Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 119

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Elena goes home knowing, that the dark side in Eric is slowly showing its ugly head. She just knows to live with her It will have to. For Eric to survive as a vampire Not being able to see William bothers her a bit but she shrugs it off. She knows that to be with Eric Its what needs to be. She has tried to stay away from him, from the beginning. It just never working. Now he even had there daughter. It was a losing battle. She either lost Eric or her child. Either way, she would lose something she truly loved. The only thing that kept her going, was knowing Alexie was truly safe with William. Nothing would ever happen to her while with him. She had her father. Who loved her and would watch over her. She would call her and talk to her on the phone while Eric was at work. Just to show the little girl she was there. She would also call when William was away so that he couldn’t get in the way. Doing everything she could to keep her promise to Eric. Knowing he wasn’t playing around with what he told her. He was serious. It was written all over him. She would also send her little things. Just to make her know she was thinking of her.

That night Eric walks in from work Seeing Elena in the kitchen cooking with Conner. Seeing his sweet Elena is still there. Gives him a sigh of relief. He walks in and kisses her head. Sitting down at the island to just be with his family. He hasn’t for weeks and he sure did miss them. He just watches How she interacts with Conner. How sweet and loving she is to him. She is a great mother to him Which makes Zero happy. When dinner is done they sit at the dining room table and eat as a family. Elena happy Eric is home and things are going back to normal. The evening is calm and relaxing. Like it used to be like it should be. Eric sees no resentment in Elena about anything He said or did this afternoon. Not even not being able to see Alexie. He knows that deep down that has to hurt her. He just knows He can’t see her around William. It had to stop.

Later in the evening, they go up to give Conner his bath. Then tucking him in his bed, saying goodnight. Eric missed them when he was staying away. He missed a lot. He never really wanted to miss anything again. Was William worth it? Eric thought. No, he isn’t. He wasn’t going to make him lose his family. It took Eric too much to get where he was. They had a happy life when things were normal. Everything they had Eric wanted. Its why in the end, he didn’t just walk away. He knew he couldn’t. He loved her way too much. That even knowing that she could be a killer didn’t push him away. When he thought about the real reasons why she did it. He understands It’s not like she just went out killing innocent people. The Mayor was the one coming after them.

They then walk back into there own room Taking their showers and heading into bed. Eric just gets in the clean fluffy bed Taking a deep breath. Loving the feeling of being back in his bed Instead of the sofa. Elena moves herself close to him Putting her hand on his cheek.

“I love you Eric,” Elena says.

“I love you too,” Eric responds.

“I missed you I don’t like sleeping without you,” Elena says.

“I didn’t like it either,” Eric replies.

Elena kisses his lips and moves her body close to him Holding him. Nothing sexual just loving. Just wanting to be close to him. He sees that she truly missed him Truly wants him. Just a deep sadness takes over him. Thinking about Alexie. He knows what he is doing is selfish. He is keeping a child away from her mother. He is no better than William. He knows it but he was stubborn. He had to prove his point. Not letting William win Not wanting William part of their life.

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