Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Outraged

A few more days go by and Elena can’t take it anymore It’s getting to her. Trying her best to keep her dark side under control. Not letting her come out and take control Knowing that she always did. When Elea was hurting lately. She knew better this time, that Eric couldn’t deal. To get him back she would have to be herself. She missed him and just so needed to talk to him. Need to see what he was feeling and get him to be a family again. No matter what it took. This had to end It wasn’t doing any of them any good. Just making things worse. She knew She couldn’t live without him. Now having him as her husband, she knew it even more. Their relationship had grown into so many new things. Besides just the friendship they just shared years ago. She didn’t want to lose any of it Just knowing that little by little it was slipping away.

She goes to his office since at home, he does his best to stay away from her. She gets into her car and heads to the association leaving Conner with Zimma. Knowing he is safer with her, She parks in the garage. Then heads up to Eric’s office. Walking in.

“What are you doing here?” Eric asks.

“I need to talk to you. Please.” Elena says.

Eric seeing it’s his Elena Missing her as much as she does him. “What do you want to say?” Eric asks

. “What is happening with us? I know you are staying away from me. I know your closing yourself off. I don’t want this. I want you I want our marriage.“Elena says.

“I needed time to think. This is a lot for me to deal with. I can’t get the image of you with him out of my head.” Eric says Slamming his fist into the desk.

“I told you I would stay away. I will.” Elena says.

“I will need you to. I don’t want you sleeping with him again. I can’t share with you. IF you sleep with him again I am gone.” Eric says coldly.

“I promise you I won’t,” Elena says trying to move closer to him.

" When you go dark, You come to me. NOT him. Do you hear me? None of this shit that I’m too innocent. Or that I can’t handle it. You’re hot? You get your ass over to me. I am the one that’s suppose to take care of that. NOT him!” Eric says getting up and pushing her to the desk.

His own dark side coming out.

“Anything you want.” Elena answers in a low voice.

Eric grabbing her crotch, This belongs to me and only me! Do you hear me? It’s not for no other.” Eric shouts.

“Yes,” Elena replies. Her dark side in heaven with his control. With what she can turn him into.

She stays settled, letting the Elena, Eric wants to stay. Wanting to see what he is made of. Knowing his jealousy will take over, and make him into whatever she wants.

“William can go screw himself with his agreement. ” Eric snaps. Kissing her roughly and pulling her body to his.

He turns her over on her stomach on the desk Lifting her Skirt and sliding his hands on her ass. Rubbing it. Not getting any complaints from her. Even in her normal way, anything he did was fine with her. She just wanted him. She would do anything to keep him. He slides off her underwear and makes love to her right on his desk. Noticing that his vampire needs were coming out. When he thought of Willian winning or even touching her. There was a different side of him coming out. One that wanted full control. He saw a bit of Elena’s dark side Inside himself. Knowing it was the vampire side. The side that wanted full control.

The thought of her with William drove him mad. He wanted to show her. That she didn’t need William. He could take care of all her needs. Or he sure the hell was going to try. He knew he was stuck He couldn’t let go. He knew what he just told her wasn’t fair either. Staying away from William meant no Alexie. Eric was that jealous. That wasn’t fair to Elena or Alexie. It’s just the way things had to be At least for now.

After he makes love to her in his office. Eric feels his vampire desires turn to normal. Not in such a rage anymore. Letting out some of his frustration.

“Are you coming home at a normal time tonight?” Elena asks. Putting her clothes back on.

“Yes, I will be home for dinner. We now made our own arrangement. No William. I am dead serious.” Eric snaps.

“I know. I promise I am going home to make dinner. I had no intention of going near him Eric. I want our marriage to work. I want to be with you.” Elena answers.

“Good. I will see you in a few hours.” Eric replies. Kissing her on the cheek.

Knowing he was just as bad as William now. Not knowing where half of what he did even came from. That was so not like him He never touched her that way. Never said things to her like that. It was all his jealousy He wanted her all to himself. He was born human, he liked the human ways. It took him forever to give into anything that had to do with being a vampire. This was no different. He couldn’t see the ways they lived Even though little by little, he saw his own desires come out. Seeing he could be just as rough Or want her right now. No matter where they were. He just didn’t want to give into it. Just he saw parts of himself slipping.

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