Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Anger

As Eric is at work, sitting at his desk, He keeps reliving everything that has taken place. What seems to burn him more than anything Is that she is sleeping with William. He just can't get it out of his mind. It even winded up to take over the murder. He can sadly understand. Why she did what she did there. She did have a point. The Mayor was never going to let them go. He would of just like to take care of him in a different way. Then he did know she was a purebred. Maybe what she did would let others leave them alone. Scared it would happen to them as well. But the other, She was married to him. How could she? Why William? What did he have that he didn’t? Then he realized she could let go with him. She didn’t fear William’s reaction like she did His. William already knew about all this. It didn’t phase him Just turned him on Wanting her more. He was a purebred as well. He knew what it was like. The more he thought about this. The more it ate at him Not really sure when it came down to it He could share her. He showed her last night. That he could handle her. He could deal with her dark side. Then did he really want to? Was this something he wanted to stay in? Maybe William was better at handling this. Maybe he was way over his head.

Eric sat there for hours thinking The more he did the more he saw Elena differently. Which hurt him. The new one he saw her as he wanted to stay away from. He didn’t want to be near. He was more confused than ever. Not knowing what to do Or even how to handle this. Was there even a way to handle this?

“I am a Vampire hunter. I am supposed to protect people against this. Not condone and make love to it.” Eric says to himself. Fighting within himself.

Eric doesn’t go home for dinner He stays late at work, just not to go home and be around Elena. At this moment, he just doesn’t want to face her. Even though when he left she was his normal sweet Elena. Trying to do anything she can to do right by him to make him happy. Even if it meant giving up Alexie. That just hurt him more. He just sat in his desk chair, the saddest he ever was. Knowing whatever choice he made. Someone would get hurt. There wasn’t an easy way around this.

At home, Elena notices that it’s getting later and later and Eric isn’t home. She knows He is upset with her. Which only tears her up inside. Like she has been saying all along, he can't handle the dark side. It’s too much for him. She sits and bed and waits for him to come home. Hoping that he at least does. That it didn’t break them totally. If it did she knew it was her own doing. Which only made her hurt deep within.

Elena falls asleep waiting for him to come home. She wakes in the morning to an empty bed. She gets up to find Eric sleeping downstairs on the sofa. Which was new He never has done that. They always slept in the same bed Wrapped in each other’s arms. She knew he was upset. She puts the coffee on Then goes to sit next to him. Placing her hand on his head. Pushing his silver-white hair out of his eyes. He feels her touch and wakes up.

“What time is it?” Eric asks.

“Its 6 am. I put the coffee on for you. You didn’t come to bed last night. Elena states.

“I came in late. I just plopped here instead. I need to get ready for work.” Eric says. Getting up and walking upstairs. Coldly

No kiss no nothing. Elena just sits on the sofa knowing things are different. Would they ever go back to normal?

A few weeks go by and its the same. Eric coming home late Barely talking to her and sleeping on the sofa. Their happy life has changed into this Barely seeing each other. Eric quiet and to himself, just like he did when he was at their childhood home at times. Not even being mean or sarcastic. Not doing anything but staying away. Was this the end of there marriage? This was killing them both. Elena was falling apart inside She needed him. Wanting there marriage to go back to what it once was. Knowing that showing him, what she truly was. It wasn’t a good idea. Maybe to be open and honest with the Dark side was something she shouldn’t be. It was only causing there marriage to derail. Which was something she didn’t want. When he asked her if she killed the Mayor. She could have denied it She just didn’t want any secrets. Not wanting there marriage to be like her’s and William’s. Now she just saw why sometimes, you needed to have secrets. She was seeing why Williamprotected her She would have to protect Eric.

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