Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Crime scene.

The next morning, Eric gets a call from the association. James wanting Eric to come right in for work. They found the mayor and all his men dead. The investigation was on. Eric was the headhunter there. They needed him. His father wanted to see his point of view and if he knew anything that was going on.

“Elena you wouldn’t believe, they found the Mayor and his men dead. I have to go to work. I will be back later tonight.” Eric states.

“Ok, Please be careful,” Elena says. Not letting on that she knows anything.

“I will.” Eric states.

“Let me know what you find out. Who killed him.” Elena replies.

“I am sure he had a lot of enemies.” Eric states.

" I bet,” Elena replies.

Eric leaves for work. Elena kissing him before he leaves, She walks back up to her quarters. Still staying away from William.

Eric gets to the crime scene, just looking around at all the dust laying on the floor. Just in Awe of the scene itself.

“How many men did he have working for him?” Eric asks.

“135” James answers.

“All dead?” Eric replies.

“Yes. It doesn’t even look like they put up a fight. They were just turned to dust. The Mayor has turned also, but it looks like it went a little slower. The killer left a photo to show just what he went through before death. They wanted him to suffer. “James states.

“Wow, that’s a lot of blood. The person that killed him would have to be in full control to do something like that. A vampire not affected by blood?” Eric replies.

“This murder wasn’t focused on draining their blood for dinner. It was focused on him being dead. It looks like revenge. Someone who wanted to see him, hurt and in a lot of pain. Hey person that did this, wasn’t playing games.” James states.

“Are there any clues?” Eric asks.

“No, it happened in the middle of the night. There are no witnesses. Anyone that did see anything is dead. The person would be full of blood, yet the blood trail stops at the mayor’s office. Nothing leads outside of there. It’s like the murder flew away. I am not sure if we are going to get to the bottom of this.” James states.

“Well, we will try.“Eric replies.

Rushing the photo to the lab to check fingerprints. Then Eric thinking to himself. Was this William? He could fly away, Turn himself into a bat. Was this Elena? Naw, Eric thinks. She wouldn’t. She couldn’t? Could she?

Eric goes over the crime scene, searching for clues. Not much left for clues. Everything was turned to dust. The only thing that could catch the person as if there were prints on the photo. Otherwise, it was a complete loss. Eric saw the extent of the damage done to the mayor. The picture clear in his head. It was a very anger fulled murder. Someone hated the mayor as much as he did. Was it his spouses? He knew he had to be careful with the prints. Making sure he was the only one to see who’s was on the photo before anyone else.

Eric goes home late, Still thinking about everything he has seen today. He walks in being greeted by Eric. Putting her arms around him and giving him a big kiss.

" Welcome home handsome,” Elena says.

“Thank you babe,” Eric replies.

" How was your day? What did you find out?“Elena asks.

“I would like to talk to you and William together. After dinner, we can go into his office.” Eric says.

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