Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Normalcy.

In the morning Elena wakes up still holding Conner, Who is looking up at her, Smiling. He is such a sweet little boy. Elena loves him more than anything. She looks over at Eric. Who is staring at her and Conner. Just taking the lovely site in. Watching his wife and son together. The way it should be

. “Good morning, Eric.” Elena Kissing him tenderly on his lips.

“Morning Babe. It really is a good morning.” Eric replies.

Elena smiles at him. “It sure is,” Elena responds.

“I feel so much better now that I know he is home, And safe with us. I never want him out of my sight.” Elena adds.

“I know you’re going to baby him more now than ever. At the same time, we can’t let this contain our lives. We need to be free. “Eric states.

“I know, I want more protection here. I know William knows a lot of people. We will hire another guard. One to just watch over the children. To keep them safe. That way it won’t only be us. ” Elena answers.

“If that is what you want. That is fine with me. Will we be staying here at the Manor?” Eric asks.

“I guess for a little while. We will see what happens to Take it from there.” Elena comments.

“Ok. I do want a regular life, Elena.” Eric answers.

“I do as well. We just have to be careful, take precautions. I want our children safe.” Elena replies.

“You sound a bit like William there. I guess. He has rubbed off on you some.” Eric responds.

“Sadly in more than some ways. I was trained by Ryan on how to be a purebred in this house. All the correct ways to be an act. I do remember my training, and I can be the dark cold purebred. When I have to be.” Elena states.

“Elena I love you. I just wish, you didn’t have to let out the Dark Elena. I know its part of you and I will accept it. I just prefer the regular you. ” Eric confides.

“I always knew you wouldn’t understand the dark side. You weren’t born into this. You are a true Human. Its why I hid it for so long. I love you, Eric, very much, But I am a purebred vampire. The very thing you hate the most. I can’t help what I was born into. I am sorry.” Elena says. Looking deeply into his eyes. Then down at the bed.

” I Love you too. I don’t hate you or what you are. I just wish that maybe you wouldn’t go so dark. Maybe a compromise?” Eric asks.

“We can see. I am not dark all the time. Just when things set me off. I was calm for over a year with you. You calm my crazy. I love how you tame me. Bring out the good in me. I just can’t promise that the Dark Elena, won’t be set free at times. There will be things I have to take care of. You will have to understand that.” Elena responds

“I will do my best. At least now maybe things can go back to normal. We have our son back.” Eric replies.

“Yes, I am so glad for that, I never thought I would see his sweet face again. He is our angel.” Elena states.

Eric seeing that Conner also brings out the regular sweet Elena. He was so happy to see that.

They Get up out of bed getting their showers. Elena giving all her attention to baby Conner. Who is totally unphased by everything that had happened. Eric knew that Alex told the truth when he said he took care of Conner. Conner wasn’t scared of anything. Everything was normal. He was his sweet bubbly self. Elena gave him a bath and wanted to dress him for the day realizing that everything she had for him was a bit small. It’s been four months since this child lived with her. Which brought a pain to her heart, every time she even thought about it. She took Conner into William’s office. Wanting to borrow his laptop.

“William may I please use your laptop. I need to order some clothes for Conner. He has grown so much. I know I can’t take him out, So I figured I would stay here with him. Just ordering some goodies for him. “Elena explains.

“Of course my dear. Anything you need. It is very nice to see you back to yourself.” William states.

“I will also want more protection for him and Alexie. I want you to hire the best to watch over them. I don’t want anything to happen to either of them, And it seems even though we were supposed to be so strong, and powerful. Everyone in this house overlooked things. ANd it got Conner kidnapped.” Elena suggests.

“As you wish. I will ask Victoria who she thinks is best for the job. I see you are staying at the manor?” William asks.

“For now I have something to take care of before I am able to leave,” Elena says.

“Like what?” William asks

.” Don’t worry about it. I am sure in a way it will make you proud.” Elena states.

“My dear, what are you up to?” William asks.

“You have your secrets. I have mine. Its what we are best at my dear.” Elena replies.

“I see the dark one is still here. You just learned to intertwine them. How ...Did you do that?” William says.

Seeing just how strong Elena is. She seems to surprise him more and more.

“I am not as weak as you two would like to think. I can handle myself. I do know he doesn’t like the dark me. There is no way I can keep her away at this moment. So I learned to try to keep her hidden even when she is out. “Elena comments.

“Yet you let me know she is,” William remarks.

“You know all of me. There is no hiding. In a way, I am glad I don’t have to with you. It’s nice being yourself. No matter who that may be. It gets tiring always trying to watch what I say or do. I just love him so much I will keep doing it to protect him. I told you he was too innocent for this.” Elena states.

“What he doesn’t know what hurt him then. I will do whatever you need. You do know that?” William asks.

“Yes. I know when it comes down to it. You are always there. I thank you for that.” Elena states.

“You’re very welcome. That is the one thing that hasn’t changed. I hope it never does.” William responds.

“Don’t screw it up then, and we should be fine,” Elena says with a grin. Grabbing the laptop. Walking out of the office.

William knows she is up to something. He has some kind of idea of what also. He will just keep it to himself. Watching over her Not letting her out of his sight. If she was planning what he thought. He wanted to be there as her back up. He knew Eric wouldn’t be. She would never tell him what she was planning. He wouldn’t like it. So William knew he would be the one to share this with her.

The day goes on with Elena ordering some goodies for Conner and even Alexie. Acting like everything is fine. Spending family time with Eric and both kids. Enjoying what the missed over these past four months. Elea didn’t let Coner out of her sight. The way she would watch Eric, When He would walk out of a room, with panic was now the same with Conner. But even more so. She would try to hide it but it was there. Eric understood it. He felt the same. He wanted no one to touch his son again.

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