Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Pureblood Chat

Back at William’s, he has Alexandar come over to talk and work with Ryan. Ryan is very excited to be working with Alexandar. He has heard so much about the purebred doctor. It makes Ryan happy to hear that William trusts him enough to let this happen.

When Alexandar gets to the manor, William is waiting for him.

“I would like to talk to you in my office. If that is ok with you?” William asks.

“Of course. What can I do for you?” Alexandar asks

. “Well, There was a pill that the mayor had you make for Elena, So she couldn’t get pregnant. How long did you make it that it would work?” William asks.

“The Mayor wanted me to make it work forever. Taking her ability away to have any children. At any time, I didn’t think that was very fair. She didn’t do anything wrong, to have that done to her. I did make the pill, It would work as long as she would use it. Like a regular birth control pill. It would also last awhile after she would stop it. It won’t last forever. Like he planned but I would say at least a few years. Then all should go back to normal. The longer she takes it though. The longer it will work.” Alexandar says.

“She stopped it months ago when Conner was taken.” William states.

“That’s good, She wasn’t on it long, so things should go back to normal for her faster.” Alexandar answers.

“That is good to know. Thank you for all your help.“William says.

“No problem, I see the mayor got what he deserved. I have to say the way it was done was something else.” Alexandar states.

“Yes, whoever did it really had it out for him,” William remarks.

“That could be just about anyone.” Alexandar comments.

“Thank you for coming here to work with Ryan. He is also very good at what he does. You should have no problems with him. Just let him know what you found out. I am sure he can add to it.” William states.

“No problem, Two heads are better than one. This child is a very special one. His powers will be better than any of ours.“Alexandar states.

“I don’t see him using them for bad. He may turn into a hunter like his father though. It’s in his blood. ” William answers.

“If so, He will be even better than his father. I know they say Eric is the strongest and badest but Conner will take that over. I don’t think anyone would want to mess with him. Just till he is an adult if anyone knows about his powers, they will want to use him for bad. We all know how it is here.” Alexandar states.

“Yes, We will do our best to keep it to ourselves. The main one is dead now. I don’t see anyone else coming after us. After that, they don’t want to wind up like him. It wasn’t a pretty sight.“William comments.

“No, it wasn’t. Yet, there still will be some, that will not care. Thinking they can get away with it Or go over your head. They don’t even have to know that the child has powers. They just don’t like that’s its a Hunters and a purebreds child. That burned a lot of people, William. Not to mention, that you were accepting of all this. That you married him. Acting as if he was your equal. People will never really get over that. Some feel that you are betraying the vampire community. That you’re not seeing straight, You are way too close with the hunters.“Alexandar remarks.

“I know what they are saying. I did it now, I had no choice really. “William catches himself saying.

“I see she isn’t here and neither is the hunter. This was all your wife’s idea. You just went along with it, to save her and yourself. I saw how you looked at him when you came to get the child. The both of you can’t stand the other. There was no way you married him because you wanted to. It was because of Elena.” Alexandar states.

“You can read that off of us huh?” William states.

“There wasn’t much hiding it that night. You both were your true selves. I haven’t been alive this long not to know what was going on around me.” Alexandar states.

“Then you just need to keep it quiet.“William remarks.

“I have no interest in who you marry and why. I have been married a few times. We live too long not to get bored with someone. Even if you really care after 2000 years, You need a break. You need to change it up. I just didn’t marry the person But to each’s own.” Alexandar states.

Alexandar heads to the basement to work with Rya. Finding himself in his element. William stays at his desk, Just thinking about what Alexandar said. He had to do better so people would know how he really felt about Eric. He needed to keep his secret, Not wanting anyone to know. That Elena preferred Eric to him, Just another thing to set William off. Its been at least four weeks and Elena hasn’t been back at the manor. Not even to see Alexie. She was pretending they didn’t exist. Living her life with Eric and her son. William wasn’t chasing her, He knew he did have something she wanted. Something that no matter how hard she tried. She would have to come to see. Alexie. How long could she stay away? Would she make the child suffer just to make Eric happy? William figures deep down Yes. For Eric, she would do anything even keep her dark side in its place. Even though William knew she let it out, IT was there pushing her to do what it wanted. She was pushing back. Trying to be what Eric wanted. William also knew that she desired him still. That she would be back. It would just take the dark side to be unleashed again.

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