Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Withering away

After Dinner, Eric sticks around waiting for William. Following him, around being annoying. Until William, has had enough. Knowing that if he didn’t, William was going to let another day go by, without him seeing Elena. Eric wanted to know what was going on and now.

“Ok. Eric. I will take you to her. “William states.

” It’s about time.“Eric remarks.

“I am telling you before, you walk in there. She may not know your here. She has been like this for a few weeks now. “William reveals.

“Just take me to her, I will see for myself.” Eric snaps.

“As you wish.” William remarks.

Walking Eric upstairs to the second floor on the opposite end of his Quarters, he is letting Eric use. William opens the bedroom door. Where there is a large Queen size bed. Two night tables, a fireplace and two armchairs next to a bay window. The furniture dark wood, four poster queen size bed. That is empty, covered in a red quilt with matching pillowcases.

The top of the bed filled with pillows, large and small. The two matching red armchairs next to the window. The room looks empty cold and quiet.

“Ok William, Where is she?” Eric asks as he gives William a glare.

“In the armchair next to the window,” William replies.

Eric walking up to the armchair and peeking in. Seeing a small fragile girl, sitting in a light pink long nightgown, that overtakes her whole skinny boney body, her knees up in her arms. With tears flowing from her eyes, staring out the window. Her eyes glazed over, Not sensing anyone in the room. She doesn’t move or speak. She just sits there, like a zombie. Like something has taken over her body. She doesn’t even blink. Eric can’t believe the site. He takes a double take, not believing what is in front of him. As she was small before, but now even more so. She was skin and bone from not eating. She was wasting away. Eric took back from the site, his love gave up, as she said in the letters.

When they would stop, she gave up. He sees now, they were true. He takes her small fragile hand. Into his own, sitting on his knees. Looking up at her, pain in his heart. His mind wandering. How could this be happening? What has he done to you? Eric takes a deep long breath, trying to compose himself and his thoughts. As the site of her makes him feel sick to his stomach.

“Elena, It’s me. I am here. Please come back to me. I am here now. I am not leaving you.“Eric says.

Looking up at her. Her eyes still glazed and tears still flowing. Like she didn’t hear a word. He said, It was like talking to a rag doll, no signs of life. The warm sweet bubbly girl he grew up with. No longer there, nothing was there. It was a shell of her former self. The more he looked at her, the more scared he got. Just thinking of how this could be.

Eric gets up in a rage. His eyes flaming red. Throwing William up against the wall.

“What the fuck did you do to her? You Bastard!” Eric shouts.

“I told you, I didn’t do anything. She did it to herself.“William says calmly.

“You can let go of me now Eric. It’s not going to change anything.” William adds.

“You let her starve herself, she is skin and bone. She is barely here on any level. What the hell did you wait so long for?” Eric Snaps loudly.

“It just turned into a whirlwind. The last few weeks it came to ahead. I saw there was no turning back. Its why I called you. Do you think I would of? If I didn’t really have to?” William barks back.

“How the hell am I suppose to fix this now? Why didn’t you wait till she was dead to call? You Stupid bastard. Always just thinking of yourself, how you feel. NO one else ever mattered!” Eric shouts.

“Think what you may, but when it comes to Elena. I do care. There was no getting through to her. She just wouldn’t listen, If anyone can fix this. You can, Its why I said. Do whatever it takes.” William comments.

“What the hell is that suppose to mean? You and your fucking riddles. You make me sick.“I know you’re mad. But do you need to use those words? William asks.

“Fuck you! You took her away from everyone who loved her. Who would have taken care of her? To bring her here to this prison! You kept her fun, bubbly. Alive self, hidden Away. Forcing her to be something she wasn’t. How long did you think you could keep her down? before she would crack?“Eric Howls.

“I did, what I thought was best. It was hard to call you at all. I didn’t want her near any of her old life. It would only bring her closer to you.” William hisses.

“Well, you had to call me anyway. Didn’t you? I am supposed to pick up your pieces and make this shit better? I guess, your not the man, you thought you were. Any time I have to fix this! It’s amazing you didn’t put her on the vampire hunters list. So you could just get rid of her. Like you do all the vampires in your way.” Eric huffs.

William just staring at Eric. Not answering him.

Walking over to Elena and picking her up.

“Where are you taking her?” William shouts.

“Out of this fucking room. She isn’t a doll to be locked away. She is a person.” Eric hollars.

Holding her slender boney body to his. He carries her to the garden. Sitting her in the chair, taking a seat next to her. His eyes not able to peel themselves away from her. His heart filled with pain.

“The moon is out tonight Elena. With all the stars. Remember when we were young and would sit in the garden at night? We would look up at the stars and count them. There is many out here tonight.“Eric says Holding her hand.

“I know your in there Elena. I am going to get you back. I promise you. I need your help though. We can get through this We just have to, I need my old Elena back. I will not leave you if its true that your feelings for me are that strong. I will never leave you again.” Eric says.

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