Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Heading Home.

William, Conner, and Eric walking to the jeep, Eric holding his son., Talking to him.

“How is my boy? I missed you so much. So did mommy. Wait till she sees you.” Eric says to the little boy.

Conner just making baby noises and smiling at Eric, Even smiling at William. Eric gets in the Jeep holding the child close to him. William driving Eric making a call.

“Babe, We have our son. He is coming home.” Eric says.

“Eric really?” Elea says holding back tears.

“Yes. He is in my arms and safe.” Eric responds.

“Oh, God. I am so happy. I can’t wait to hold him. They didn’t hurt him?” Elena asks.

“No, he is fine. He is his sweet self, Sitting on my lap, Playing with my fingers. We will be home in a few hours.“Eric responds.

“Thank you, Eric, I can’t wait. I love you both.” Elena says.

“I love you too.” Eric comments.

William just listening as he Drives the car. “I bet she is happy now.” William states.

“Yes very, She will be waiting for our return,” Eric remarks.

“I will drive as fast as I can. I am glad to see Conner is ok.” William states.

“Me too. I don’t know what I would have done If he wasn’t. Elena would have never been the same. We might not even be able to have any more children. It makes this even worse. I guess. We will cross that bridge when we get there.” Eric states.

“I know that hurt Elena a lot. She wants children with you. Next time we see Alex we will need to ask him more about, what he did with the pill. He created it. He should know how strong it is, And if it would work on her. “William answers.

" I do think No matter how much she wants to know what is going on. In that department, We should keep it quiet, that we are asking. Until we find out the truth about the pills. We don’t need to get her hopes up or bring up the matter again. If he says she is infertile. ” Eric states.

" I agree with you, but you do know this is part of the reason, she pulled away from me. I was always trying to save her from hurting. She didn’t take it that way She tells me I lie to her. Keep things from her. I will do as you say. Just I want to warn you. If she finds out. She isn’t going to be very happy with you Eric.” William comments.

“I see why you hid a few things. I don’t need her going dark on me again. I don’t need her trying to kill herself again either. I am not sure I like either way. Why does it have to be so dramatic? Eric asks.

“Because she is fighting within herself, to be the person you want her to be, and what she has truly become. There is the girl that she remembers, Growing up with you. How you looked at her. The innocent sweet Elena And then the Dark Elena that came out while being here with me. The purebred in her. The vampire in her, With me, she didn’t mind showing the dark side. She knew I had my own. Which I was as bad as her trying to hide it from her. Not wanting her to see it. Trying to be the calm sweet William she knew all those years of growing up. Once her side came out, I showed mine on occasion. Mostly when it had to do with you. The dark Elena loved to torment me with you. How much she wanted you. How she felt about you. Not hiding it at all, but pushing it. Hurting me. Doing her best so I would let her go. I just couldn’t. I love her way too much for that. It was like I wanted to watch her grow and spread her wings and then at the same time, I didn’t want to let her go.” William remarks.

“I wish, She didn’t have to go dark. If it could just merge somehow. Being a little of each, Not either one or the other.” Eric states.

“It could it will just take time. It was another reason I didn’t let her out. At first, she couldn’t control her thirst. I wasn’t enough for her. She would drink yet still need more. I didn’t want her to just go out and bite people. I knew she craved you, Wanted you in the way. She would bite herself at times it was so bad. The tablets wouldn’t work. She would take them but they never did her any good. Once she went dark, I didn’t want anyone seeing, What a real bitch she could be. No one would ever expect Elena to be that. I know, I had my hand in turning her dark though. Her want and love for you brought it out more. The more I kept her away from you. The more it was there. Then she just gave up.” William states.

“She thought I didn’t want her. That I wasn’t writing her back because I didn’t want her. Thanks to you. You just made a big mess. Worse then what it was before. You could of just put your feelings on the side and let her go.“Eric comments.

“I couldn’t, I love and wanted her too badly. Could you?“William asks.

“I did once. I watched as she walked away with you, With my heart in her hands. She picked you. Did you ever realize how much that hurt?” Eric asks.

“No. At the time I wanted her. It was all that mattered. I did tell her she didn’t have to come with me. It was her choice. She also was honest with me Telling me that she loved me but loved you as well. That she wasn’t sure about her feelings for you. I just figured in time she would forget about you and move on. You grew up together so of course, she had feelings for you.” William reveals.

“I will tell you something right now William. I might have watched her walk away then But I will never do it again. I will never let her go either. So as you say, She has us both. It does seem, its what she wanted. It’s sick and twisted. I guess That’s part of her Dark side as well.” Eric replies.

“In a way yes. In a way, she knew it would be too hard for us to get divorced. Not to mention the Council and mayor. Not wanting you two together. She figured with me on her side, It would be more possible to have you as well. And Yes I am sure her dark side liked the idea of having us both. It does seem that her regular self, fights with itself though. She will want to be with me intimately then thinks of you And change her mind.” William responds

“I can’t deny, That doesn’t make me feel good. I can’t stand the thought of her with you. I don’t think I will ever get used to that fact of sharing her.” Eric answers.

“I had to. Do you really think its something I wanted? Something I like? Not to mention she sleeps with you every night. I only get once a week or month depending on when you leave for work. When I am her original husband? I thought I would have been her first and only. Not that I would be sharing her with you or anyone for that matter.” William hisses.

“It's just something we will have to deal with. We both are stubborn and not giving her up.” Eric states.

Conner falling asleep on Eric’s lap during the long drive. Eric listening to everything that William told him. Understanding a little bit more. Seeing that this isn’t something William really wanted either. It was something he was thrown into, just like Eric. Just to be with the one he loved. Eric hoped that the Dark Elena would stay away now. She would have their son back Maybe they could get back to normal life.

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