Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 116

Chapter 114 Day after.

In the Morning Eric wakes up, back to the reality of what took place last night. Still not understanding, what he just gave into. Elena laying in his arms, like every morning Not even the dark Elena could resist him. She wanted him just the same if not even more. She Just loved to tease him. Pushing William at him to get him going. He saw now What she did to William with him Seeing a pattern. She used them against each other. He now knew what William put up with all those years. How the dark Elena liked to play games, Just to get a rise out of you. Just to be in control. She used her body to do so and both men fell for it. It was like a spell. Neither could fight or deny they enjoyed it. Both men strong and powerful in there own ways. Yet when it came to her failed to resist.

When Elena wakes, the dark Elena is no longer there. It’s back to her normal self, A little ashamed at all she did and said. Knowing that Eric wasn’t this type.

“Are you mad at me?” Elena asks in a low tone.

“I am not sure. I am still pissed off That you slept with William. Did I keep up as well as your William?” Eric hisses.

“Eric, please. I am so sorry about that. You know how I desire you And yes you did keep up. I never wanted you to see me like that. I need to stay away from William. So I don’t get like that So I can be only yours. So I can give you. What you really want. I can do it. I promise.” Elena says.

“Do you really think? You can? Am I enough for you?” Eric asks in a sarcastic tone.

“It’s not about being enough. The vampire side wants everything, She can get. It’s about control.” Elena answers.

“I need to think about this. I knew I would have to share it with you before. I just thought it was all William then. With your dark side, It’s not only him, but it’s also you. You want us both.” Eric says.

“She only comes out to protect me. I will be fine. You don’t have to share with me. Eric, I love you. I am so sorry.” Elena replies.

“I know this side of you wants to try to be normal. The other side isn’t. How long can we just go on pretending everything is normal? I don’t want you going behind my back. I also don’t want you to lose your child over me. I just need time to think.” Eric says again.

“Eric, are you going to leave me?” Elena cries.

" I just need to think. How we can work this out. When you are yourself everything is great. We have a great life. It stayed that way for a long time. If you’re around William to see Alexie, its always going to be a problem. Even if the dark side doesn’t come out. He always pushed. He always wanted you back in his bed. I was the one living in a pretend world, Thinking the time would never come As it would never happen. I should have known better.” Eric states.

“I tried. I kept it off for a long time. I can again. I don’t want to do anything to hurt you. I know this is messed up.” Elena answers.

“I want our marriage to be like it has been. Does the Dark side what that?” Eric asks.

“Yes, even the dark side of me wants to be with you. Her desire for you is just as strong. She is the one who caused all this. I am not sure what happened last night. I think She just wanted to see if you could handle it. I am not even sure. It had anything to do with William. It was to see if you were up to the test.” Elena admits.

“Well did I pass the test? Did I give you what you wanted?” Eric says.

“Yes. You let go. You didn’t hold back like you normally do, neither did i. It was pretty incredible.” Elena confesses.

“Yes, I can handle you. I told you before, I’m not as innocent as you want to make me out to be. I am just used to you being kind and gentle. So it's hard to let go and rough you up.” Eric admits.

“I don’t want to do that all the time. I like the gentle calm way we have been. “Elena says

.“This whole thing is just confusing as hell. I need to get ready for work.” Eric says

Getting up from the bed, He takes his shower and heads to work. Not really sure he is happy or not with what he let out last night. If he would have kept his mouth shut, the dark side wouldn’t have come out like that. Then in another way, it was good that he saw what she really is. The sex wasn’t his problem. Even her being a bitch, he had his way of being a dick at times. He could handle that. It was just that he knew sooner or later no matter how hard she tried, She would be back in William's bed all the time. That she would have them both in that way among other ways. He knew it was what the dark side of her wanted. He always said that vampires were monsters. Now he saw it in action for himself. There deep down desires were ones of animals. It turned his sweet girl into a monster at times. He had no control of it. Not only was she a monster she was a killer. One who didn’t even think or care about what she did. There were no regrets. Which made it all worse.

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