Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Home

It takes them a few hours but they are finally home. Eric walks into the Manor carrying little Conner in his arms. Greeted by Elena who runs to him Kissing his cheek and taking their son. Holding him close to herself, tears streaming down her face.

“My boy. You are at home. No one will ever touch you again. I promise you that. Mommy will do everything she can to keep you safe.” Elena says. “Thank you, William, for all your help,” Elena adds.

“No problem I am glad to see that the child is home safe. I will be heading to bed. Its been a long night.” William replies. Going up the stairs into his own quarters.

Leaving Elena, Eric, and Conner to themselves. Knowing this was their reunion, Not his. Taking a step back.

Elena brings Conner into the kitchen, Getting the little boy something to eat. Also getting something for Eric. Just smiling and happy Holding Conner so close to her.

“Alex confirmed that the Mayor is behind this. Didn’t he?” Elea asks.

“Yes. We can’t take Conner out. We need to make it that he is still missing Not letting the Mayor know he is with us. He might try again.” Eric states.

“I understand,” Elena says. A glow in her eyes Eric never saw before.

" Our son has great power, Elena. He will be stronger than both of us. If anyone finds that out. There will be more that comes after him.” Eric explains.

“Don’t worry. They won’t find out. He is just a little boy. He will not be using his power for some time. We will keep him safe. When he is older, if he is that strong He won’t need us to. He will be able to take care of himself With training from you and William. He will be a good strong powerful man.” Elena answers.

“We made something special. Even more, than we thought we did.” Eric smiles.

“I knew we would. He was special from the moment he was conceived. He brings me such joy. Thank you so much for bringing our son home to us.” Elena states. Kissing Eric on his forehead.

“I am just glad I could. He has grown so much in four months. We missed so much.” Eric comments.

“We will never miss anything else. I promise you that.” Elena replies.

Eric is not sure what that means. She keeps making promises. What was she going to do? Was it just a figure of speech? Or was she planning something? Eric wasn’t sure anymore, After seeing what she did to Thomas, He knew she was compatible of anything now. When she went dark She wasn’t scared of anything. Nothing would get in her way. That scared Eric.

Eric, Elena, and Conner head upstairs. Elena not letting go of this little boy. She gets him ready for bed. Then bringing him to there room Putting him in their bed.

" I guess he will be sleeping with us tonight?” Eric asks.

“Yes. I want him with us. Where he should be. He is ours.” Elena answers.

Getting in bed next to Eric, putting Conner on top of her chest. Holding him close. Elena falls asleep close to both of the people , She loves more than anything. Eric seeing. She is even more overprotective then she was before. When it came to Conner He was glad he was home though. He just knew He would have to share his time again. This time, he didn’t mind. He was happy his son was where he should be. The little boy, sleeping peacefully in his mother’s arms. He knew now. Elena wouldn’t let anyone near him. There would be no getting to him now. He remembered how she reacted after he was born at the Hosptial. What would she do now? The thoughts of earlier when she made those promises, popping up in his mind again. He knew the mayor would be in big trouble. To even look at Conner now. Let alone touch him.

He also wondered. What they should do about the Mayor. He knew if he ever found out the child was returned. He would come after them again. Maybe even doing something to either one of them instead. He wasn’t sure about what the mayor would do. Just that he would always be in there way. If Elena could have more children, they would always have to watch and be on the lookout. That, someone, didn’t steal that one. How could you live like this? Eric also hoped they didn’t have to spend the rest of there life locked away in this Manor. It might have had everything, but Eric wasn’t used to this. He wanted his children to be free. To enjoy life. To be normal. At the same time knowing they would never be normal. They had a purebred for a mother and a hunter for a father. Things would never be normal again. They were not the two young kids growing up, being protected by Elena’s parents. They were adults now both Vampires who created their own child. They would have to rise above.

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