Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Actions.

William appears in front of Elena’s car. Elena still kissing him passionately Not letting up.

“Elena is this for me or for him?” William asks out of breath.

" No, it's For you You stood there and let me do anything. I wanted. Do you know what power I felt? Do You know how turned on I am? You’re not even looking at me differently. Nothing I did in there phased you. You grinned at me, giving me your approval egging me on. Which filled me with excitement. Eric would never understand. He can never know what took place here tonight. It’s our secret. Can you handle that?” Elena asks.

“Yes. Anything you need. Why would I look at you differently? I would have done the same, Or maybe worse. I have in the past. You never said a thing. You came with me. It was now my turn.“William answers.

“Take me somewhere we can be alone. I want you. More at this moment, Than I ever have.“Elena replies.

Kaname shocked by that statement, but in a good way. Excited and happy she wants him. This time him, Not Eric.

William and Elena get into the car William driving them to a little house way in the back of the Manor. One that no one knew about but William. It was small, it used to be used for the servants. They would stay there instead of the main house Years ago. It was dark and quiet, and mainly far away enough. That their scents wouldn’t be smelled at the main house.

William Parks the Car taking Elena inside Putting the small light on. Elena wastes no time in kissing and pawing at William. William seeing the Dark Elena in full effect. Just this time its a bit different. He sees the lust isn’t for Eric. It’s really aimed at him Which drives him.

“My Elena, She is back. My love.” William says in a low smooth tone.

Elena just starts taking his shirt off, licking down his neck.

“I can’t be the real me with him. I can only with you. I need to let her out I can’t contain her.” Elena says.

Throwing William against the wall, so hard it puts a nice long crack in it. William just smirks. Loving how turned on she is And that it’s for him. Elena, Not even able to wait to take his pants off. Just unzipping them Sliding her dress up and pushing herself onto him. William giving out a large moan, as this feeling he hasn’t felt in such a long time. His eyes turn crimson, as he pushes them both back onto the sofa. Trying his best to take some control from her. Wanting to do to her what he pleases. Elena’s legs just wrap around his waist. Pushing him in deeper. Her arms around his neck, with her mouth on his. His arms around her neck kissing her deeply as he pounds into her body. His thrusts getting harder and deeper with each one. Her moans getting louder. He keeps up with his thrusts, Sensing she is coming to the end. He feels her tighten around his shaft, which lets himself let go inside her.

Just letting go on top of her Still holding each other in each other’s arms.

“My Elena,” Kaname says as he plants small kisses down her neck and chest.

Elena kissing the top of his head. They fall asleep in each other’s arms. Their heartbeats in sync with each other's.

Mid-morning Elena wakes up Finding Wiliam on top of her holding her tight. She feels the sincerity that was there last night. Just now she is her self. Not the dark Elena that took over her last night. A single tear runs down her face, as she thinks of Eric.

William stirs above her. Opening his eyes, to look straight at her.

“My love, Your still here. That wasn’t a dream?” William says.

“No, it was real. I need to get up William. I have to get washed and head back.” Elena says.

Elena trying to get up from the sofa William pulling her hand back to him, To kiss her deeply. She doesn’t push him away. She accepts the kiss. Just deep inside she is torn. She gives him a light smile walking to the upstairs shower. Closing the door behind her. She put the shower on, sliding down it. Wrapping her arms around her legs. Wondering why things got to this. How could I love two men? What did I do last night with him? Eric can’t find out. Tears running down her face, with the thought of Eric knowing. Even though, in reality, Eric knew this was going to happen. This was the deal. Yet the regular her couldn’t accept it. Where the vampire her, loved it.

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