Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Going Home.

When Eric gets home from work Elena is waiting for him. Ready to tell him that they will be leaving.

“Eric, I think its time for us to go home now Go back to our regular life,” Elena says. Kissing him on his cheek.

“Are you sure? I mean Do you think it is safe for the kids?” Eric asks.

“We are only taking Conner So it will just be our family. Alexie is staying here with William. She will be the safest here. He will not make anything happen to her.” Elena answers

. “Elena are you ok with leaving her? We can stay a bit longer if you want to.” Eric replies.

“It’s fine. I think its best we leave. I am hiring extra security to watch over Conner. I will not have what happened to him again. ” Elena states.

“That’s fine with me I would like to get away from here Be our own family again. I really dislike having to live with him. Under his roof. Always watching what we are doing.” Eric admits.

“You won’t have to worry about that anymore. We are leaving tomorrow. I had Berta pack everything up and it’s on our way to our house. When we get up tomorrow morning we will leave.” Elena states.

“Ok. Sounds good.” Eric replies

Happy but in a way a little curious about why Elena wants to leave so fast. What happened to make her want to go. Just knowing it was for the best. He felt bad to leave Alexie behind, not knowing if that was William being an ass again or just to protect her. Either way, he knows that was another thing hurting Elena. She just wasn’t showing it this time. She was getting better at dealing with her emotions. Or was that just the dark Elena taking over. Eric really wishes the dark side of her would stay away.

The next morning the car pulls up and takes the three of them home. Elena seeming very happy, Not able to wait to get there. Holding baby Conner in her arms And leaning her shoulder on Eric’s. She had everything she wanted. Eric knew no matter what William did, as long as she had him and their son. Elena truly didn’t care. Once back at there own home, Elena starts dinner sitting down with Eric and there son Conner. Feeling at peace. There was a guard there watching them all.

Her name was Zima Frost. She had long white hair she always wore in a ponytail, her eyes are Icy blue, she is taller then Elena. She was the best in her field. They had nothing to worry about. William hired the best. She was so good at what she did. It was like she wasn’t even there. It just put Elena’s mind a little at ease. They enjoyed their dinner, Spending a nice time as a family. Elena trying to put the past few months behind her Trying to forget what she did with William, Even though her dark side wanted more.

After they clean up they head upstairs to put Conner to bed. Elena still a bit nervous to leave him in his own room.

" Babe, He will be fine. The Garud will be in here with him. Its why we hired her. Let her do her job.“Eric states.

“I know, but I still worry. I don’t want anyone taking him. This is the first time he is sleeping in his own room since we got him back. Maybe he should stay in ours.” Elena comments.

“Babe, he is fine. Not to mention, I would like my wife back. I miss being that close to you. It’s like your staying away from me in the department on purpose. Is there something wrong?” Eric asks.

“No. of course not. Just been focused on Conner that’s all.” Elena says.

Even though she knows it's a bit more. Her quilt bothering her, so much. That when she touches Eric she just wants to cry.

Eric and Elena walk back to there own bedroom Eric pulling her close into his arms. He places tender kisses on her lips, and her body just falls tenderly into his.

“My sweet Elena is back. How I so missed her.” Eric says.

That statement hurts Elena, Hitting her deep within. She just cries in his arms. Knowing that she isn’t that at all.

“Babe are you ok?” Eric asks.

“Yes. I just love you so much. I am sorry for all that I put you through.” Elena says

Eric lifting her head to look into his eyes. “I love you. There isn’t anywhere I rather be Than with you.” Eric responds Kissing her again.

They make love in their own bed, laying close together. No dark Elena present. It was gentle and loving. Elena didn’t even do much, she just let Eric take full control Which he loved. This was the Elena he loved most. The sweet, gentle kind one he knew most of his life. Not the dark scary one. Eric hoped that now that things were getting back to normal. Elena would stay as herself. They would go back to the life they had before all this took place. He was glad they were away from William as well. There was so much and no more he could deal with, being around him. Still not knowing if they did anything or not. He just pushed the thoughts back in his mind. Not really wanting to know. Just holding the woman he loved dear in his arms.

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