Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Darkness

When its time for Eric to go home, He is still thinking about everything. Not knowing if he could handle any of it. How if what he is thinking is true, His wife is a Murder. Among other things. When she said she did things she regretted It just made Eric wonder more. What did William turn her into? Living with him, just made her even worse than him. To be honest, she was even eviler. She just knew how to hide it. William was protecting her, Letting her get away with anything. Eric sat in his car and couldn’t hate him for that. He wouldn’t be able to turn her in either. He just couldn’t believe someone so sweet, caring and loving. Would turn into this. The site of the Mayor was gruesome. It was worse than anything Eric has ever seen, And he had seen a lot. Even killed a lot. This just was the worse.

Eric gets home to Elena in the kitchen with Conner in his high chair, Making dinner. Talking to him sweetly and her normal self. Eric just walks in trying his best to keep his mouth closed. Even though everything is bubbling up inside of him.

They sit down to dinner, Elena her normal bubbly self. Eric just picking at his dinner as the site of her made him sick.

“How can she sit there and act as if everything is ok?” He says to himself.

“Elena did you go to see Alexie today,” Eric asks.

“No, I had errands to run and things to do around the house. Maybe tomorrow. “Elena states.

“What really took place? I think I know Elena.“Eric snaps.

“Not in front of Conner, please. Can we finish our dinner and put him to bed, Before you start whatever you’re going to?” Elena asks.

“For the Sake of Conner yes,” Eric replies.

Being quiet for the rest of the dinner. Elena knowing that Eric figured it out, Her heart hurting and scared of what he is going to do. Will he ever forgive her for either thing? I guess this would tell the tale.

After dinner, Elena cleans up. Then they put Conner to bed tucking him into his Crib safely. Walking out into there own bedroom, Eric closing the door behind him.

“Now, I know what you did.” Eric states.

“What did I do?” Elena asks.

“Ok play it that way. I know you were the one to kill the Mayor. William just played a role in it but it was you. Then I’m not sure when You gave yourself to him. You fucked him, didn’t you? Its why you won’t go near him. Or is it because he knows too much? ” Eric blurts out coldly.

“Yes, I killed the Mayor. I couldn’t let him come after our son or us again. I couldn’t let him get away with what he did to us. Before I was able to tell you, William stepped up and said he did it.” Elena states coldly.

The Dark Elena stepping right back up. Eric seeing her change in front of him. It was like the Dark Elena was there to protect her now When there were things Elena couldn’t handle. It was her other side.

“How could you do that? What you did to him was brutal!” Eric shouts.

“So? My Dear Native Eric. I am a purebred. I can’t just do something small. When I do it, I have to prove a point. I have to say it loud and clear. ” She says in a dark tone.

“And what were you trying to prove?” Eric asks.

“Don’t fuck with me, Or this will be you,” Elena says bluntly without even thinking.

“So the dark you is here?” Eric says.

“Of course, I haven’t left. I just stay under her control until she needs me. Till things are out of her control and I can come out.” Elena states.

“You screwed William, didn’t you. ” Eric snaps.

“Of course, I needed my full. I needed him. The power that was inside of me that night was incredible. I knew you wouldn’t except or handle it, But he would. So? It’s part of the agreement. He is my husband as well. You did tell me as long as it wasn’t in front of you. Which I have to say, that would be hot.” Elena says with a dark laugh.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Give me my wife back!” Eric shouts.

“I am your wife. You just don’t accept that. You don’t want to see this side of me. I have desires that you are scared of, William isn’t. So wouldn’t it be better to give you the soft gentle side you crave? And the rough beast side to him?” Elena Smirks.

“Damn it, He was right. You want us both.“Eric answers.

“Why not? This is a purebred world. I can have you both, Not that either of you said no. To get me in your beds you both married me. Both did everything I wanted. Your just as much at blame as I am.” She states.

“I want my girl back, not this thing in front of me. She would never talk to me this way. Never think this.” Eric huffs.

“Why, You don’t think she likes screwing you both? I do have to say. She fought it for a year and a half, Being your goodie goodie wife. Then I got to appear again and take over somewhat. Would you like for William to watch as you screw me? Show him who is boss?” She says with an evil grin.

“You’re sick!” Eric shouts.

“Am I? You need to let go some. Stop being so tense, Stop being such a baby. We can all have so much fun.” She states.

Eric going over to her and shaking her.” Give me my Elena back.” Eric replies.

“Oh stop that, she will come back, When she feels you aren’t mad at her. God forbid that. Oh, that’s right your not use to this. She never turned on you, Just William. This would only turn him on. Wanna play? Bet ya can’t handle me like this. Is that what you are afraid of? Does William have more power than you? Can he control me better than you? Are you afraid he screws better than you?“She smirks.

“Fuck William. He doesn’t have anything on me! You’re trying to use him against me.” Eric snaps.

“I am trying to see if you are up to the challenge? I am guessing your not.” She says standing there boldly. Waiting to see Eric’s responds. If he can handle her or not.

Eric standing there not sure what to think. If he walks away he is showing her that he can’t handle this side of her. That William wins. That when she gets like this, she will have to go to William. Which makes Zero’s blood boil. At the same time seeing her like this kills him. He isn’t sure what to do, but the drive to not make William win. Is there in full effect, Even after everything she has done.

He throws Elena against the wall ripping off her clothes, kissing her roughly. She just hisses and she rips off his clothes and kisses him back. The roughness he is giving her only seems to turn her on more. He remembers the last time, How bruised he got from this. Not really wanting to head there. At the same time being turned on by this. Which confused him greatly. She throws him onto the bed, licking his neck and taking his blood. Letting him do the same to her. Which only intensifies the heat between them. Making their lovemaking if you will call it that, even more passionate. This lasts a few hours. Eric on a high he has never been on before, Seeing her full vampire self let out, let him finally let his own out. Seeing for the first time in their whole relationship she isn’t scared to show him what she is. Giving him all she has. It’s like it was another person there inside their bedroom. Even the rough dark Elena wanted him though. She couldn’t get enough And to be honest with himself at the moment neither could he.

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