Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Meeting

During, dinner Elena is a bit on edge. A little worried about what Eric found out, Not wanting him to know, What she really was. What she could really do. Not to mention feeling very uncomfortable about William. She just hoped William would keep his mouth closed. Otherwise, Eric would learn how dangerous she really was. What she turned into. She knew in a way Eric couldn’t handle it. He really only saw her as the sweet innocent girl she used to be. She was far from that now.

“After, Dinner I would like to talk to you in your office William,” Eric says.

“Sure not a problem,” William replies looking at Elena. Who just looks at her, plate not at William.

William knows, What Elena is frightened about. He knows he needs to protect her. As always.

After dinner, all three head to William’s office, taking their seats.

“What is it that you need to speak to me about?” William asks.

“Today I went to the crime scene of the death of the mayor. It was a pretty brutal scene. 135 men dead. Turned to dust.” Eric replies.

“Do they know who did it?” William asks.

“Not at the moment. There isn’t very much evidence, Just one thing that could foil the murder.” Eric states

. What was that?” William says.

“The picture. It was taken to the lab for prints. The prints will tell who did it.” Eric comments.

“Ah, I see.” William answers.

“Not to mention it was the funniest thing. The murderer must have flown out of the room. After they killed the Mayor. There was no blood trail out the door, which leads to it having to be a Purebred. Which one of you did it?” Eric asks.

Elena sitting in her chair, with no reaction. Eric couldn’t read her. She was blank. William was also It was what they did best.

“What makes you think it was one of us?“William asks.

“Because only a purebred has familiars that can fly. One being you William as a bat, and Elena with her’s.” Eric answers

. “Well if you must know it was me,” William reveals. Drinking his glass of wine Like he just admitted to buying a pair of shoes Not murdering someone.

“Why did you do that?” Eric snaps.

“Because as long as he was alive, he would bring all of us grief. I know how you two are. You don’t keep your hands off each other. There will probably be more children down the line. I just protected them from now. I am sure another beast will come in the way but at least one is down.” William says calmly.

“We don’t even know if we can have other children. This was a stupid thing to do. Why did you leave the photo? You should have known better!” Eric snaps louder.

“Look, Others had to see what happened to him. So they would know better to come after us. I am sure you will take care of the prints.

Elena now looking at William with deep sad eyes. He just had to admit to something he didn’t do, Just to protect her. It was something he was doing a lot lately. Just to make her happy. She knew he really did care, even though their relationship had issues.

“You can’t just spring shit like this on me. You should have told me. Should of let me know what you were planning, And that doesn’t mean I condone any of it. Wasn’t there a better way? Quieter? You killed 135 innocent men.” Eric says.

“They were not innocent. They knew what they got themselves into. They were working for him. Who do you think stole your son? He had more than one behind it. One is sitting in our jail cell downstairs. I am sorry for springing it on you, but I am sure you can handle it. It’s nothing worse then you had to take care of in the past. Just destroy the photo. If I need to I can take care of it myself. If you’re not able to.” William comments

. “I will do it! Damn you. ” Eric snaps walking out of the office.

Elena getting up to walk out with him. Whispering. “Thank you.” to William.

He just nods and goes back to his regular work. Thinking nothing of what he just admitted to. This was nothing, compared to things he has done himself in the past. To protect Elena, he would do anything. Which he now has proven.

“Did you know he would do that?” Eric asks.

“Yes. Its the way we do things here. There was no way he could live Eric. He would never leave us or our son alone. You must know that deep down.” Elena answers.

“Yes, I do, but like I said that was a brutal way. ” Eric remarks.

“It had to be. Otherwise, the rest wouldn’t know better. The one with the most power wins. The one they fear most. You know everyone fears William. He has to stay that way, to keep his control.” Elena says.

“Yea be the evil bastard he always is.” Eric comments.

“Sometimes you have to be evil. It’s just how the world works.” Elena replies.

“You don’t see anything wrong with this do you?” Eric asks.

“No. I don’t. What if when you asked. I would have told you I did it?” Elena asks Looking deep into Eric’s eyes.

“I Wouldn’t believe it. I would hope you wouldn’t do a thing like that. You’re not like him. You’re so much better.” Eric states.

“Eric I love you with all my heart. I just need to you to know. That we are cut from the same cloth. I can be worse them him. I just need to you to get over it.” Elena admits.

“That would take a long time.” Eric answers.

It was just like Elena thought Eric couldn’t see her that way. She was thankful that William saved her yet again. She just knew those prints wouldn’t. They would tell the real truth. Did she let them? Or steal them? That was what went through her mind. It would reveal what she really was. Eric would have to deal or let go. Could she hide who she is always? Then if things like this didn’t come around. She could be the woman he truly wanted. He tamed her for a year. He could do it again.

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