” Elena says.

“Yes, I promise. “Eric responds.

William just watching as Eric could even tame the dark Elena. How even though she was ready to go, She settled down when he said so. It amazed William in away. It was a sight to watch. In a way, it was good to have him here. He kept her tame. But for how long?

“If you two are done your little whatever that is. I would like to get going before it gets too dark.” William says.

“Why? Getting too old to see in the dark? You are ancient. It doesn’t surprise me too much.” Eric states.

William just giving him a glare. “I am not too old. I didn’t limp as badly as you did When she was done with me.” William responds with a hiss.

Eric just huffs as he heads out the door to get into his jeep. William right there beside him.

“Look Eric we need to be careful. We don’t know what we are going to find. He is a powerful purebred as well. He is a doctor and can come up with many poisons and potions. We need to be aware of everything around us. He is also a reasonable man So, I am not sure what we are going to find. It can go either way.” William responds.

“Let’s just get there Let’s see. Maybe we can get my son back.” Eric replies.

“I hope so.” William states.

They drive to the middle of nowhere. Following the directions that Victoria gave them. Taking them hours to get there. Once there William gets out of the car and takes Eric by the hand.

“What the fuck are you doing?“Eric asks

. “I am going to use my familiar to get us to the cabin. So no one sees us and we get there faster than walking. You really didn’t think. I wanted to hold your hand? Did you?“William scuffs.

“I don’t know what the fuck you want at times.“Eric says rolling his eyes.

Eric gets close and William takes off Flying through the air. Eric never experiencing anything like it before. It was awesome. He just wouldn’t admit that to William. They land a few feet away from the cabin. William knowing that the purebred would sence they were there.

William rushes into the house with Eric right behind him Taking the door down. Seeing a woman holding a child in the corner Ready to bolt. Alex in the small kitchen turning around.

“I have been expecting you,” Alex says.

“We want the child.” William states.

The woman trying to bolt out the door. “El don’t. ” Alex says. “Look I want to make it clear I don’t approve of what the mayor is doing. I have no reason to keep this child away from you. But if the mayor knows he is alive and with you. He will come back after him And you.” Alex says.

“Then you better not tell him we have him.” Eric states.

“I can do that. That’s not a problem. Can we sit down and talk?” Alex suggests.

William and Eric look at each other and take a seat at the kitchen table.

“Look, the mayor is a really bad man Not like I am wonderful or anything, but I don’t take children away from there families. No matter who the father is. I want to make it clear. I didn’t tell the Mayor anything. There is a lot you have to fear though.” Alex states.

“What do you mean?” Eric asks.

“Your son will grow up to be a very powerful vampire. His powers will be like no other. It will even surpass mine and William’s. He is half purebred, Half Hunter. He will have powers from both. Even better than you Eric. He was born this way, As you know all hunters have a bit of Vampire in them already. Its how you sence us. How you stay young for such a long time. You were turned afterward when you were a child. Your son was born full Vampire. The blood through his veins is like nothing I have ever seen. It is why the mayor was worried. He feels that he will take us all out. I don’t see that happening. His family is vampires not to mention himself, But he will be very hard to kill. Not to mention his ancestors. He has William’s blood as well. We all know what a badass you are William.” Alex comments.

“You didn’t tell this to the Mayor?” William asks.

“No. I knew better. He would give this child a life of hell. Raising him to be his assassin. We don’t need that. I think we would all want Connor to grow up to be for the good. Not the bad.” Alex states.

“Of Course.” William answers.

“What do you mean he has William’s blood?? He is my son!” Eric asks

“Your wife, fed off of William many times, his blood courses through her veins. You fed off of your wife, and Williams's blood is also in you. Which makes your son have it as well.” Alex answers.

“Fucking Vampires,” Eric says.

“El, Give the Boy to his father please.” Alex states.

El walking over to Eric, Placing Ren in his arms. Who is now 11 months old. Eric takes him holding him close to him. A slight tear fills his eye. So happy to know he is safe.

“I know you have your own scientist. Ryan. If you don’t mind, I would like to get with him. Showing him the results. That I have of the child. I think between the two of us. We will know just how powerful he is. You are going to have to keep this information to yourself. To keep Conner safe. If anyone else finds this out, The mayor won’t be the only one after him. ” Alex responds.

“We will keep it down low. Ryan would be happy to work with you. That’s not a problem. What are you going to do about the Mayor.” William asks.

“I will tell him. I still have the child. I won’t let on that you were here and took him. For now, that will keep him safe. You will have to come up with your own way to deal with him after that.” Alex states.

“Thank you. We will.“William states.

“This went a lot easier than I thought,” William adds.

“I am a lot of things William but a baby killer isn’t one. I took an oath to help people. Not to hurt them. We took very good care of him. The only reason I didn’t bring him back Was out of protection. I knew he was safe here. “Alex replies.

“We will take it from here. ” Eric states.

Eric and Wiliam walk out of Alex’s cabin In relief of what took place. Eric still holding a smiling Conner.

“His mother is going to be so happy,” Eric says.

“I know. That should cool the dark Elena for a while.” William states.

“Did she get like that often with you?” Eric asks.

“Yes. Not ripping anyone balls off. That was something not even I saw coming. But she would turn dark on me. It took her a while to go that way, while you were here. I don’t think she would have. If Conner didn’t go missing.“William states.

“I will be glad to see it go. She didn’t do anything bad to me I just didn’t like watching her do that to Thomas. ” Eric states.

“She will get what she wants. It’s the purebred in her. Your son is supposed to possess even more power. I don’t think. I would want to see his dark side.” William states.

“The thought just scares me.” Eric answers.

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