Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 111

Chapter 111 inner turmoil

The next day when Eric goes to work, Elena heads to William’s office, knowing that she needs to talk to him. Even though it's hard to be around him, The guilt inside is eating away. A lot of her regular side was back. Fighting with everything that has happened. Yet her dark side was still peeking through when needed. They were joining. Which scared Elena even more If they did would she let go? All she could think about was hurting Eric.

She goes to his office knocking on the door and walking in.

“My Love,” William says Getting up and walking towards her. Giving her a tender kiss. She knows not to pull back, It would defeat her purpose.

“William I need to talk to you. ” Elena says

. “I am so glad. I wasn’t sure if you were ok or not. You have been so distant since the other night. Its all I could think about Being that close to you. I just hoped you didn’t regret it.” Willam states.

“It was very nice. I did want it more than anything at the time. Just now I am a bit confused.” Elena admits.

“It’s because of Eric? Isn’t it?“William asks.

“Yes but not entirely. I am dealing with a lot right now. I don’t need things to be more complicated then they are. What I wanted to talk to you about are the fingerprints. If Eric gets the prints back, They will be mine. He will know I did it. Even though you said you did.” Elena states with a worried face.

“My love, do you really think I would do that to you? I haven’t become what I am, being foolish. I had Victoria replace the photo as soon as we left. The original is in the safe. The one Eric found has no prints. He can test it all he wants.” William admits.

. “Then why reveal you did it?” Elena asks.

“So he wouldn’t think you did. I don’t care what he thinks about me. We dislike each other. That’s fine with me. I just know you do care You don’t want him to see your true dark side. I also see you are right. He wouldn’t accept it that easy. I do have to say though If you keep going this route, Your marriage with him. Will wind up like ours if not worse. William states.

“I know I saw that as well. I also came and went with him finding out. Letting him find the prints. I am just not sure what to do.” Elena states.

“I think it might be too much for him to know you did this. You may want to start out with smaller things To let him know what you are my dear.” William says with a chuckle.

“I think your right. Thank you. I also wanted to let you That we will be leaving the Manor.” Elena comments.

“Elena, Please. We have come so far. Don’t let the other night ruin, What was supposed to bring us closer.” William states.

“It did I just can’t let him see that. It would kill him. I know he knows it will happen, but him thinking it is better. Keep him in his dreamland. Where everything is perfect. Let him have that for once! Will you?!” Elena cries.

“As you wish. I am not letting you take Alexie. It’s too dangerous.“William reveals.

“Fine, I was going to tell you the same. I feel its better if she stays at the manor. She is a true Princess. It’s right for her to be here. I will take Eric and Conner back to our own home. Please don’t visit. I will come to you. To see Alexie.” Elena states.

William totally caught off guard, He thought he could have held Alexie over her head. It just didn’t work. She didn’t care. The dark Elena was there Not even caring about her daughter. Just wanting to get what she wanted. Which was still Eric and protecting him. That burned William deep inside. He just wouldn’t show it. Not this time.

“What about us?” William asks.

“I will see you when I visit.” Elena answers

. “That isn’t answering my question. Why are you pushing me away? You told me your self you wanted me the other night. I felt it. It was incredible Don’t do this.” William remarks.

“I am not pushing you away. I need time to think. Time to get myself together.” Elena states. Touching his hand and walking out the door.

Wasting more time, knowing they are closer now then they have been. Not really wanting to ruin that but at the same time Feeling like she is going behind Eric’s back. The fight within her pulling her into. Not really wanting to hurt either of them at this moment. Just really needing time. Feeling that moving out with help with that. It would give them space and make Eric happy. She knew even if she did see William in the way she saw him the other night. It was better to keep it separate. Not letting Eric see any of it. Just as he requested. Still not sure in a way if she should let what happened the other night even happen again. To keep Eric happy, she just let her daughter behind. No matter how she turned someone always got hurt.

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