Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 114

Chapter 114 Light Blub.

Back at Eric and Elena’s house, It’s been four weeks. Four wonderful weeks. Of Eric, Elena and Conner being a normal regular everyday family. Elena keeping her dark side under control, Nothing really there to set it off anyway. When she was with Eric she was fine, She was happy. She didn’t need anything else but him. She even got her dark side out in the sex department that one night with Eric. He might have woken up a little broke the following day but it was enough to curb Elena’s desire. Their lovemaking has been normal as well. Tender, loving normal sex. Nothing wild or rough. Elena let Eric take full control of it, Doing anything he wanted, which has made him very happy. To see his sweet Elena back. She knew that is truly what he wanted. That deep down he could never handle her dark side in any way. As much as she hated to admit it, Only William could. He wasn’t frightened of it. Then how could he be, when he had his own. She knew when her dark side would be unleashed, She would need William in more than one way. To always pick up the pieces of her messes. And for the deeply passionate, rough sex, she had come accustom to. She just knew if she stayed away from him It would be better for everyone. So she did her best to do so.

One bright early morning, Eric gets up for work, sliding himself onto Elena’s side of the bed, kissing her neck and rubbing her body, pulling her close to him. She just moans lightly as he touches and removes her underwear, Sliding deep and gentle inside her. He makes tender love to her. Making her moan with delight at his touches. When they are done, she just lies in his arms. Kissing his warm chest, Curling up to him.

“Babe, I need to get ready for work. “Eric says.

“You wake me up like that and now I’m supposed to let you go Not Yet.“Elena replies. Holding him close.

Eric kisses her head and stays a few more minutes before getting up to take his shower. When he is done, he walks back into the bedroom to finish getting dressed.

“Babe, its been four weeks. When are you going to go see Alexie?” Eric asks.

“I am not sure. I have been really busy. Plus I am not sure I want to take Conner.” Elena says.

“Then leave him here with Zimma, She will take care of him. She does a great job. I have to say William actually hired someone good.” Eric comments.

“We will see,” Elena responds.

“Is there something wrong? It’s not like you not to want to visit Alexie. Did William do something to you?” Eric asks.

“No. Everything is fine.” Elena says. Rolling over and trying to go back to bed. Not wanting to continue this conversation.

Not wanting Eric to know the real reason for any of this. She liked him in the dark. It was for the best, Plus she didn’t want to fight. Eric saw something was wrong This wasn’t like Elena at all.

“I will see you later babe. Have a good day, I will be home for dinner.” Eric says.

“Ok. Love you and be safe.” Elena replies.

“Same to you.” He answers.

While Eric is driving to work, he keeps thinking about Elena. He is happy, That she wants to stay away from William. That for the last four weeks its been the most peaceful of their whole relationship, but the nagging feeling something wasn’t right wouldn’t leave his mind.

“She would never just leave her child. That is so not like her. Something had to take place, I was there though. I saw nothing out of the ordinary. The only thing that could have happened is. He...Got her to make love. She gave in. It has to be. Damn you, William!” Eric shouts in the car.

“Dirty Bastard! He just can’t keep his hands to himself, ANd I was there. How could I have missed it? He told her to come to me, the first time. I bet there was another. He got what he wanted, Its why he isn’t coming after us. That Son of a bitch!” Eric snaps. Trying to get his composer while parking the jeep in the parking lot of the association.

Taking a deep breath he gets out of the car and goes to his office, trying to push back what he believes happened. Going to his office and getting a call from the lab. Letting him know that the results are in.

“Eric you can come to get the print information whenever you’re ready. It’s done.” Says the lab Technion.

“I will be there in a few minutes.”

Eric walks to the lab, figuring that the prints will be William’s. Eric thinking he has to protect William just burns him up even more.

When Eric gets to the lab, he gets the results and opens it right there.

“Wait, what? Ken, did you do this right?” Eric asks.

“Eric how can you ask that. We have been working together for a lot of years. I never get it wrong.” Ken answers.

“I know but this can’t be right. There are no prints? not even with all that blood?” Eric asks.

“Nope, nothing. Not a single print anywhere. There is no evidence at all, I doubt we will ever find out who did this.” Ken answers.

“Thank you, Ken,” Eric responds walking out.

“That dirty bastard, He knew there weren’t any prints. Why did he ask for my help? Why he said he did it. He is protecting someone

. “Oh God. did Elena do this? She couldn’t...Could she?” Eric asks himself.

Even more upset and beside himself than earlier. That would explain the dark Elena. It puts all the pieces together IT would all fit now.

“What did i get myself into?” Eric thinks.

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